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Mar 13, 2022 | Wordpress

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What You Get:

Solve Core Web Vitals


The Core Web Vitals Blueprint covers all your needs in terms of page speed optimization and, well… Core Web Vitals.

This blueprint was specifically made for people who have no background in web development. It does not require you to edit any kind of code to achieve the best results possible.

Follow our over-the-shoulder videos provided in the blueprint, and you’ll be able to perfectly understand how Core Web Vitals work and execute the optimization on any WordPress site.

  • Understand Core Web Vitals even if you are not a developer.
  • Step-by-step video lessons showing you HOW each factor works.
  • Expansive lesson notes with screenshots & diagrams.
  • Regular updates as new solutions come up.

Click By Click Follow Along


Many people talk about page speed in a vacuum or give theoretical examples. That is NOT our definition of interesting and practical teaching.

That is why, for the occasion of this blueprint, we used one of the sites in our portfolio — taking it from a page speed score of 48 not passing core web vitals all the way to a perfect 100 passing core web vitals.

And we filmed every single step.

We show you the exact tools we use, the exact settings, and even show multiple alternatives in case you need a different setup.

It’s a truly fun, educative, and interactive experience that you can follow on your own site click by click.

  • Real case study of a site that went from 40’s to 100 page speed score.
  • Follow along as we show you the exact tools, plugins, and settings.
  • Improve your own score without writing any code.

Quickly Fix Any Issue


We’ve listed every single error message in the page speed insight tool from Google — with a simple, easy to execute technical fix — as all sites are different and sometimes need custom solutions.

This way, you can run an audit on your site, list the error messages you get, and follow the associated tutorial. This works on any site with any setup.

This will help to solve any issue that may arise in the process, as well as improve your page speed and core web vitals scores.

It’s that easy!

  • Fix specific issues without watching all the training.
  • Updated index of the most common speed & CWV bottleneck solutions.
  • Tailor your Core Web Vitals Optimization to your own setup.

Save Money On Speed Tools


Getting the right hosting, the right tools, CDN’s, etc, to achieve top page speed and perfect core web vitals does cost (some) money. And we do use paid tools in the training.

But, there are dozens of solutions that all seem to overlap and do the same thing.

We want our students to not only get the best speed, but also the best value for their money.

So, we have bought and tested almost every tool on the market to find the best available.

And — to push things even further — we have negotiated exclusive discounts for our customers.

This way, you get to save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year not having to test, overpay, or buy expensive DFY services.

  • We test all the new speed tools and share the results with you.
  • Get members exclusive discounts on most of the recommended tools.



Download Gael Breton, Mark Webster - Core Web Vitals

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