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Nov 19, 2014 | Productivity

For People Who Want More…

… The SMALL & EASY Productivity Tweaks
You Can Use As Soon As Tomorrow Morning To
Get A LOT MORE Done… With WAY LESS Effort!

My name is Matt, and I’m the in-house copywriter at Rapid Crush, Inc.

Among other things, that means I get to work with Jason Fladlien on almost a daily basis.

And working so close with Jason, I’ve uncovered his secret. I know WHY exactly Jason Fladlien isn’t painting houses for $12/hour anymore and is making millions online instead. The reason is…

Jason’s productivity is EPIC!

You’d have to see it first hand to believe it… But trust me, it’s legendary.

Long form sales letters in 3-4 hours, fully formatted and ready to publish. Email swipes in 15 minutes or less. Complete marketing strategies for consulting clients in 40 minutes. And so on.

Even more importantly… the son of a gun is able to teach ANYONE to be productive!

For example, when I read Jason’s “Double Your Productivity” course… My productivity TRIPLED.

… And that’s not even a very good result. I’m about to reveal how you can get even better results, but first…

I want to ask you a question…

Imagine the following scenario.

You’re able to let go of your overwhelm. You’re able to breeze through your TODO list. Achieve all of your goals almost effortlessly – every day.

Be completely productive, your mind always present in the now.

If you were able to get twice as much done with half the effort… wouldn’t that change your life almost IMMEDIATELY?

If that sounds like something you’d like, you’re going to love Jason’s latest productivity training.


Absolute Productivity

… Laser-like focus and an instant productivity boost for marketers!

Here’s what’s covered in the training:

  • Why productivity should be “optional” and a byproduct of doing ________…
  • The biggest time wasters in internet marketing and how to completely kill them once and for all…
  • How to actually manage Facebook in an efficient and profitable way…
  • What parts of time management can be learned and what parts must be “conditioned”
  • How to immediately free up 2 free productive hours each day starting tomorrow
  • And more…

This training is delivered as a webinar recording – you can watch it any time, pause, fast forward/rewind and start immediately applying these explosive productivity techniques.

… And you’re getting in at an absolute bargain!

Even if you only implement ONE technique of all what you’re going to learn… And that one technique leads you to a breakthrough in your business…

Would you agree that for almost a guaranteed increase in your productivity for life… Paying $299.95 and even more would be an insane bargain?

In fact, if you were to pick Jason’s brain one on one for his productivity secrets, you’d have to shell out $300 per hour – and probably wait when there’s a spot available in his schedule.

Course preview and screenshots

Download Jason Fladlien - Absolute Productivity Download Jason Fladlien - Absolute Productivity
 Download Jason Fladlien - Absolute Productivity  Download Jason Fladlien - Absolute Productivity

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Jason Fladlien – Absolute Productivity Contains: Video, PDF

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