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If you want to blow up your sales to six, seven, even eight figures and beyond, listen up…

My friend Tim and I have been sending emails, renting lists, and mailing offers for nearly 15 years. Not to brag or anything, but we’ve probably mailed in the neighborhood of 3 – 5 billion commercial emails each, maybe even more.

All opt-in, CAN-Spam Compliant, and 100% legal. No monkey business.

Not to mention the hundreds of millions of messages we’ve sent from our own email accounts, the millions of names we’ve personally collected, and the thousands of campaigns we’ve created, many from scratch.

Bottom line is we know email marketing inside and out.

You are about to discover how we’ve built multiple marketing empires, and you’ll get to see how we are building a brand new empire in the Weight Loss Niche, completely from scratch. You’ll even get to peek under the hood and see the results from 16 real-life email marketing campaigns.

Before we get into all that, there are a few misconceptions we need to clear up about getting traffic with E-Mail Marketing and Solo Ads:

    • Fact is, you can dominate any niche with email marketing. That’s the number one question we get from our clients… “Will it work in my market?” The answer is yes. If you want to dominate something obscure like the “Model Train” niche, you totally can;-)
    • The number two question… “Does this work for affiliate offers?” The short answer is yes, but once you realize how responsive email traffic is, you’ll probably want to keep it for yourself;-) Most sharp affiliates build their own funnels and collect subscribers. The really smart ones create their own offers, sell proprietary products, and serve their tribe.
    • If you are in a big market, like Health, Financial, Self-Help, or Biz-Opps, here’s some good news. That’s where 90% of the ad inventory is. It’s also where most of the “traffic trading” opportunities are. You’ll be surprised how many people will give you free traffic, and how easy it is to structure those kinds of deals as a win-win.
    • Email marketing testing and tracking is way easier than with pops or banners or search. It takes just a few extra minutes when you set up a campaign. The payoff is knowing which ads make money and which don’t. When you see what we do, you can finally relax knowing the whole “tracking” thing is handled.
    • Tim and I have been running Solo Ads and Email Traffic campaigns for 2 decades. In that time, we’ve achieved some remarkable results,. We’ll show you exactly how we build campaigns, and the thinking that goes into them. However, there’s no guarantee you’ll do as well as us, or even if you’ll earn anything at all. Email marketing is serious business, and like any traffic source, it’s possible to make or lose money.

OK, so with that stuff covered, let’s talk about how to build a freaking marketing empire. Here’s the basic formula…

Offer + List + Funnel + Follow-Ups =

Rock Star Profits

Let’s break that down.

The Offer

If you are running email or solo ads for something extremely popular, like the hottest diet pill, or the latest biz-opp, and you are using canned copy or a simplistic message, you’ve probably figured out that doesn’t work. The more established the product, the more competition, and the more you need to differentiate your message.

Uncover new benefits, new positioning, and most of all, create a strong USP you can call your own. Something other than the usual “Get Skinny” or “Make Money” crap lazy marketers fall back on.

Like it or not, the Internet has made virtually all markets more sophisticated. Your positioning needs to appear unique or have an interesting angle, especially if you are in a crowded space or are selling a commodity.

The List

In the world of High-Volume E-Mail Marketing, you want a fresh, responsive audience that buys today and down the line. We recently ran an email campaign to promote a weight-loss offer using one of our favorite E-Mail networks.

We did great, collecting a bunch of names for future marketing, and making enough money to pay for the ad, with some profit left over. We know this particular audience likes Weight loss offers because of past experience with the list, and because other advertisers keep running diet offers.

That’s a big tip off. If you see the same kinds of ads running day after day, they probably work.

The Funnel

Let’s talk about the Funnel part, since that’s really the most important. Any schmuck can buy targeted clicks and send them into a sales page.

In fact, that’s what most internet marketing is, schmucks buying clicks and direct linking because they don’t want to spend the time to create a funnel. They want a quick hit (until it stops working).

But a good funnel embraces the Long Game and enhances your profitability via: Upsells, downsells, alternate offers, post-purchase offers, selling leads, Co-Reg opportunities, OTOs, and our very favorite, email follow-ups.

When you enhance your revenue per visitor, something special happens… You can afford to pay more for traffic.

And when you can afford to out-bid competitors because you’re making more money, you really do own the market. You’re no longer chasing “cheap clicks,” you’re on the trail of something far more lucrative: Return on investment.

The best possible outcome is your competitors become affiliates and start sending you their traffic because they make more than they do monetizing it themselves.

Hell, even the worst outcome is still pretty good: You get a lot of risk-free traffic and only pay when people buy. I’ll take that any day.


Remember, email traffic is pre-disposed to opting into your list, so don’t waste the opportunity, especially when you can easily double your revenue over direct-linking by getting them to opt in and follow up with a strong email sequence.

Of course, that means you have to capture names, which means you need a squeeze page and a thank you page and auto-responder and all that stuff. And you have to write some follow ups, and a little copy.

