Welcome to the 10-Day Copywriting Challenge™!

I’m really excited about this course. And that’s because – Copywriting is one of the most profitable skills you can develop.
Once you know how to create your own cash-pulling copy, you can virtually write your own ticket in life!
Whether you sell your own products, sell affiliate products or you want to write for someone else, this course will help boost your income.
But here’s the thing…
There’s a world of difference between copywriting and other forms of writing (such as article writing).
The other forms are used to educate and perhaps entertain. Copywriting is different because it’s used to persuade, motivate and sell. To do this, you need to tap into your prospect’s emotions. You need to understand your prospects so that your letter touches their hearts and minds.
So do you need a degree in psychology in order to turn yourself into a master copywriter?
Fortunately, no!
All you need to do is follow this course for the next 10 days!
Here’s a sneak peek at the ten keys of copywriting:
1. Pre-head, primary head, post head: Where you’ll learn to nab attention.
2. Problem: Remind the prospect of his problem.
3. Product: Introduce your product as the solution.
4. Proof: Where you turn the skeptical prospect into a believer.
5. Points: Stoking desire for the product.
6. Pull: Closing the sale.
7. Promise: Offering a strong guarantee.
8. Process: Giving your prospect last-minute instructions.
9. Postscript: Reminding the prospect of the benefits.
10. Putting it All Together: Just what it says! You’ll even get a template that makes writing sales letters a breeze.

Course preview and screenshots

Download Jimmy D. Brown - 10 Day Copywriting Challenge Download Jimmy D. Brown - 10 Day Copywriting Challenge
 Download Jimmy D. Brown - 10 Day Copywriting Challenge  Download Jimmy D. Brown - 10 Day Copywriting Challenge

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