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Build my List is a easy to follow five step program including ALL of the tools that a student needs to generate REAL income online.

Here’s what you’ll be getting access to:

  1. Five detailed training modules (with step by step videos showing you EVERY step along the way).
  2. 3 FREE Months of the SendLane auto responder (so you don’t need to purchase an account at aweber or getresponse) – this is what will allow you to build your email list of subscribers
  3. Free “Point and Click” Landing Page builder (with
  4. DAILY Power Calls to go over your training and homework.  These will be DAILY for the first 30-60 days, and 100% INCLUDED with the purchase of Build my List
  5. A CUSTOM “Build my List” e-Book – easily re-brandable to give away to your OWN customers for free!
The Main Course

The MAIN module in Build my List consists of 5 main sections, as I mentioned above.  This is 100% VIDEO training which I LOVE – because it really gives you that ‘over the shoulder’ training and explanation that you just CAN’T get from PDF files or downloadable text training.

  • Home Page Intro Videos
  • Step #1: List Secrets
  • Step #2: The Profit Machine
  • Step #3: Max Commissions
  • Step #4: Business Wizard
  • Step #5: Instant Traffic Triggers

The Home Page:The homepage consists of a welcome video by Jimmy, as well as a Walk Through of the members area to show you how to get started.It also has a sign up link for their daily power calls which are going to happen DAILY for the first 30-60 days, and guys – you do NOT want to miss these.  Ever feel down in the dump and need a real good pick me up and motivation to get you going?  These are for you!

Step #1: List Secrets:

The FIRST training module, List Secrets is ALL about the basics of building your list.

The Videos in this module cover the basics, but this stuff is SOLID.  I’ve NEVER seen list building broken down in such a simple matter.  You’ll learn:

  • 1.) Why we build a list – this module goes all into the question many of you have: “What is list building?” and breaks it down in such a simple matter, even the newest newbie will come out of this understanding list building like a pro!  I’ll be honest with you folks, email marketing (list building) is one of the main ways I make money online myself.
  • 2.) The Value of a List – did you know that I paid for my ENTIRE Caribbean cruise with money I made from just 1 email?  No bullshit, 100% true – I was promoting a product to one of my email lists during it’s launch, and was able to generate over $5,000 in commissions from that ONE email sent out!  In fact, the past 2 1/2 years I’ve gone on 2 Caribbean cruises, a 2 1/2 week trip to South East Asia and a ton of OTHER trips around the US with my wife – 100% generated with affiliate earnings from my email list!  Needless to say, it’s important to pay attention to this video as it REALLY puts into perspective WHAT list building is all about, and the (realistic) earnings you can expect!
  • 3.) How we build a list. – in this training, you go into the process of HOW you build a list in it’s simplest form.  It’s broken down so you can see how you can make money initially from this process.  List building in it’s simplest form is:
    • Building a Squeeze Page (here’s an example of a simple squeeze page if you’re not familiar with them)
      • This is REALLY easy to do, and you’re 100% given the tools to do this with your BML membership
    • Sending qualified/targeted traffic to your squeeze page.
      • People are going to give their email address in exchange for a free report or offer of some sort.  At the same time, they’re ALSO re-directed to a relevant affiliate product (with your affiliate link) so you’ll make money IMMEDIATELY if they decide to purchase that product after joining your list.
    • Adding people to your list and generating affiliate income from their visit!

Step #2: The Profit Machine:

The Profit Machine Module is ALL about getting your auto responder set up and working!  This is CRITICAL as it’s what you use to capture email addresses, and send emails to your list!  You’ll get 100% of what you need WITH Build my List.  You’ll get 90 days FREE access to their auto responder.  For comparison, aweber and getresponse only give you 30 days for free – and after that they each cost from $30 a month and up.  This is a HELL of a deal, and I’m switching to this AR myself!

You’ll get step by step:

  • How to get signed up for your FREE auto responder account (free for 90 days, MORE than enough time to become profitable)
  • Why you should be using an auto responder
  • Auto Responder Features

Step #3: Max Commissions

Step 3 is called max commissions.  What does this mean? Generally as an affiliate marketer you’re using to getting 30, 40 even 50% commissions.  In the MAX COMMISSIONS section – you’ll learn about a few products you can get 100% commissions on!  This means you can promote it as your OWN product and earn 100%.

You’ll ALSO learn about one offer that pays $10,000 Commission (Yes, Ten Thousand) PER SALE!  This is INSANE and I’m going to be promoting this MYSELF! LOL

Step #4: Business Wizard

By this point, you’re 80% done with your training – so congrats! The Business Wizard is HOW you set up your 1 page website/landing page.  You’ll learn how to use a 100% FREE ‘drag and drop’ website builder that you get for 100% FREE with your Build my List Membership.  Just copy in your affiliate link, and profit!

Step #5: Instant Traffic Triggers

Step 5 is ALL about traffic (who woulda thought? LOL). You’ll learn about free traffic sources, paid traffic sources and how to get traffc and start making money as FAST as possible – even your very first DAY!  This is going to be ALL about traffic that will result in sales, and will result in your ROI (Return of Income).  You’ll get training on MULTIPLE different traffic sources, and how you can get your ROI the fastest.  One thing I REALLY like is the inside look as to what Jimmy does to earn over $300,000 per MONTH as an affiliate online!


The Upsells

What product would NOT be complete without upsells or one time offers? LOL –  If done RIGHT, they should compliment the offer of the initial product and add INSANE amounts of actionable value to it as well.

I’m REALLY happy to report that this IS the case for both upsells of BML.

Upsell #1: Copy & Paste Profits – $97.00

Copy and Paste Profits gives you access to Jimmy’s $25k case study, as well as some done for you products AND if you decide to promote Build my List to your OWN list, 100% Commissions (instead of the usual 50%).

The $25k per Month Case Study is a (pre-recorded) webinar style training that shows you how to QUICKLY ramp up your online business to $25k per month (about $800 per day) or more.

The “Copy and Paste” portion is actually quite genius, and literally Jimmy’s BEST campaigns for email marketing and is LITERALLY set up for you to download, copy, paste and profit.

Quit wasting your time guessing if a campaign is going to be profitable or not, and find out from one of the BEST email marketers around!

Anyways, with the $25k Case Study AND list of Jimmy’s campaigns – you’ll not only be better at list building, but if you decide to promote BML you’ll earn 100% of the sales you generate – which can add up pretty quickly to nice commissions! (Up to $250 per sale, roughly).

Upsell #2: BML Elite – $97.00

With BML Elite, you get PRIORITY support – which means your questions go the TOP of the queue and get answered BEFORE the regular BML members.

On TOP of this, you get 10 WEEKLY coaching sessions with Jimmy and his team (possibly myself, actually) AND Jimmy’s personal email address for support from the man himself!!

If you’re going to purchase one of the two, THIS is the one I recommend (though I do recommend both of them).  Don’t worry, you’ll be fine if you DON’T purchase either of the upsells – but the Elite gives you 10 WEEKS of webinar training as well as Jimmy’s PERSONAL email for even QUICKER support!

Course preview and screenshots

Download Jimmy Kim - Build My List Download Jimmy Kim - Build My List
 Download Jimmy Kim - Build My List  Download Jimmy Kim - Build My List

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