But we are all grown ups here, right? You probably have that stuff in place. And if you don’t, it’s high time you get with the program.

This isn’t amateur hour after all.

Quite a bit can be accomplished with easy tools like, WordPress, OptimizePress, and an account. At least that’s what we use.

No rocket science degree required:-)

OK, so what’s the Email Traffic Academy?

It’s quite simply the most comprehensive training we’ve ever done about getting email traffic, list-building, and Solo ads:

    • Real nuts-and-bolts ad buys laid out for you to see
    • Our results in dollars and subscriber counts, no punches pulled
    • The entire campaign strategy and thought process

It’s like you are our silent partner in this new business, and you get to see the results of the real ad campaigns just like we do. And of course, you gain the ability to do the same thing by modeling us.

Tim and I spent the last 6 months creating and perfecting this system, taking everything we know about driving traffic with email and solos and follow-ups. We created a comprehensive training that’s structured just like our Traffic Evolution Training.

The material is presented in a way that makes sense without being overwhelming. There are 8 Modules and 16 Case Studies, and while you get access to it all at once, the training is designed to be consumed over 8 weeks.

It’s a “master class”, the culmination of our 2 decades of experience marketing with email distilled into actionable steps, letting you immediately leverage our efforts and experience.

The training is broken down into 8 easily digestible Modules…

    • Module 1: Uncovering available lists and traffic partners – The first step is learning who the players are in your niche. Uncovering who’s got the traffic, lists, and is already running offers.
    • Module 2: Building a killer email funnel – The perfect email funnel has an address collection feature, a tripwire, an exit strategy, and a secret element that can increase revenue 500%.
    • Module 3: Designing and writing your creative assets – Tricks to get clicks, and “spy moves” to become an email Ninja.
    • Module 4: Testing and tracking results – Managing split-tests, subject line tests, landing page split tests, and more.
    • Module 5: Enhancing traffic and profit – Remarketing, selling data, co-reg, affiliate offers, and other arbitrage opportunities, including list rental and hiring a broker.
    • Module 6: Your follow-up funnel – Creating a follow up formula that turns prospects into customers.
    • Module 7: Staying compliant with CAN-Spam – Protect your open and click-through rates, and stay aboveboard.
    • Module 8: Negotiating and scaling Ad Buys – How to negotiate and buy email advertising and get your advertising on a risk-free-basis.

The Modules contain text, demo videos, and screenshots. Tim and I pull back the curtain and give you pretty much everything we know about email marketing.


Download Jonathan Mizel & Tim Gross - Email Traffic Academy


You’ll get all of them…

    • The one that didn’t make a single sale. How we regrouped, changed course and turned a profit after that.
    • Which squeeze page did the best out of everything we tested (it was a total surprise, and the concept can be applied to many other niches as well).
    • The weird ad we tested that did an immediate 300% ROI on ad spend.
    • How we made a profit and got a bunch of names for free 7 out of 9 times.
    • Which headline generated the highest opt-in rate.
    • Which headline made the most sales (they weren’t the same).
    • …And a whole lot more.

Nothing is held back, and that’s where much of the true value of this training comes from.

We’ll be sharing everything:


Download Jonathan Mizel & Tim Gross - Email Traffic Academy


The 16 case studies show our testing protocol and how we scale up!

Being able to watch us work through these challenges is what will give you the motivation, the inspiration, and the confidence to make those same decisions in your own business.

Have these things ever happened to you?

    • You run a campaign to an affiliate program product using your own squeeze page that makes back 50% of your investment… What do you do?
    • You run a campaign that breaks even but it’s to a small list you can’t really ramp up… What do you do?
    • Have you ever run some initial tests in a niche and felt you “were on the verge of something big” but didn’t know how to tweak it into a winner?

You’ll discover:

    • Our recommended niches to hit big with email marketing, for both consumer and B2B products.
    • How to brainstorm cross-promotion “hidden” related products for your lists that can tap into new streams of profit.
    • Specific funnel / listbuilding opportunities for email promotions you can exploit.
    • How to regroup if a promotion crashes and burns (it happened in one of our case studies, as promised we show the good, the bad AND the ugly.) Here’s how to turn potential bad into just semi-bad and correct your course.
    • Data-driven decisions, and how to double-check your results to make sure you’re making the right ones.
    • How we tested more squeeze pages than you can shake a stick at for little $$ (it helped us drop the 5 worst-performing opt-in pages lickity split).
    • How we modeled successful without violating copyrights or trademarks.
    • Our unique strategy that will work in just about any niche that has competitors.

Course preview and screenshots

Download Jonathan Mizel & Tim Gross - Email Traffic Academy Download Jonathan Mizel & Tim Gross - Email Traffic Academy
 Download Jonathan Mizel & Tim Gross - Email Traffic Academy  Download Jonathan Mizel & Tim Gross - Email Traffic Academy

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