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Sep 3, 2015 | Growing business, Marketing

“If You Would Like To Know How The Best

Marketers And Business Minds Make More Money

Than The Average Person… Then This Will Be The

Most Interesting Letter You Will Ever Read…

Because They Have All Come Together To Share

With You Exactly How They Do It”

Dear Friend,
If you are ready to leave all the B.S. behind and get serious about making real money online, from the comfort of your home, this may well be the most important few minutes of your life.
You are about to see how to build and grow a multi-million dollar business that is sustainable, scalable, and is built on rock-solid billion dollar business growth principles gained through the blood, sweat, and tears of some of the best marketing minds who ever lived.
If you own a business, or are involved in the writing or development of marketing materials that absolutely must bring home the bacon and add dollars to the bottom line…
Or want to become a high-paid copywriter or create your own successful online business. This is definitely for you!
Because you are about to go on a journey of discovery that will open your eyes to the copywriting and sales marketing super-powers of the best of the best. Things that until now have been kept locked away as the secret weapons of marketing’s elite.


You are going to hear the eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and sometimes gut-wrenching truths about how the biggest companies and the most successful entrepreneurs on Earth make this look so easy while others struggle just to stay afloat.
Sit back and settle in, my friend, because within this one letter are the secrets that have been used to acquire untold wealth and have made people rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
By the time you are finished reading this, your head will be exploding with possibility. Flooded with ideas.
And you will know you have finally found the missing links that have been holding you back all these years.

  • You are going to learn tested and proven methods for growing your business in ways no one has likely ever shared with you before.
  • How to write advertising copy that converts at a level that makes you an unstoppable force in any niche, any industry.
  • How to weave your story and your business into your prospects’ lives in a way that makes them a customer for life. How to find, nurture, and grow prospects that are as passionate about what you sell as you are.
  • How to know the precise moment to ask for the sale and how to ask for it in a way that makes more money by spending less.
  • How to speak to your prospects in way that builds on their hopes, dreams, fears, and problems and that makes you the lifelong friend and ally the have been searching for.
  • How to drive hordes of hungry targeted traffic to your offers at the lowest possible cost.
  • How to use the power of persuasion to get almost anything you want in life.

I want to start by saying this right up front, and I want you to really think about it. There is only one Internet.
We all use it daily, and if you are reading this you either use it to make money and want to make more, or maybe you hope to start using it to make money.
Many have tried, struggled, and failed while others have made hundreds of millions of dollars with it.
Same Internet. Very different results.
We also all use words every day. Yet for some they are just that. Words.
For others, those who have made fortunes, they are a tool that brings them riches, fame and success.
In this case, different words, but still just words. Very different results.
So understand this. No one has any advantage over you except for knowledge. Knowledge of how to use these two things to get what you want.
Today you are going to get that knowledge.
So if you want to learn the secrets others have used to make a fortune in business, particularly in online businesses, this will definitely be the most important letter you will ever read. So please take this very seriously.
Because today, you are finally going learn the techniques, strategies and methods that could help you make an absolute fortune in any niche, in any business, and it is a level playing field starting right now.

You Have Just As Much Of A Chance Of Getting Rich From What You Are About To Discover As Anyone Else Reading This.

For The First Time In History, Several Of The Most Successful Business Minds Of Our Time Pull Back The Curtain To Reveal The Real Secrets Behind Making Money Online.

  • If you have a dream about one day having a sustainable, scalable business capable of supporting you in a very comfortable fashion…
  • Or if your dream is turning the business you currently have into an empire and becoming wealthy.
  • Of being the captain of your own destiny and enjoying the prestige, freedom, and power that comes with successful entrepreneurship.


Gary Halbert Knew Things About Making Money That Could Fill A Volume Of Encyclopedias.

Unfortunately Gary passed away before he could share all of the amazing breakthrough knowledge he possessed with the world. And that could easily be the end of the story.
But fortunately for you and me, it is not.
I’ll tell you why that is in a minute, but first let me ask you something…
What if you could learn how to easily get as many people as you want, to give you as much money as you ask for, any time you want?
Would that change your life?
What if you could get as much traffic as you want to your website at a price that pencils out, and then convert those people into buyers and turn a big fat profit in the process? And repeat it over and over.
What if I told you that you are about to learn about something that could make all of that possible?
Keep reading because a wealth of information is about to unfold before you that only a handful of people on Earth know. And they are very wealthy people as you might guess.

