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Sep 29, 2015 | Getting Clients / Consulting, Getting traffic, Marketing

“1 In 2,000 Visitors Drive

HALF Your Profit Online”

But Only if You Know How to Turn

Hyper-Responsive Visitors  into

Customers BEFORE Your Competition!

Whether that “1 in 2000” customer goes with you or your competition will be THE difference maker in your business, long term.  Why is no one talking about this?

Dear Friend,

Most marketers ignore hyper-responsive buyers.

That means you can make a LOT more money with less effort if you know how to sell to them, even in brutally competitive markets.

Here’s the simple math: 

  • THE 80/20 RULE: 80% of profits come from 20% of customers
  • THE 80/20 RULE SQUARED: you can apply the 80/20 rule to the TOP 20% of customers too.  Without getting too caught up in the math (e.g. 80% x 80% = 64% and 20% x 20% = 4%, etc)… about 5% of buyers drive HALF the profits
  • THE 80/20 RULE SQUARED ON THE INTERNET: 5% of BUYERS may drive HALF your profits, but only 1% OF VISITORS BECOME BUYERS on most sites.  1% x 5% = 0.01 x 0.05 = 0.0005 … or ONE OUT OF TWO THOUSAND VISITORS

But you really don’t have to understand (or agree with) my math in order to make more money with the information right here in this letter because:

  • Whether your a solo entrepreneur on a teeny tiny budget, or a Fortune 100 company with a Billion dollars to spend on advertising…
  • Whether or not you’ve made your first dollar online…
  • And even if you (heaven forbid) decide NOT to become my customer…

If you’ll just entertain the idea that a small percent of special visitors drive a large percent of profits then these 5 Tested and Proven Hyper Responsive Marketing Principles below can make a dramatic and immediate difference in your business:

Dr. Glenn Livingston’s 5 Little Known
Principles For Getting Hyper Responsive
Return On All Your Advertising Dollars

#1 – It’s All About The Hyper Responsive Customer
It’s crazy.   Most marketers lump their best customers in with all the rest.

All their advertising, products, price points, market research, customer service, follow up systems, and sales are targeted at one “big glob” of people… as if no customer was any more important than any other.

So I want you to forget what Mom said about loving all your kids equally because in business, you’ve got to play favorites!   Otherwise, you’re giving WAY TOO LITTLE ATTENTION to the people who put the most food on your table.

Now, I know some people worry If you focus on a small group of customers you’ll cut your volume and profits.   But it’s actually just the opposite when you’re talking about HYPER-RESPONSIVE customers.

Because they’re the ones who really know what makes the WHOLE market tick.   Sell to them and watch the rest tag along.    Hyper-Responsives mean EVERYTHING to your business.  Find out who they are, how to reach them, and exactly what they want.  Then just give it to them.

#2 – Hyper-Responsives Buy “Real Points Of Difference” 
Hyper-responsive customers search hard for solutions and educate themselves to the hilt because they’re looking for a deep relationship with a vendor who can provide DISTINCT ADVANTAGES they can’t find elsewhere.  Find out what needs your competitors aren’t addressing and hammer home your ability to do so.  Do it right and you’ll be the only one in your market to offer these real points of difference!   

#3 – Hyper-Responsives Have Huge B.S. Detectors
You may have heard the common wisdom:  “people buy for emotional reasons then justify their purchase with logic”.  But what no one tells you is that the emotional buttons you push have to make sense given what you’re selling … or else you’ll UN-SELL the customer.  (Studies have shown it’s possible for bad advertising to actually reduce sales)

It’s true.  Link real human needs to a real product or service feature and you’ve got something.  Otherwise it’s just hype… which is a nice word for bullshit.  And Hyper-Responsive customers have HUGE B.S. detectors … so you’ve really got to get this right!

#4 – Use Hyper-Responsive Buying Language:
You’ve probably heard how important it is to use the customer’s language, not your own.  This isn’t news, even though hardly anyone does it.   But I’m talking about something WAY more powerful.

I’m talking about HYPER-RESPONSIVE BUYING LANGUAGE … the language people use when they’re in heat and ready to buy, NOT when they’re “kinda sorta thinking about it”.  And only the most responsive people in your market can give you the hottest buying language.  Capture hyper-responsive buying language and use it in ALL your marketing and advertising efforts.

