Download Jermaine Griggs - Pinnacle Club

Download Jermaine Griggs - Pinnacle Club

This letter isn’t filled with hype nor am I putting much copywriting prowess into it. Because quite frankly, this isn’t for 9 out of 10 people.

And for the 1 out of 10 people who will qualify, by the very nature of how you think, it will be pretty clear… very soon … whether or not you should join me.

In fact, without a launch… without jv partners… without a lot of noise, I’ve already managed to fill majority of the seats with happy, existing clients and a couple newcomers to the fold. Folks who clearly see the value in what I bring to the marketplace.

That leaves about a few more dozen seats available… that I’m confident, will be filled by serious folks reading this letter.

But think about it…

How much have you been e-mailed and bombarded while I’ve filled these early seats? The answer is: not much.

Because I don’t take that approach. In my music and other related niches, while my peers are launching a new product every month and tiring their lists, I’ve got evergreen systems set up and hardly ever have to send one-off broadcasts.

I’m not saying broadcasts and launches are bad. I’m just saying — there’s a smarter way to work… and it doesn’t involve all that.

But I digress.

The new project I’m talking about is the “Pinnacle Club.”

It’s my inner circle group of marketers who want front row, “over the shoulder” access to my secret lab of marketing strategies, tactics, tools, and philosophies aimed at skyrocketing net profit by marketing smarter, not harder.

I don’t make very many promises but my “promise” for this special group is nothing less than the aforementioned definition.

What we’ll cover in this program, and most importantly, the tools and technologies I’ll expose you to, is the highest form of marketing and automation you’ll find in the entire community. I know that’s a bold statement but I’ve got a few accolades to back it up. Download Jermaine Griggs - Pinnacle Club

I don’t talk about this much but I was one of the first to introduce one-click upsales to the marketplace in… wait for it… 2002! By 2007, I was on stage at Yanik Silver’s Internet Underground seminar showing an audience of 800+ how to do it in 1shoppingcart, a service, that at the time, offered nothing of that sort.

But in classic “Jermaine Griggs” fashion, I had figured out how to customize the system to include on-page upsales, backend one-click upsales, and all sorts of enhancements and customizations. Infusionsoft soon won me over and let’s just say eventually released their 1-click upsale technology but it was 2 years too late to save this customer.

Incidentally, that Underground Seminar awarded me “Marketer of the Year” in 2007 and I’d go on to host a $7997.00 workshop here in my home town of Orange County for a private group. I’d later take a break from speaking and return to become Infusionsoft’s “Ultimate Marketer” in 2011.

Here’s what the Pinnacle Club entails:

1) Monthly training module aimed at one dominant theme ($697.00/month value)

2) Accompanying custom-built software platform/tool like my “Stats Dashboard” or my never-before-shared “Upsale on steroids” system or my “Show the best offer” tool that actually picks the offer your customer sees based on any number of characteristics. I’m talking about stuff Infusionsoft doesn’t even know is possible! ($1000.00 – $1500.00 + /month value)

3) Monthly Q&A & Direct Feedback Webinar where I tackle your questions, most pressing concerns, clarify, examine your situations, and give further insights ($197.00/month value)

4) Closed, Private Facebook group and internal members-only forum to mastermind with other like-minded entrepreneurs and marketers on the same path. (Priceless)

5) Full Day Seminar/Workshop the day before Infusioncon. Recorded for non-attendees. ($1997.00 value)

6) One member is randomly selected for 1 hour consultation at the end of each month’s Q&A webinar. ($1250.00 value potentially)

7) One FREE plugin from my existing plugin library (30 and counting) per month ($197+ /month value). This is in addition to the game-changing tool/software that you’re given as the main content for the month.

8) Archives of all past month’s content. (priceless)

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Download Jermaine Griggs - Pinnacle Club Download Jermaine Griggs - Pinnacle Club
 Download Jermaine Griggs - Pinnacle Club  Download Jermaine Griggs - Pinnacle Club

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