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Jul 20, 2016 | YouTube

“My Weird YouTube FREE Traffic Strategy That Built My List of 91,583 Leads Resulting In Over $816,471.53 In Commissions!”

What’s included in The Tube Traffic Mastery package?

Tube Traffic Mastery 6 Core Modules

TTM will teach you how to absolutely dominate YouTube for traffic, leads and sales.

  • You’ll learn how to have your videos ranked at the top of Google and YouTube, but not just that, how to also get those visitors off of YouTube and onto your website and turn them into leads and sales.
  • No stone is left unturned and everything is covered in a completely step by step manner.
  • The only way you could go wrong is if you don’t follow the training in the steps I’ve laid out.



Tube Traffic Mastery Study Guides & Checklists

The entire Tube Traffic Mastery method in step-by-step PDF’s!
After you watch each training video you can refer to that module’s checklist to ensure that you have implemented every step.
These are vital to have open as you work through the Tube Traffic Mastery method, to make sure that nothing is left out.


TTM FAST START Training Course

– Brand new to online marketing?
– Want to get started straight away?
The Fast Start training will get you up and running as quickly as possible.
Ideal for those who wish to start selling products succesfuly using YouTube without studying hours of in-depth material. Just watch the Fast Start video in each module, and away you go!


Bonus 1: 6 Week Master Class

Join me for 6 weeks of coaching as I take you through all aspects of the Tube Traffic Mastery system, and break it down for you step by step so you know exactly how to get set up. We will also go deep into understanding capture pages, relationship marketing, and my 7 figure list building and email secrets.
When you have finished the 6 weeks with me you will have everything you need to succeed with your online business.


Bonus 2: Recording From Russell’s Event

Exclusive footage from Russell Brunson’s $10K coaching group!

This training is a 2 hour recording of training that I did at Russell Brunson’s coaching event. He flew me all the way from London, UK to Boise, Idaho to train his coaching clients on exactly what it is I’m doing with YouTube to drive huge results for my business.
This is an exclusive recording that can’t be purchased anywhere on the internet. Everyone in the room payed at least $10,000 to attend!


Bonus 3: Weekly Q&A Hot Seat Coaching

When you purchase my Tube Traffic Mastery training I want you to succeed, so I have made it a priority to hold regular coaching sessions with TTM members.
It’s an exclusive bonus where members are invited to chat with me LIVE and ask specific questions to do with internet marketing to help your business succeed.


Extra Bonus 1: Backlink Power

In Backlink Power I literally show you the EXACT backlinks I use to rank my videos on the first page of Google and YouTube.
After 2-3 years of testing, I now know EXACTLY where to go for backlinks when I need a video ranked.
They work like a dream and I’m going to share my complete Rolodex with you.


Extra Bonus 2: Launch Sniper

Launch Sniping is how I first found success with online marketing.
It is the easiest route to making $10k per month, so join me as I break down the technique and show you how to make big money from other people’s product launches.
ANYONE can use this method to get results FAST

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Download Jon Penberthy - Tube Traffic Mastery + Masterclass Coaching Download Jon Penberthy - Tube Traffic Mastery + Masterclass Coaching
Download Jon Penberthy - Tube Traffic Mastery + Masterclass Coaching  Download Jon Penberthy - Tube Traffic Mastery + Masterclass Coaching

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Jon Penberthy – Tube Traffic Mastery + Masterclass Coaching Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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