The combined knowledge of the people you are about to meet, and who are going to share that knowledge for amassing fortunes with you, is absolutely mind-blowing!

  • How to use Gary Halbert’s starving crowd philosophy, put on steroids, to make sure they are all the most ravenous buyers you could possibly hope for.
  • How to use PPC from the probably the most knowledgeable person on the planet so you cut the head off ad waste and zero-in on making a huge profits every time.
  • How to write sales copy that speaks directly to your prospect’s inner fears and desires and makes buying from you not only the logical solution, but the only solution.
  • How to dive deep into your potential customer’s emotions and learn what it is they really want. I can assure you, it is not what you think.
  • The 5 step process to finding out if a new product has any chance of ever making you money before you ever spend a dime.
  • The irrational thing that really drives the market and how to capitalize on it in a way that puts you miles ahead of your competition.
  • How to get in front of the exact right people, at the right time, every time, with your offer.
  • How to make your prospect feel that they just unearthed the solution they have been seeking all along the minute they see your offer.
  • How to finally use social media the right way so it actually adds dollars to your bottom line.
  • How to open the flood gates and get volumes of traffic to your offers without spending a fortune to do it. You will learn how to not only buy traffic at a fraction of what the uniformed pay but also how to buy the right traffic.

Please allow me to make a couple things quite clear.

This in not just another copywriting course, though it does contain two of the best ones we think has ever been offered anywhere, at any price.
This is about providing you EVERYTHING you need to grow your business and possibly even make your fortune! But nothing is more important than your message.
As you will soon see, nothing is more powerful, and can make you rich faster, than the words you use.
The late Gary Halbert knew how to use words to get people to take action at a level few who came before, or after him, ever achieved.
It was truly remarkable how everything he wrote didn’t just exceed sales expectations but made them explode in a way that defied understanding.
The biggest complaint he heard from his clients was about their ability to fulfill the orders that were flooding in so fast they could not take the customers’ money fast enough.
You are about to get access to a rare and little-known three-day seminar where he will share exactly how he did this. That and a treasure trove of moneymaking wisdom that alone could easily be worth many fortunes to you.
You will also learn how to use the power of persuasion in the words you use to communicate, in every medium, in every form of communication you use, to let everyone have YOUR own way!
And that’s just for starters…

We haven’t even scratched the surface of why this may be the most important money-making, business-building, wealth-accumulating, stress-reducing and time-saving marketing course ever offered. Not even close, so keep reading…

At the beginning of this letter I told you that we all used the same Internet, and we all used words, but some make fortunes with them, while others do nothing of any real value.
Let’s go just a bit deeper so you understand that the big dream, the good life, is attainable for anyone. That includes you, by the way. The fact that you are still reading proves you have the one thing you need that I can’t give you today…

The desire to succeed.

That’s all you need to bring to this party. Everything else you need. and I mean EVERYTHING, will be given to you in an easy to understand and implement step by step blueprint. Follow it and it would be hard to fail.
But I am getting ahead of myself.
If all you learned about writing effective copy was what you will learn in what is regarded by many experts as the most important copywriting seminar ever held, it would put you miles ahead of your competition.
Whether your dream is to become a world class A-list copywriter or you just want to be able to look at the copy others write for you to determine if it’s as good as it can be, we have you covered.
Because you are also going to learn some copywriting and marketing secrets that Gary never shared. Well, almost never. By that I mean he never shared them with the world.
But he did share them with two people…
His sons Kevin, and Bond Halbert.


This May Be Most Elite Group Of Marketing Professionals

And Businesses Experts Ever Assembled In One Place.

This is not another box of stuff to have collect dust on your shelf…
This is hands-on. Each week, over the next eight, you will be mentored by some of the top people in most every important facet of building a profitable business.
You will take part in live webinars where you will be able to ask the direct, hard-to-answer, questions no one else wants to answer for you.
Questions most of the “gurus” avoid like the plague.