#5 – Always Estimate Advertising Risk
Always estimate your cost per visitor, per lead, and per sale BEFORE you invest a fortune in product development and marketing.  There’s just no excuse for risking a fortune in any venture today, especially online.  I’ll show you how to use simple surveys, and free/low cost internet tools to minimize your advertising risk.
Put these 5 principles together and you get…

My Golden Rule

“Sell Distinct Advantages to Hyper-

Responsive Customers Using Their

Buying Language And Emotional Values”

Here Are Just Some Of
The Key Benefits Of The Hyper
Responsive Marketing System

  • When you do it right, it becomes extremely difficult for others in your market to compete: Using this system, you’ll know practically everything your market really wants … it’s like having an x-ray of your prospects’ mind
  • Get higher click through rates in Adwords, MSN, and Yahoo because you’ll know what the responsive people in the market are thinking BEFORE they see your ad
  • You can dramatically increase profits for an existing business, or cut your risk of failure in new markets in half: And, if you haven’t figured out the difference between “price of entry” and “point of difference” in your market these are my conservative estimates
  • The principles are fully road tested and proven: I’ve used them to enter over a dozen markets without losing a dime
  • Hyper Responsive marketing can be applied to both online and traditional businesses, in combination with any strategy you desire: These principles came from my consulting days as far back as 1987.  So it doesn’t really matter whether you sell physical products, provide a service, or sell information online.  Whether you concentrate on one market or have 50 in your business model, whether you use Pay Per Click marketing or Direct Mail, Radio/TV, Display Ads, Classifieds, etc.
  • They’re idiot proof and I’ll provided you with everything you need: I’ve developed step-by-step instructions for Hyper Responsive marketing in virtually any situation.  Once you understand the basic process you can apply it anywhere.



“Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets”
(For New Market Entries And  Existing Businesses)

“Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets” is much more powerful than anything I’ve ever put out before because I’ve discovered a better way to deliver it to make an IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE in your business.   You see, most marketers charge a fortune for a “shock and awe” package designed to overwhelm and impress you.  The goal is to leave your head spinning.  They want you to say “Wow!  I sure got a lot of impressive stuff!”

It doesn’t matter to them whether you can actually implement what they sent you.  As long as you feel impressed and entertained long enough to get past the refund period, they’re happy.

But here’s the thing … I’ve been around marketing game long enough to realize people can’t drink from a fire hose, and it’s important to me my work actually makes a difference in your business and in your life. (I don’t have children so I really need my work to be meaningful)

The biggest difference between success and failure is not brains, money, or luck … it’s IMPLEMENTATION.  So I’d rather give you ONE simple, powerful lesson every month and have you actually DO something with it, than get you all razzed up and excited with a truckload of material you barely have time to get through, much less act upon.

AND … I want you to have enough finances left after paying for your education to be able to actually implement what I teach you!

Each Month You’ll Get A Single Powerful Lesson You Can Start Using Right Away To Start Making More Money With Less Effort So You Can Enjoy Your Business, Your Passion, And Your Life

Here’s What You Get Right Away When You Order:

  • Hyper-Responsive Manifesto:
    (62 Minute Video +  16 Page Action Summary Guide)
    A thorough orientation to the Hyper Responsive methods you’ll be using in the months ahead, summarized in powerful action steps with brief illustrations and clear reasons why.  This is the critical first step to flooding your site with hyper-responsive buyers pre-sold on benefits your competitors won’t know how to deliver.
  • Keyword Hyper-Focus:
    (2 Hours of Video Instruction and Single Page Cheat Sheet/Action Guide)

    What’s the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT BULLS-EYE KEYWORD in your business?  If you had to choose only ONE keyword to rank for, and only one to advertise in PPC, what would it be?What are searchers on this keyword thinking and feeling as they bounce from competitor to competitor?  Who’s winning the game on this keyword conversation, and why?
    What small set of related keywords is going to make you the most money?  How do you decide when you’ve strayed too far from your keyword bull’s eye?

    If you can’t answer these questions in 15 seconds or less, you’re losing customers, time, and money.   Because every keyword is a conversation, and having too many of them makes it impossible to effectively market on any ONE.   It’s like being a kid in a “keyword candy store”, except Mom’s not there to stop you. The results are hours and hours wasted chasing keywords which never convert and continually distract you from delivering a laser focused, effective marketing message.
    In this critical module, delivered the very first day, you’ll immediately climb out of the buzzing, booming keyword confusion I call “Keyword Quicksand” … the trap which leaves most marketers with shattered profits and broken hearts.
    I’ll show you how to find the single most important “BULLS-EYE” keyword in your market … you’ll see why it’s no longer necessary to spend days doing keyword research, and why you may be seriously harming your ability to succeed if you do.  You’ll finally have the confidence to “just say no” to seductive “quicksand keywords”
  • Hyper-Intelligence Sneak Peak
    (Each month you’ll get an audio-visual “sneak peak” … a kind of “head start cheat sheet” for what’s coming next)

