Charging Your Worth for Your Services,

Hosting 1-Day Intensives Where You Confidently Deliver Value &

Creating Large Containers to Facilitate Transformation for Your Ideal Clients?

Selling high-end packages starts with getting a mentor and investing in yourself!

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You know you’ve been THINKING about it. THINKING about what it would be like to create your own high-end program or package…

And about how magnificent it would be to:

  • Host VIP intensive days and high-level mastermind programs in luxurious surroundings all over the world…
  • Charge what you are really worth without guilt or hesitation, and to work with ideal clients who seek you out and gladly pay your fees
  • Have the luxury of larger containers in which to deliver your unique services and make a real, transformational difference in your clients’ lives and businesses…
  • Uplevel your entire business and your lifestyle by adding high-end packages to your mix…

You’ve been thinking about creating and selling high-end programs.

But you haven’t done it.


First of all, you’re not alone. Many heart-centered women entrepreneurs I’ve coached love the idea of having their own high-end programs and packages, just like I do. They just haven’t learned the exact how-tos of creating a high-end package or VIP Intensives or group retreats. They figure they will do it…someday. But when it comes to actually implementing, designing and selling them, they just can’t make the leap.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You worry about delivering enough value to justify charging higher fees.
  • You have a belief that your clients just don’t have the money for high-end packages (which is false, by the way. People always have the money for what they really want–I’ll show you how it works).
  • You fear that people won’t like you, or ask “who do you think you are?” if you dare to sell a premium service at premium prices.
  • You don’t know nuts and bolts like exactly what to put in a high-end package, or what on earth you would do all day with a client in an intensive
  • Deep down… you wonder if you are really worth it after all.

If these fears and obstacles resonate with you, there’s good news.

You can overcome them…because I am going to help!


Now it’s time for you to experience the love, joy and profound transformation that occurs when facilitating high-end programs, 1-day intensives and group retreats!

Introducing Live & Luxurious


I know my business really took off when I began offering high-end packages. Now it’s my favorite way to work, and thus, selling them became easy. (I show you exactly how in my 6-week live telecourse program). And, if you really want to know a secret, it’s the easiest and most meaningful way to work and get paid well. Because with the right combination of the ideal clients, the right-sized “container” and the perfect marketing messaging, everything flows and people say, “yes”.

That’s why decided that for women entrepreneurs, I would help make your success selling high-end packages a certainty–the way my coach did for me.

That’s right, in 6 lessons, you will finally have everything in place.

Your packages title, its components, all the business structures, your price points, what you’ll do in your programs, who your ideal client is, the way to accept payment, the ability to overcome objections, and where and how to find high-end clients!

In this exclusive 6-part live training you will:

  • Develop the unshakeable confidence that comes from having your perfect packages designed and your structures in place.
  • Deal with issues of self-worth that have been keeping you from charging higher fees, and slay those demons once and for all.
  • Discover what it’s like to do business on a whole new level, and raise your vibration in every area of your business and you life.

What you’ll get in the 6-module Live & Luxurious

Create & Fill your High-End Coaching Packages & 1-Day Intensives:

Wealth Consciousness & Self-Esteem:

  • Why what you offer is valuable enough to charge $5000, $10,000, $15,000 and more
  • The wealth mindset you must have to attract and keep high paying clients
  • The steps to take to get your first BIG package client
  • Business boundaries when working closely with your VIP clients

High-end Service Packages, Logistics & Legalities:

  • Exactly what policies and terms you need in your contracts
  • What paperwork you need to have to screen for the right clients
  • The role an assistant needs to play in the VIP process
  • How to handle clients yourself (if you don’t have an assistant yet)
  • Whether or not you need to have a specific structure to your programs

1-day Intensives:

  • How to structure your own 1-day intensives
  • What kind of homework you should give to your clients
  • The exact supplies necessary to make your 1-day intensives an absolute success
  • Tips and techniques for working with merchant accountsso they don’t block your big dollar charges

Groups, Retreats & Platinum Programs:

  • What to include in your welcome packet and application process
  • The secrets to successfully booking $17,000-$50,000 per person platinum programs
  • What deliverables you need to provide to your high-end clients

Overcome Sales Objections & Market Your Programs:

  • How to overcome clients’ fears and objections on spending large sums of money on their personal and professional development
  • Where to find wealthy clients
  • The marketing strategies for selling your big dollar programs
  • How to have a conversation that gracefully closes the sale for you
  • The 25 questions you need to ask a prospect
  • The techniques for determining what the prospect is really saying beneath their excuses.

Plus, you’ll receive:

1. Pdf Downloadable Packets of course materials, templates, worksheets ($1000 value).

2. Audio recordings of Gina DeVee teaching and coaching from each live class.

3. Audio recordings of Gina DeVee answering your questions live (or written in) to ask your personal questions.

3. Access to live laser coaching with Gina DeVee in her weekly Divine Living Radio Show to ask me your personal questions


1. Know how to create your service packages (3 levels–small, medium, and large)

2. Knowledge of how to structure your 1-Day intensives

3. Ability to put together a year-long platinum program (if you desire)

4. Increased confidence in knowing what your offer is

5. Strengthened wealth consciousness so you can charge what you’re worth

6. Marketing techniques for how to sell your high-end services

7. Checklists, documents and resources of everything you need to successfully sell your packages.

8. The how-tos of designing and selling your high-end packages in real time. In addition to the nuts-and-bolts, you’ll also handle any inner mindset issues that may have been holding you back.

9. The ability to do what you do best and be financially free

10. Personalized and LIVE coaching Q&A support to ensure your success

Course preview and screenshots

Download Gina DeVee - Live & Luxurious Download Gina DeVee - Live & Luxurious
 Download Gina DeVee - Live & Luxurious  Download Gina DeVee - Live & Luxurious

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