Jim Cockrum – CES Conference 2014

Aug 4, 2015 | Amazon, eBay, Growing business

This event sold out in less than a day months ahead of time as 450+ creative entrepreneurs and exciting speakers gathered in Dallas to share ideas, success stories and also to encourage one another toward success with creative Internet based business building strategies.


The speakers at the event were successful students, proven leaders and partners of mine who have proven that they know how to help others succeed and who have also had incredible success themselves.

Topics included success building a big business selling products on Amazon or eBay, growing your audience and expanding your influence, establishing yourself as an expert who should be paid well to share you knowledge, and much more. It was a multiple income stream conference unlike any other. There were no big pitches for courses or packages at the back of the room. It was a content heavy conference and the reviews were incredible.

For a fraction of what others paid to attend live, you can get now get the full recordings.

I encourage you to check out some of the on sight testimonials and then get the recordings – it’s the next best thing to having been there yourself!


What is CES?

  • Consult: teach others what works online. You know more than you think and are an expert compared to the typical local business owner.
  • Expand: grow your audience – build a tribe. This leads to affiliate marketing, your own products, and new clients (see “C” above)
  • Sell: sell stuff on Amazon, eBay, or your site (most students start here). A biz model that seems like too much work to many, but is the starting point for numerous success stories including my own. It scares off the lazy and leaves plenty of room for those of us willing to work.

The Presentations Include…

  • Real People Showcase: Jason Tay
  • Brett Bartlett: Multiple Streams Starting with Amazon
  • Real People Showcase & Lessons with Jim
  • Skip McGrath: Winning the Buy Box with Exclusive Deals
  • Nathan Bailey: International Selling & Sourcing Basics
  • Linda Tyler: Liquidation Investment Training Students
  • Barrington McIntosh: Relationships and Multiple Income Streams
  • Jason Miles: Self-Publishing and Multiple Income Streams
  • Patti Massullo: The Goldmine In Your Backyard
  • Chris Green: Giraffes and Penguins
  • Multiple Income Streams Panel
  • John Bullard, Sr.: Trade Show Sourcing & Creative Partnerships
  • Debra Conrad: Eliminate Your Amazon Competition
  • Kat Simpson & Danni Ackerman: eBay Is Still HOT
  • Nathan Bailey: Jim’s Coaching Program
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin God’s Portal to Partnership and Prosperity – The Internet
  • Mike LeMoine: OfflineBiz Success Strategies
  • Jessica Larrew: Multiple Streams Lifestyle

Course preview and screenshots

Download Jim Cockrum - CES Conference 2014 Download Jim Cockrum - CES Conference 2014
 Download Jim Cockrum - CES Conference 2014  Download Jim Cockrum - CES Conference 2014

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