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Dec 5, 2015 | Amazon, e-Commerce, Growing business

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How would you like to be part of a new movement?
A “Blue Ocean” industry with opportunity of uncalculable magnitude that few others even realize exists
An opportunity that may never come along again in our lifetime. What I have for you here is not just some half-baked “idea”…
…but a clearly evolving trend that will change the way that people make money and build businesses online – FOREVER.
You may have heard of “crowdfunding” before?
Most people have.
But the truth is that the majority don’t see it for what it truly is. They don’t realize…


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines


You see, there is a perception that crowdfunding is reserved for crazy inventors attempting to create solar powered drone-flown GoPRO’z… or paper thin iPad alternatives for under a hundred bucks.
But this is simply not the case.
…Of course crowdfunding CAN be a very effective platform to launch more complex products and these types of products regularly raise millions of dollars in funding and huge profits for their creators.
So if you are an “inventor”, and in it for the long haul, then there are incredible opportunities to be had.
….But the reality is you do NOT need to be an inventor with a complex outer-planetary patent-pending idea to take advantage and make money from the billion dollar crowdfunding industry.
What we are talking about is something different.
Something more simple… but with TEN TIMES the power.
Oh, and so you know, here is the sort of power we are talking about…


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines


Crazy right?
These are essentially “stupid simple” products that people have “chanced it” with by placing them on a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter or Indigogo in the hope of making a few bucks… and have ended up basically becoming overnight millionaires. Literally.
Can you tell me… in what other scenario is this feasibly possible?
Can you think of any?
Well, let’s go through a few examples…

• Putting a product up for sale on Amazon or eBay? NO

• Making a digital product or creating some type of sellable service? NO

• Building any other type of online business? NO

• Creating an affiliate or eCommerce website and getting ranked on Google? DEFINITELY NOT

Now don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of money to be made in all of the above areas. They are all great things.
But this quickly?? Like tens or hundeds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars quickly…all in as little as 30 days?
I mean it’s simply NOT possible.
But that is the whole point. That is precisely why I am here talking to you today.
…Because in the next few minutes I’m going to tell you how you do ALL of the above (ie. either start, run or scale ANY online business) but at…


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines


To be clear, what I’m about to show you is not only..

Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines


but it is also:

Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines

…that exists today.
And there is absolutely no doubt about that …whatsoever.
It is a dream scenario…
fast cash combined with a stable long term business.
And do you know what the best news is?
You need ZERO knowledge about how crowdfunding works…you don’t need to know anything about product creation, marketing, list building, SEO or anything else.
This is something that literally anyone can do… and SHOULD be doing.
This is “crowdfunding” as you may know it… but done in the polar opposite way that anyone else does it.



So I’m sure the question you are asking yourself right now is…

Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines

Simply put, it is in reach of you and I.
You don’t need investment. You don’t need a team… and you certainly don’t need to be some type of genius.
If you ever dreamed of starting a business, building your own brand, selling your own products, and potentially making a colossal income working from home, I’m here to tell you that it IS possible… THIS is the way.
And it can be done FASTER than you can possibly imagine.

The truth is that countless numbers of 6, 7, even 8 figure businesses (and subsequently many millionaires) have quietly been seeded from this method of crowdfunding I am telling you about, although the weird thing is that up until now, no one really knew that it was going on. It has been largely under the radar.
That is — until now.
Let me explain….

Rather that going through the rigmorale of developing a product from the ground up, what you do instead is to put the product “idea” out there on a crowdfunding platform first.
If people like it, they will fund it (in other words ‘pre-order’ your product)…
…and if you reach your funding ‘goal’, THEN you go ahead and create the product which as you will see is simply the case of making small adjustments (or no adjustments at all) to a pre-existing product that you can source direct from a manufacturer.
But of course, getting your product inventory funded is no issue now, because at this point you have the money to do it!
That’s correct…


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines

Listen, I have spent the past 3 years studying the Crowdfunding phenomenon.
…And having done it and lived it for so long, I know exactly what works (and what doesn’t) and I fully understand how anyone can take even the simplest of products and generate hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in a number of weeks.
Please understand though, this is NOT a game of luck. This is a PROVEN strategy. A True Science.
In simple terms…

You pick a market that you want to be in (or stick with a market you are already in)…

Identify a product that this market wants… (easy when you know how)

Put a unique twist on the product to make it irrisistable to the market (ie. the “Magic Dust”)

Build a hungry audience who you know will buy it…

…and then only… and I repeat ONLY launch your Crowdfunding campaign when you KNOW… 100%… that it WILL be successful.
Nothing is left to chance… and I KNOW flat out that this works because…

Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines


…doing exactly this.
Read that again… I made a $110K income in literally 1 Day…and also did an additional $355,525 in sales over next 30 days.
…and it is also how my friend John, (the 75 year old retiree who you may have seen in the live interview within our original video series), successfully generated over $348,449 in pre-funded sales, again, in a 30 day period.


