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Learn how Johnny went from $200 in his bank account to over $20k in sales every month with NO prior eCommerce experience…

Johnny’s Path to eCommerce Success

Anton & Johnny Met in Thailand

Anton and Johnny added each other on facebook after reading the 4-Hour Workweek but didn’t end up meeting until Anton came to Chiang Mai. Johnny got excited when he found out about drop shipping and making real money online and wanted to do the same.

Anton Shows Johnny How He Does It

Johnny watches Anton’s eCommerce training videos and learns the basics of eCommerce and the drop shipping business model and sees the potential in it.

Johnny Builds His First Store

With a little guidance and a lot of hard work and dedication Johnny focuses and commits himself to launching a drop ship eCommerce store of his own.

Johnny Makes His First Sale!!!

His business idea and hard work has now been validated. But what’s next? How many more sales can he make? How much more can he optimize his store and reach it’s full potential to squeeze as much profit as possible out of it?

Johnny Optimizes & Tests

While researching his competition and testing new ideas Johnny works nonstop and getting his site to earn him the kind of money he wants and that he knows it’s capable of making him.

Johnny’s Store Starts Grossing $20k+/Month

Johnny’s hard work and testing pay off in a big way. His store starts bringing in multiple sales per day which consistently amount to over $20,000 each month just a few short months after even learning the basics of drop shipping!

Johnny & Anton Celebrate in a Infinity Pool

On a relaxing day at the pool Anton and Johnny discuss what has lead to such great success in such a short amount of time and together they decide to release a video course that shares those tips, tricks and secrets.

and Optimize Like a BOSS was born…

Johnny & Anton worked together to create a video case study detailing Johnny’s success and how to emulate it

How Can Optimize Like a Boss Increase Your eCommerce Sales?

Our videos show you tips and tricks that can drastically increase your traffic and conversions

Download Johnny Met - Optimize Like a Boss

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Download Johnny Met - Optimize Like a Boss Download Johnny Met - Optimize Like a Boss
 Download Johnny Met - Optimize Like a Boss  Download Johnny Met - Optimize Like a Boss

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