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you determine if there is a big enough market for your product.
  • Where do you find prospects who want what you have?
  • How much should you spend to get a new customer and how do you determine the value of that customer?
  • What if you fail? Then what?
  • What are the essentials to running a successful online business?
  • You can’t do it all, where do you find help that knows what they are doing at an affordable price?
  • What should you outsource and what should you do yourself?
  • What are the pivot points and what are the steps to take when they are reached?
  • How do you get enough traffic?
  • How do you increase your conversion rate so you make more money with the traffic you currently have?
  • How do you find time to get it all done especially if you are still working at a day job?
  • What about all the technical stuff, who does that?
  • How do you create a network of like-minded people so you can keep learning what is working for others as things change?
  • Who can you trust in this industry? You know, who are the good guys who will actually help you and who know what they are talking about?
  • You don’t even have a product, how do you create one that people actually want? (No, this is not that “find something you are passionate about and teach others” speech, we’ve all been there, done that and have the stupid T-shirt)
  • What constitutes a real market for a product or service and how do you find one?
  • How do you test so you know you are selling as effectively as possible?
  • How do you write ads, or make sure you hire a copywriter who can, that pull in sales?
  • How do you do upsells, down sells and make sure you are not leaving money on the table?
  • How do you build a sales funnel right so you can automate things and continue to make even more money for years to come?
  • How to build a roadmap to success for your business that looks at the different challenges you will face at each milestone as you grow.
  • How to navigate the speedbumps along the way that can stop your growth dead in its tracks without the proper knowledge.
  • What is the downside of this scenario and how do I protect my assets?
  • How do you create and grow your brand?
  • How do you become the authority in your market so that people seek you out to solve their problems?
  • How do you re-position your product to a starving crowd to see sales explode overnight?


Here’s Why This Is The ONLY Thing You Should Be Looking At If You Are Serious About Starting A Business, Taking An Existing Business To The Next Level, Or Becoming An A-List Copywriter…

Look at how the next eight weeks could change your life:
We’ll look at just week one to start with so you can see just how much value we will be delivering over the next eight weeks.
We start off with a welcome webinar just to make everyone feel at home and make all the proper introductions and such. In this webinar, we will outline the coming weeks to help you make sure you get all you can out of the entire eight weeks.
You will have access to part one of what is probably the most important, thorough, informative, brilliant, hands-on copywriting and marketing seminars ever held.
In a rare live 3 day event Gary Halbert, the Prince of Print himself, told a small group of hungry entrepreneurs the secrets for amassing a fortune through direct marketing.
People thought they were going to be attending a copywriting seminar, and while they did sit through what could well be the best one ever held…

What They Ended Up With Was A PhD Level Education In How To Make Money Through Direct Response Marketing.

It is in this seminar that Gary explains in great detail what I feel is the most important piece of wisdom I ever learned from him.
See, before I got into direct response advertising I had an advertising agency that did the typical kind of ads you see on TV, hear on radio, and read in newspapers and magazines.
We spent millions of our clients’ money and while we did make them many times that and they were always very happy with what we produced for them…
I had this stupid idea that I was in the advertising business.
It was Gary Halbert that taught me the business I should really be in and that anyone selling anything should be in.

The arithmetic business.

You will learn how to know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not an idea pencils-in and can make you money before you roll it out and spend thousand or even millions on a flop.
What he will teach you about this will be the most valuable lesson of your life. It could save you more money, and make you more money, than anything else you could ever hope to learn.
You will understand what really constitutes a market, how to find one, how to know if is a profitable one, how to do the math in advance and know how much money you can make before you even have a product.
You will get to sit in on this rare recording as the master himself teaches you how to:

  • Identify a hot market starving for a solution and happy to pay you to solve their problem for them.
  • Determine if it’s a market that can make you money.
  • Create a product people will stand in line to buy.
  • Test in a way where you know up front if your promotion is a money maker or if it just has no chance of ever making you any real money before you spend any real time or money on it.
  • Write a world class sales letter that guarantees you get every sale possible.
  • Use persuasion at a master’s level in all of your sales efforts.

