The Undeniable Truth About The Current State Of Email Marketing

Who should and shouldn’t be building an email list…

Hey, Jason Fladlien here, and my list isn’t as big as you’d think. I have about 50,000 people on my list… and while impressive, I know tons of gurus in our niche alone who have lists much bigger than that.

However, few of them produce results like we do here at Rapid Crush, Inc.

For example, an email campaign we recently put in place as an affiliate resulted in use being wired $1,000,000 in cash, direct to our bank account


All Traffic Comes At A Cost

The easiest way to get traffic from scratch is to buy it. Gone are the days when you could spam eZine articles, Hub Pages, and Squidoo lenses with so-so quality stuff and be rewarded with leads and email addresses.

The problem with buying paid traffic from places like Facebook is… it’s cold traffic. These people have no relationship with you. They are just targets. Demographics & interests you’ve zoned in… and you’re trying to pitch based on the message alone. No relationship.

That’s why I shake my head when I see people putting in all this effort to buy ads… and not build an email list from it.

Any traction you get from this is most likely short lived. Eventually the cost per lead will go up (competition), the loophole you’re exploiting will go away, or your message will fatigue.

And what are you left with? The same thing you started with. Nothing.

So Why Don’t More People Build Email Lists?

Well, first there is the technical stuff. You have to pick an autoresponder. Then set it up. And those things cost money!

Second, how do you get someone on your list anyway? You need some sort of traffic mechanism.

Third, once you get them on the list what do you say to them?

Look I get it. I’m all for bypassing those steps if there is an easier way to long term, lasting wealth. Problem is, there probably isn’t.

Even people we’ve helped make a boat load of money selling physical products on Amazon… some of them had an issue with their listing and over night their business was gone. They didn’t build an email list.

I’m going to assume you understand the importance of building an email list… nay, the necessity of it. I’m also going to assume that traffic may be part of your problem, and that is what’s stopping you.

If that’s the case – you’re doing it wrong.

It’s one of those chicken vs. egg things. Do you wait until you get the traffic before you start building the email list or do you know what you’re going to say to that list before you build.

I’d contend that if you have the message in place first… it’s psychologically a million times easier to then build that email list.

That’s why I created…

Listen. Here is the approach most email marketers take – which spells disaster.

They get on the list of other competitiors in the market and spy on the emails they’re sending out. Then, they make note of the cool stuff they observe and model it.

The problem is almost all email marketers end up sounding the same. I joke that you could swap the names around on most emails in any given market and no one would know the difference.

If you want to do email right, it means doing it differently than the way 99% of the so-called email markets teach… and 100% differently than what they actually do in the real world.

How to write emails that Don’t Suck

Skip focusing on the content of the what you’re going to put in the email. Start focusing instead on the tone you’re going to take. If you use the right tones for the right situations, the high converting content will follow.

The basic tone you must put into all your emails is the “I’m writing it just for you” tone. That means your emails, even if they are going out to millions of people, sound like they’re written to one single person.

In addition, you almost always want that email – when it lands in their inbox – to be almost indistinguishable in look and initial feel from the other emails they get that they do open: emails from friends, family members, coworkers, etc.

How many marketers you know that do email marketing like this? Few. And it’s sad because this is step one stuff. The basics. The fundamentals.

I have many more secrets to manipulating this “tone” to produce higher open rates and conversions. Let’s move on.

The Single Greatest Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Email Marketing

Almost all emails should contain something news worthy and current.

The don’t call it the “oldspapers” or the “5 o’clock olds”. It’s called news because it needs to be NEW. People are addicted to news updates… either from television or even the status updates of what is new with their friends.

Here’s the secret: if you can take something new or noteworthy related to your market and spring that into an email – you win. It’s easy to do. Using a single site I can grab something out of the current news, manipulate it into an email that gets opened… and then I just have to segue into whatever I’m offering.

Simple. It’s not hard, it’s just that nobody does it – except for you, once you get your hands on Mail Truth.

