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Aug 26, 2014 | Getting traffic, Growing business, Marketing

Newbie Rockstar System

  • Easiest Way to Make Money Online
  • Best Traffic Sources to Start with
  • How to get the Best, Most Profitable Offers
  • How to get into Profit FAST
  • Foundation for more Advanced Traffic Training
  • Learn the Right Way from the Best in the Business

What You’ll Learn From The Training:

  • Have a plan of attack
  • Know where to focus for maximum profits
  • Workable business models
  • Be able to make $100/day profit with your affiliate campaigns
  • Be able to make money immediately – if you implement

Newbie Rockstar Masterclass

  • 5 weeks
  • Recorded
  • 1 New, REAL Campaign Every Week
  • Homework
  • 0 – $100/Day Profit
  • Starts May 27

Step-by-Step Campaign Creation

  • PPV
  • Facebook
  • Media Buys
  • Offer selection
  • Easy landing page creation
  • Tracking Testing

Optimization & Scaling

  • Tools and tricks of the trade
  • How to know when to stop testing
  • Which ads to pause
  • How to get profitable
  • How to scale from $100/day to $1000/day and beyond

List Building and Email Cash

  • The money is in the list
  • Easy ways to build a list PROFITABLY
  • How to build massive lists – FAST – that you can monetize for years
  • How to make automated cash from your list 24/7


  • How to mail – the easy way
  • How to buy data
  • How to build massive lists – FAST – that you can monetize for years
  • How to setup your pathways to sky-rocket opt-ins and increase conversions
  • Unique methods to monetize your list that you probably never knew existed

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