Hi my friends,
this is my first WSO. My Name is Patrick, im 27 years old and I don’t want to lie: Im in Internet Marketing for only a Year now!
But within the last 6 Months I was able to generate more money than many of my friends earn in 2 years.
Here are some Screenshots of my latest GENERAL Internet Earnings:

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Ok, enought talking, I’m German and you might already know, we love to come straight to the point, that is why I dont put too much effort into a sales page but rather into helping you making money online.
This Method is very easy, everybody can do it and it does not need upfront investments.
It includes kind of a reselling strategy, but it has a big individual part, so you are not reselling a product but rather work with an existing basis and adapt that basis to customer needs and sell it to them as your product.
The Product has something to do with their Website, so you help them optimizing it.
This WSO is NOT about:
– Coding a New WebSite / WP Blog
– Graphics
– Adwords / Advertisement in general
– Reputation Management
It is more basic and EVERYBODY needs it! Its not a brand new technique but it is all about HOW you approach it. Most of the time the right TWIST decides if you make money or not!
My WSO consists of 9 pages with step by step explanations and screenshots. You can easily follow these steps.
I attached 1 OTO which is NOT mandatory but it might help and make life a bit easier by increasing your reputation – it is a OTO for $19.99 and includes the creation of you Service Website!
What you basically do:
You reach customers online (and you can also easily reach them offline every day by talking to them – there are many niches that fit to this strategy) or of course – what is very efficient and effective, too: via phone
I will show you in details how I used E-Mails to reach them and why they liked my emails (they are very individual and people love them!)
My WSO includes my original E-Mail and the incredible great individual twist
You show them why they lose alot of potential customers. So you create a sense of urgency and you help them – it is a win/win for both – your customers and you. They will see DIRECT RESULTS when they read your E-Mail – the incentive is so big – they MUST buy __
After you sent out emails (this can of course be outsourced) they will 1) come back TO YOU or will 2) BUY DIRECTLY. They will feel that your price for the service is super cheap and competitive.
Preparation and Delivery of your service will cost you between 1-3 hours and you can charge like any amount you would like to. I used to charge $299. Thats not a bad hourly rate?! Download How I Make $500 per Day
They will be happy and might tell others about your service. You will sell more and more.
– No upfront investments
– No special skills needed
– Alot of potential niches and customers
– Its easy to outsource parts
– You can sell online but also in your every day life offline
– You can sell Lifetime Packages but also monthly payments
Why do I sell this WSO if it is so great?
Because the market is soo huge that there is enough for everyone =)


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