That’s where I spill the beans on EVERY SINGLE powerful thing I do, from an email marketing perspective, that generated over 10 figures in less than 3 years.

Here’s a taste of what’s waiting for you in the training program:

  • The 6 “character roles” every email marketer MUST play – and how to use your favorite movies and television shows to swipe and deploy these roles into your emails. The result? Insane open and click-through rates!
  • The “Static/Dynamic Constant” – how to make each email sound fresh, new and newsworthy even though 90% of it will be “boiler plate.” This is how you keep people addicted to opening your emails with the least amount of effort or original thought
  • Future pacing the sale – how to get somebody thinking favorably about your offer before they even read past the first paragraph of your email (sneaky mind persuasion stuff!)
  • The perfect length of an email? It’s not what you think. It’s not long, short or medium; It’s this…
  • Off the top of the head emails – listen as I craft email after email off the top of my head to give as examples related to the teachings found in Mail Truth
  • The right way to use controversy in emails (do it wrong and you get hit with massive unsubscribes. Do it right, double your response rates)
  • “Fatter but happier” – how to position the “normal” solution to not be worth the effort… to then set up your “alternative solution” instead (you look better than every other competitor in your market)
  • How to not improve a single thing you do with writing your emails… yet drastically increase your profits from an email list (you’ll love it)
  • Critical Mistake Averted – how not to “spill your candy in the lobby,” an error most email marketers make which keeps them at about 10% of what they can achieve in profits through email marketing

    We’re just getting started!

  • How to simultaneously increase the short term response rates without sacrificing the long term value of your email list (keep them on your list AND keep them buying… the secret revealed once and for all)
  • Why anybody who focuses on EPCs (earnings per click) related to email marketing is committing profit suicide (they miss the point. Focus on this instead!)
  • “Too much salt for season” – why you intentionally hold things back during an email sequence to keep the campaign fresh… and then “reveal” them at strategic times (this is the stuff that separates the pros from the amateurs)
  • 18 emails in 6 days to the same list? Yes, here is how to do it and have them love you for it… and have you loving the increase in your bank account from it (plus the more important lesson in this…)
  • The first thing you must do before you ever concoct an email campaign – hint: 99% of marketers don’t do this and that’s why they only get average results or worse
  • “Are you okay?” – the secret to rapport building, where if you don’t send an email for a few days, your subscribers are worried and concerned about your well being (even if almost all emails are just hardcore pitches)
  • The “Braveheart” email – this specific email type is like dynamite when it comes to generating sales… it’s the single greatest email you can ever send (revealed for the first time!)
  • Plus – the 80/20 rule applied to email marketing, how to use commitment & consistency in emails to brainwash people into wanting to do stuff for you, what cop drama shows taught me about email persuasion, and more…
  • A ton more!

Excited yet?

Why Mail Truth Was Originally Never Slotted To See The Light Of Day

It started out as a private mentoring session with Zane Miller. In fact, it wasn’t even meant to go out in public. But once we got going… I just couldn’t stop.

I didn’t hold back at all. I went through everything that makes up a successful email campaign and how to easily rattle off emails that persuade… and make you the most money.

I spilled my guts and left no stone unturned. And that’s why, when it was all done… I decided to release it to the general public. Because I wanted to give you all the stuff that matters when it comes to email marketing… without wasting any time.

What Mail Truth Is NOT…

Mail Truth is NOT a course that walks you through the basics of picking an autoresponder or setting up your squeeze page.

These are nickel and dime questions anyway – and there are plenty of answers to be found online.

What I’m giving you here is my unique insight that has made me millions of dollars – and I bet you won’t find this stuff anywhere online.

Mail Truth focuses on the money making stuff. Like how to make your emails stand out. How to make your subscribers look forward to buying from you. How to come up with persuasive emails that sell. How to have less unsubscribes… and tons more stuff that really matters.


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