How to Build a Successful Virtual Company (Requested)

Dec 6, 2013 | Growing business

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This weekend I’m teaching an all-new 2-day live training on how to build a successful “Virtual” business.
As you probably know, I’ve built a successful company that has sold over $100 Million worth of information products and services over the past 10 years.
What surprises most people is to learn that I did it without a “central office” – everyone works from home (and always has).
This is the very first time I’ve taught a program that is ONLY about the key systems and tactics for building a Virtual Company.
In this training, I’m going to be explaining how and why I went with the Virtual model, how I’ve outsourced and hired people to do the work of my business, and how to manage a company that isn’t “all in the office together” every day.
To this day, it continues to amaze successful business owners – when I explain that we did it all virtually.
In fact, I’ve now influenced a couple of very, very successful and well-known business owners to move their own companies to “Virtual” as well. And they’ve saved a ton of money – and really opened up a lot of new opportunities by doing it.
In this training this weekend I’m going to start at the beginning, and show you how to hire your first virtual assistant… how to outsource some of your technology, design and customer service without having to hire someone “full time”… and all of the “basics.”
We will then take a deeper dive into how to make sure you’re keeping track of what everyone is doing, setting up dashboards and meetings, and using free and low-cost technology tools to do a lot of the work for you in your business.
I’ve never seen a comprehensive, in-depth training on how to build a Virtual business – and this is why I’m now going to teach it myself. And, in the spirit of being Virtual, I’m doing this entire 2-day training… you guessed it: VIRTUALLY.
This program is Saturday and Sunday, and I’ll be teaching the entire course over a teleclass and webinar system – so you can attend and interact with me from anywhere (which is really cool). We’ll have successful business people from all over the world – and you’ll get to be part of something that will really help you see the power of the Virtual business model.
So why am I teaching this 2-day event on how to build a successful business Virtually? The training is actually part of an advanced coaching program I lead called “The GURU MasterMind.”
In this coaching and training program, I teach authors, speakers, coaches and other people who have knowledge about specific areas… how to turn their knowledge into information products that they can sell for high prices online.
I’ve been leading this coaching program for about 3 years now, and many highly successful information product “Gurus” credit the training they received with me for helping them build very successful online businesses.
If you’re interested in attending the course this weekend, and you’d also like to learn how to build (or rebuild) your information product business, then I’d like to invite you to email Nicki on my team – and get more information about the program.
We use these quarterly live events as a “preview” for people who are interested in learning how to build their information product businesses – so they can get a “feel” for the high value of our training…and to see if it’s right for them.
If you’d like to attend the program this weekend, and possibly join the GURU MasterMind, just send an email to: [email protected]

Please tell her a little bit about your niche and your business – and if you’re just starting your business, please let her know that as well. Make sure you send her all your contact information so that she or one of our business consultants can get back to you with all the information about the course this weekend.
Email Nicki now, and hopefully I’ll talk to you this weekend in the course on how to build a successful Virtual Company!

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Download How to Build a Successful Virtual Company (Requested) Download How to Build a Successful Virtual Company (Requested)
 Download How to Build a Successful Virtual Company (Requested)  Download How to Build a Successful Virtual Company (Requested)

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