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Nov 12, 2014 | Growing business

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Exhausted & struggling to climb to the next level within your agency? Secretly wondering if you’ve reached as far as you can go by yourself… Stop stressing and discover the 12 systems that every agency needs to have in place in order to get to increase profit and get some more of your time back.

The Agency Playbook is 12 systems every agency needs in order to be profitable and continue to grow to the next level, from increasing sales, scaling your operations, and dominating your market. If you have ever wanted to see what other successful agencies in your space have done, so you can grow faster, make better confident decisions, and get to the next level, this is the program you need to try.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve created and perfected this system by running my own digital & creative agency and worked with hundreds of agency owners like you. This program allowed my agency to grow by 400% over the last three years, and led us to be one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc 5000 list.

  • If you already have a creative or digital business: You will discover how to take it to the next level.
  • If you are wanting to start an agency: You will know the exact steps that you need to start and be successful.

Have you ever wanted to sit down with someone that has run a successful agency, and have them tell you exactly what worked? Where you can ask any question, and get all the agency documents, processes, and so much more. That is what the Agency Playbook is.


My goal is to make your discovery experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. That’s why each lesson is recorded. You can listen at your leisure from your computer or iPad. You’ll also receive interactive worksheets of actionable steps and exercises that can make you money right away.

The Agency Playbook is divided into twelve systems. Here is a breakdown of what we will cover in each system.

  • System 1: CLARITY: Create a crystal clear path to where you are going, what you need to do, and what to say no to.
  • System 2: SPECIALIZE:  Discover how to become an authority in your market.
  • System 3: ATTACK: Develop an actionable strategy that allows you to get the attention of your ideal client, from setting up the first meeting, positioning yourself as the expert, to a follow up that closes the deal
  • System 4: ATTRACT: Position yourself where your ideal clients are reaching out to you.
  • System 5: NURTURE: Discover how to capture more leads, how to warmup your prospect, and clients to buy more from you.
  • System 6: PROFIT: Charge what you are really worth, and how to eliminate most of your scope creep.
  • System 7: CONVERT: Discover the step by step process I used to close 80% of the business we wanted, and the single strategy you can do to increase your chances of winning by 20X.
  • System 8: DELIVER: Streamline your delivery for more profit and learn how to take on more work with limited resources. Get the exact process for protecting yourself on delivering work to the client including all of the documents we used from our change order forms, creative brief, questionnaires to interpreting what the client actually wants, sign offs, and so much more.
  • System 9: PARTNER: Learn who to partner with to help drive additional revenue. Build a list of allies / partners that can help you generate larger revenue than you can alone. Learn the scrappy stuff we do to get get partners thinking of us. Discover how to identify and get experts to spread your message
  • System 10: AUTOMATE: Create a business that makes you money when your not working your butt off. Create processes and system where you do not have to do everything yourself. Discover what you need to automate in your business
    and what systems you can use to automate your business.
  • System 11: OPERATE: Running a business is hard. How to Build up your Cash Flow, how to bonus your team, and how to NOT give your employees ownership, but give them incentive and a sense of ownership
  • System 12: LEAD: Discover how to manage a sales team, who and when you should hire. What KPIs as an owner do you need to measure. How to setup an advisory board, and how to build a culture that attracts top talent without paying them top dollar.

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Download Jason Swenk - Digital Agency Playbook Download Jason Swenk - Digital Agency Playbook
 Download Jason Swenk - Digital Agency Playbook  Download Jason Swenk - Digital Agency Playbook

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