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Dec 9, 2013 | Design, Getting traffic


Tired of being tormented by Google’s ever-changing whims?
Use the powerful influence of human Physiology to Drive hordes of Traffic, increase social shares and Get authority links without ever worrying about slaps, punches or hissy fits from Google’s evil little Animals again

Infographics Traffic Authority is no exception.

I’ve created a series of done-for-you, traffic-driving Infographics in the following “New Year’s Resolution” content areas. Use the Infographics to grab extra traffic, then imagine monetizing the traffic these lucrative ways:
1. Weight Loss—everyone’s favorite New Year’s Resolution.
· Dangle popular Clickbank weight loss offers to your audience.
· Find lucrative CPA offers to monetize with
· Offer up high-ticket exercise equipment from Amazon to an audience eager to lose those extra pounds.
2. Stress Reduction—a huge area of need in our busy lives. Your readers will appreciate your helpful tips to reduce their stress allowing them to sleep better, be more productive and improve their relationships.
· Help them achieve their goals with affiliate offers for yoga DVDs
· Provide them with visualization guides
· Books on meditation are a great way to monetize
· Become a spa resort affiliate to provide the ultimate meditation experience
3. Quit Smoking—so many want to stop throwing good money away on this expensive and health-destroying habit. Monetize your Infographic traffic with:
· Quit smoking info-products
· CPA offers
· E-cigarettes.
4. Travel—the winter winds are blowing, the mercury is dropping and the days are long and dark. No wonder the thought of escaping to warmer climes this time of year is so alluring!
· Since your audience is warm to the idea of travel, why not become an affiliate of a travel network such as Priceline, Expedia or Trip Advisor?
· Major airlines such as British Airways have affiliate programs
· There’s specialty affiliate programs for travelers who love to dive or participate in adventure travel
· Become a high-end hotel affiliate
5. Debt Management—All too often, the Holidays are a source of stress trying to deal with over-extended credit.
· You can help people arriving at your site with offers from BBB accredited partners on the Commission Junction and Share-A-Sale networks.
· You can feel good about helping desperate people with an overwhelming problem.

But as my customer, you’re not about to go away with only one professionally designed Infographic on the above topics. . .

You’re gonna get two done-for-you Infographics on each of the above topics
You’re also getting the PSD slides so you can customize your Infographic packs. Make them unique to you and you alone.

I am completely confident that you won’t see another deal like this to get traffic-driving Infographics so inexpensively. I’ve seen Infographics sold for much more elsewhere!

Don’t Waste Money Playing Around with “Free” Infographics!

If you’re thinking, “I’ll just make some Infographics on one of those free sites, and save even more money,” I have a question for you.
How much time you really have? Because creating Infographics from scratch can be very time consuming.
I’m quite certain that it would take you many, many hours to create 10 Infographics. It will take much more time than you think. Soon it will get to the point where you are spending so much of time using these sites that other areas of your business will suffer.
You’ve heard over and over, “Time is Money!” Believe it.
You’re very limited to the type of Infographics you can produce on free sites. Infographics produced on these sites often look amateurish because they’re produced in low-resolution.
This is not what you want if you want to get social shares and backlinks from authority sites!
If you want more traffic without worry about Google slaps, get Infographics Traffic Authority now!

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