In this rare seminar Gary doesn’t just teach you these things, he demonstrates each and every step and creates world-class copy with you, right before your eyes.
This is probably the most important information any marketer will ever receive. The things he teaches were not talked about before this epic event and haven’t been talked about since.
These are things only Gary knew and are the secrets responsible for one winning promotion after another that generated many millions of dollars for him and his clients.
If you sell by mail it is without doubt the most valuable information you will ever receive. See, Gary was making a fortune long before the Internet. When sending out a sales message meant spending money on paper, printing, envelopes, list rental, and postage.

You could lose your shirt or make a fortune!

If one Halbert’s wisdom is this valuable, imagine what two generations of Halbert copywriting genius giving you their recipes for marketing success could be worth to you.
In week one you will also get access to part one of Kevin Halbert’s never-before-released copywriting course.
Kevin Halbert is a world-class copywriter who has expanded on all the knowledge he learned growing up with one of the best copywriters on the planet as a dad.

He Will Teach You A Practical, Actionable, Step-By-Step Method To Writing Sales Copy That Sucks In Money Like An 800 Horsepower Hoover.

This is also far different than any course ever offered in that Kevin walks you step-by-step through the process of writing a winning ad.
See that’s the problem with so much of what has been available up until now…

Too much theory and not enough how-to.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah. Week 1 and even more great cash-generating wisdom served up in first class fashion.
You will attend a live webinar with Kevin Halbert where he goes deep into what a market is. He will discuss the myth of market creation, and the importance of finding your tribe. Market Research may not be a sexy term, but if you want to make a lot of money selling anything, to anyone, it is the foundation on which your money making machine must be built. We’re really in the arithmetic business.
The big take-away will be how to make market research fun and sexy. Not the eyes glazing over exercise most perceive it to be.
That’s just week one of eight that are all jam packed with ideas and techniques for increasing revenue that you can take to the bank.
You will learn things that I can assure you do not know now. Some of what will be revealed will surprise you, some of it will shock you to your core.
You will have an understanding of markets that would elude you forever if you aren’t front row at this live online event.
That’s the beauty of these weekly webinars. That they are live. So you can ask questions and get immediate answers.
That would be a lot of value for week one if we just stopped there, but we are far from finished loading you up with money making knowledge.
Mark McRae has made millions of dollars online and offline.

He is one of the leading experts in online business today. He does this stuff every day. Sells physical and digital products to the masses.

He has making money online dialed-in to a science.
He is one of Clickbank’s biggest vendors and will show you how to build, run, grow, and scale your business to extraordinary heights.

  • You will discover how having a holistic view of running your business is vital to your growth.
  • Over the eight weeks he will share with you everything he has learned about strategy, process, outsourcing, product launches, email marketing, and building massively profitable sales funnels that convert like crazy.
  • He will share his templates and check lists he uses every day to train and keep his entire staff aware and focused on the important tasks.
  • And also the ones he uses to quickly solve the daily problems of running a business and get back on track and profitable fast.

Basically he is going to pull back the curtain and show you every moving part of his well-oiled business machine that works and makes him millions every single year.
Also in week one and each week following you will receive access to one of the All Star Audio Series.
What Is The Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series?
A lot of people prefer to hear information as opposed to reading it, so Kevin and Bond asked his fans which issue of The Gary Halbert Letter had the most impact on their careers.
They took that list and added a few more great letters to give the listeners a variety of issues which represent the best of the whole series.
Next, they started asking top copywriters if they would each record themselves reading an issue of The Gary Halbert Letter.
Everyone they spoke to jumped at the chance to honor Gary. They then assigned letters based on each copywriter’s specialized skill or knowledge… and… in some cases, they just let them read their favorite issue.
What’s In The Letters?
We told each expert reader they could add any commentary they wished and what we got back was truly incredible.
Some of the readers told Gary Halbert stories and some explained what the letters meant to them.
Others explained how these tactics are still being used by entrepreneurs to make a lot of money today.
Best of all, many of the readers added their own advice about the topic covered in the letter, making the series a must have for even the longest-running Gary Halbert fans.
After listening to the tracks it immediately became apparent why these writers are renowned as the best of the best.
I hate to overuse use the word Epic but that is exactly what this is…

It’s Epic Beyond Belief!

So as you can see, just what you will receive in week one is more actionable, useful, profitable, and cutting-edge marketing knowledge, tips and strategies than you could find anywhere at just about any price.
And that’s just week one.

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