    Because I really want to keep you moving along, each month I’ll also give you a sneak peak of what’s coming next, including enough information for you to take “head start” action so you’ll be able to make the most of the next month’s plan.
    Month TWO is all about hyper-intelligence … how to take your new-found keyword focus and use it to zero in on exactly who your REAL competitors are, what’s actually working for them, where they’re going wrong, what you should borrow, and how you can improve on what they’re doing.
    You might be familiar with existing spy tools, but you’ve never seen them used like this.  The sheer volume of competitive intelligence available these days overwhelms most people, who then summarily do NOTHING with it.   As we go forward you’ll see ONLY what you really need to know to get the most bang for the least effort … plus we’ll go WAY beyond the standard tools into areas hardly anyone knows about.
    You’ll see how to use your competitors’ sites to identify MARKET GAPS and TRUE POINT OF DIFFERENCE BENEFITS which motivate Hyper Responsives in your market and build an extremely solid foundation for your business.  I’ll also show you how to minimize what your competitors can steal from YOU

Then, Every 30 Days You’ll Get Another Hyper-Responsive Marketing Secret You Can Use The Very Same Day To Increase Profits And Decrease The Stress In Your Business

  • Discover the single most important keyword in YOUR business: and the smallest number of related keywords you need to conquer … the “sweet spot” in your keyword marketing world
  • Find out which laser-targeted sub-groups in your market are most responsive so you can focus your resources and avoid wasting money on people who won’t reciprocate
  • Find out exactly what the Hyper-Responsives in your market want to BUY so you can tailor every last piece of your sales process (sales letter, telephone scripts, follow up sequences, etc) to powerfully motivate purchase
  • See what EMOTIONAL BUYING LANGUAGE is most effective for the hyper-responsives in your market .
  • Learn how to tell if a market is even worth testing in the first place (for those of you looking for a NEW market to tackle … or for your very first one)
  • Mine for HIDDEN GOLD IN YOUR CUSTOMER LIST by identifying hyper-responsives and seeing how to sell them more expensive products and services
  • Discover HOW TO ORGANIZE & TEST YOUR OFFLINE ADVERTISING (direct mail lists, tv/radio, newspapers, trade journals, telephone lists, fax, post cards, etc) so you can eliminate waste,  maximize effectiveness, and minimize your cost per sale
  • Learn how toset up and optimize ‘Teaser Ads’ everywhere you advertise in to ensure you get hyper-responsive, hungry people coming through your funnel … BEFORE you spend your precious money and time on product development and/or marketing.
  • Quickly and easily estimate your cost per sale in a market to determine if it’s likely to be a profitable pursuit... you even get a precisely estimated cost per sale you can compare to what your competitor’s are already selling in a market (could you make money with their margins?)
  • See which advertising sources are too expensive for your project BEFORE you spend a fortune on them … spend your time and money on the areas of the market most likely to give you a profitable return.
  • Find out which competitors are most successful and reverse engineer their entire sales process.  Everything from their best keywords, ads, and landing pages to their follow up systems, sales pages, and emotional appeals.  For many, you’ll even be able to see which changes to their site were most profitable for them over time!
  • Discover how to use surveys to identify “Point of Difference” benefits so you’ll know what people are likely to PAY for, not just what interests them!
  • Learn to get a detailed and powerful analysis using nothing more than a simple spreadsheet and 4th grade arithmetic.  (I’ll show you how to do the kinds of things I used to get paid six figures for using only adds, subtracts, multiplies, & divides.)
  • Discover the “LIFE CYCLE” in your market so you can take people through step by step, sell more products and services, and create customers for life.
  • Find out how to get your sales copy to virtually write itself.
  • Discover the RIGHT way to ACTUALLY TALK TO AND INTERVIEW your hyper-responsive prospects on the phone in order to gather their more deeply held (and purchase motivating) thoughts, feelings, and imagery.
  • See how to push the hyper-responsive emotional hot buttons in YOUR market.  (Learn how to leverage your prospect’s more deeply held, emotional reasons for purchase)
  • Find out how to decide what’s most likely to get people to actually take out their credit cards and give you money.
  • Discover how to design products, services, and sales processes specifically for the HYPER-RESPONSIVES in your market.
  • See how to choose the best lead capture strategy to optimize take rates and get you hungry, hyper-responsive people.
  • Learn how to roll out products that will deliver exactly what your market wants.



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