Not only so, this is the EXACT process that I have helped countless others implement and build insanely profitable businesses from from the ground up in a ridiculously short period of time.
But now… the cat is out of the bag. Now is YOUR time. Introducing…


Incredible Dream Machines has been a long time in the making after years of indepth research, testing and optimization as the Crowdfunding platforms themselves have been developed.
I have put together a COMPLETE powerful A-Z business model which enables anyone to build a high-profit product business leveraging crowdfunding as a launch pad.
Once you have all the parts of it, this ‘system’ that I have devised can be implemented VERY quickly and building a brand and business, generating a huge income (and if you want, selling the whole thing for serious cash in a matter of months) from today’s date is a REAL possibility.
(Oh and by the way, that product that I launched which I told you about a moment ago…. that business now has an 8-Figure valuation.)
But… before we delve deeper into the components of Incredible Dream Machines, let’s look into the specifics of how YOU can take advantage…


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines

The truth is, it does not matter what type of online or offline business you have, you will be able to use this system to scale up… and scale fast.
Simply take the market you are already in…
Find a product opportunity within the same market…
Launch your campaign… make money…
…and simultaneously hyper-accelerate the brand exposure, traffic and profit of your business.


So what will I be showing you? Well, here are the “scratching the surface” details on what we will be covering over the next 8 weeks so you have a definitive indication of how we will move forward and what steps you will take and when…

WEEK 1: Market Research and Product Opportunities. We are going to start off with market research and product selection. With the help of our specialist ‘Dream Catcher’ software, you will discover how to uncover untapped product opportunities which will be irristable to your target audience. By the end of week one, you will have your product CONFIRMED.
WEEK 2: Suppliers, Branding & Design. Next we will dive into supplier research and production feasibility and you will identify a reliable manufacturer who will create your product after your campaign is successful. At this point you will also use our methods to create beautiful product design and world-class branding on a shoe-string budget.
WEEK 3: Launch Strategies, Audience Capture & Traffic Generation.Next stage… the ‘inner workings’ of the Hollywood launch method explained in initmate detail so you can begin building up buzz in order to get your product funded on day 1 (note: I will reveal everything I did to make $110K in day, with no stone unturned) You will create an “extreme” converting lead capture page, learn my secrets to both paid and free traffic generation and will set up a viral marketing element that could get you THOUSANDS of leads PER day.
WEEK 4: Campaign Page Building & Reward Set Up. Now you will begin building up your campaign page. Firstly, I will hand you our simple-to-use “magnetizing” copywriting formula along with my product image strategy which has been proven to TRIPLE engagement and on-page conversions. Then I will show you how to create irrisistable rewards that will sky-rocket your conversions without any additional work on your part.
WEEK 5: Platform Optimization & Video Creation. This week I will reveal everything you need to know about platform optimization so you can get that set and ready… as well as a series of additional layout strategies to enhance your campaign performance. I will hand you a series of simple tricks in order to create a high quality, ‘captivating’ campaign video for next to no cost as well along with some “secret methodologies” to build MAXIMUM buzz in the days lead up to launch.
WEEK 6: Launch Day Strategies & Press Embargos. Now we are getting to crunch time and you will begin implementing my proven launch day strategies that’ll help you reach your funding goal on day ONE. I will tell you when and how to contact your leads in the days leading up to launch, what to send them…and well as how to run an effective press embargo. You are now LAUNCHED!!!
WEEK 7: Stretch Goals & Keeping The Money Flowing. In week 7, I will be showing you how to take your campaign to the next level. Ok, reaching your target on day ONE will be seriously exciting (trust me, it’s a hell of a feeling) but you cannot simplly stop there. You will need to hit ALL your stretch goals and keep the money rolling in througout the entire duration of your campaign and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it!
WEEK 8: Product Fulfilment & Taking It To The Next Level. Finally, now you have a successful campaign under your belt, we will be looking into product fulfilment and how to run post campaign communications with all your new customers. And then the big one — how to take everything to the next level, to transition to evergreen with your own ecommerce store using the exact techniques I implemented to go from a $500,000 campaign to an 8-figure business in a matter of weeks.


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines

A complete A-Z of how to build a super-profitable business selling your products online via Amazon’s FBA service …with over 20 videos and 20 manuals containing easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
This has a value of $1997 – and we have added this as a last minute bonus because many of the skills needed for CrowdFunding cross over with Amazon Selling and many CrowdFunding products will need to go on Amazon at some point. Luckily you can learn all the skills right here instead of having to purchase a separate training. We got you covered!


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines

  1. We will be handing you immediate action steps in order to get your first crowdfunding campaign planned and off the ground as soon as possible. We are going to move quickly, so you will need to be prepared.
  2. We are going to hold you by the hand and guide you every step of the way via our private forum and support system. We have a full team of mentors and experts ready to help you.
  3. There are NO roadblocks or barriers to entry, you can do this from ANYWHERE and you don’t need any prior experience or special skills. You will be given the exact same ‘connect the dots’ blueprint that flat out WORKS which I used to fund $500,000 cash in just 30 days.
  4. This is currently a “blue ocean”. Crowdfunding is currently a “walk up” business – where you can stroll through the open door to profit. Now is the time to jump in no matter what you are doing online. You must take action on this before it is too late.
  5. This is the FASTEST way to create a profitable life-changing business from scratch. If you are looking to start a business online or simply add another bow to your current income streams, whether that be affiliate marketing, digital products or anything else… this is a dream.
  6. This is the perfect way to EXPLODE any Amazon FBA or eCommerce business by leveraging Crowdfunding in a very specific way to rapidly boost the revenue, traffic and exposure of your product business. If you are involved with Amazon FBA, this is simply a no-brainer.
  7. There are NO upsells and nothing else to buy. This is one complete package and we will continue to keep you updated on all the latest strategies, ideas, developments and technologies, as they become available.


Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines

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Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines
 Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines  Download Greg Jacobs - Incredible Dream Machines

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