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May 13, 2015 | Amazon

Welcome to the “Selling On Amazon Mentorship Series” – or “SAMS”!
Brand New for June 2013 from Jim Cockrum & his team:
Are you are ready to learn the Amazon automation, sourcing & fast growth strategies being used by the top students and coaches of ProvenAmazonCourse.com?
This training is presented LIVE online (and will all be recorded as well) in a series of online webinars. If this interests you, then SAMS might be for you.
Hundreds of eager students have already signed up for the “SAMS” webinar series. In fact, 947 students of the “Proven Amazon Course” have paid & are already on board for SAMS! (Note: the “Proven Amazon Course” teaches the fundamentals of successfully getting started selling on Amazon.


So, Exactly what is SAMS?

Due to the wild popularity and phenomenal success of our ProvenAmazonCourse.com course hundreds of members have asked us to reveal the secrets of our most successful students. This is why we built SAMS. SAMS is a series of online training sessions that will cover the below listed topics plus several others based on demand and interest. For one low payment you get access to all these topics both LIVE and RECORDED plus all the bonuses I’ve already listed:

  • Step-By-Step selling on Amazon for beginners
  • How to grow your selling on Amazon business from $5,000 a month to $50,000 a month – a complete system of outsourcing the work, finding profitable inventory & managing cash flow
  • Hands-free inventory sourcing & management through third-party services
  • Running an Amazon business while “on the road” (traveling full-time without missing a beat)
  • Sourcing Health & Beauty Products for great profits
  • Selling profitable inventory without seeing it, touching it or shipping it to yourself. The ultimate “hands-free” system that’s working for dozens of selling on Amazon students already.
  • Thrift Store, Yard Sale & Auction Sourcing for selling on Amazon
  • Liquidation Sourcing for selling on Amazon
  • Selling on Amazon Internationally (How those living outside the U.S. can do virtually ALL of this)
  • How a US Seller Can Sell on the International Amazon Sites
  • Advanced Coupon Engineering – You could base your entire business on this simple biz model
  • How an International Seller Can Succeed on the Amazon US Site
  • How to use Gift Cards to get great inventory
  • Free sources of hot inventory lists
  • Perfecting Your Retail Timing (when to buy what for optimal profits)
  • Sourcing and understanding Sales rank in Toys & Games and other categories



Who is Jim Cockrum?

Jim Cockrum is one of the most world’s most reputable and well-known ecommerce marketing professionals.
Jim has been an active seller on both Amazon & eBay since 1997 while also training others to be successful in the ecommerce business. He now has a large network of former students turned partners & coaches all running their own successful online businesses.
Jim Cockrum has appeared in numerous news and radio programs as well as publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Men’s Health magazine, and others.
Jim’s two membership sites at MySilentTeam.com and OfflineBiz.com serve as a premier source of advice, training, know-how and online community for over 10,1000 active members.

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Download Jim Cockrum - Selling On Amazon Mentorship Series  Download Jim Cockrum - Selling On Amazon Mentorship Series
 Download Jim Cockrum - Selling On Amazon Mentorship Series  Download Jim Cockrum - Selling On Amazon Mentorship Series

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Jim Cockrum – Selling On Amazon Mentorship Series Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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