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Jan 3, 2017 | Marketing

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If you’re looking for the opportunity to free up your time, enjoy your business and your life again – on your terms, then we have the answer…


…The 2016 Info-SUMMIT


Can’t make it to Texas on November 3rd? You don’t have to miss out on this opportunity. Discover the tactics, techniques and content from the Info-SUMMIT, all from the comfort of your own home…


Implement the proprietary marketing systems and strategies that can actually set your business on a new trajectory for fast and dramatic growth and long-term prosperity – make sure you’re there for the LiveCast.


GKIC’s Info-SUMMIT Will Be Special On Many Levels…


Download GKIC - Info Summit 2016



We Are Pouring On The Pure Content – So You’ll Take Away Concrete Business And Marketing Strategies And Methods, Ending Up With A Clear Understanding Of What’s Working Now, Including:


  • State of the art information, campaigns, secrets and tactics from experts within the marketing industry
  • The vital strategies info-marketers must utilise to engage and retain their customers. Making sure 2017 is the year of growth!
  • The best ways you can use webinars and speaking opportunities to boost your social media
  • Simple tricks for making more money on Amazon
  • The right way to get into the coaching industry
  • The strategies and tips you can follow to improve your public speaking skills
  • Utilising awards and certifications into the business to engage and retain customers
  • The tactics you can use to become the trusted authority in your uber-niched market
  • The most compelling sales messages to really get into the mind of your prospects
  • The systems and processes to start automating your business.
  • The proven, successful funnels that you need to build, to allow for every customer contingency
  • The strategies you can use to build gamification and contests into your business model
  • Digital lead generation & conversion (SEO and PPC and more!) made easy!


The Info-SUMMIT LiveCast

  • Jam-packed with information that you can implement, opening the floodgates to more wealth, power and freedom!
  • Complete access to Dan Kennedy’s training seminars and strategy sessions from the whole of the Info-SUMMIT
  • Access to the workshops held by each speaker from day one to day three. Discover incredible assets and insights from some of the most successful experts in the field
  • Online copies of the handouts and materials from our workshops and seminars, so you don’t have to miss a thing
  • Unique offers and opportunities straight from our expert speakers, that you just can’t get anywhere else


Bonus Day & Recordings

  • Access to the information, workshops and offers from our Bonus Day! Trust us, we’ve saved the best till last…
  • Recordings of the whole event, so that you can re-watch any seminar or speaker again, at your leisure. These recordings are not time-limited, so you can refer back to the event at any time, actioning the content at time that suits your business.


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Download GKIC - Info Summit 2016 Download GKIC - Info Summit 2016
 Download GKIC - Info Summit 2016  Download GKIC - Info Summit 2016

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