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Jan 20, 2015 | Growing business, Marketing

If you’re still looking to effortlessly sell more high ticket coaching or consulting services… without hype or feeling “sales-y”, then this might be the most important message that you read this year.

Here’s why.

For the last two years I’ve been selling a comprehensive step by step “High Ticket Coaching” program called the “10x Formula”.

You’ve probably heard about it.

More than 200 happy clients have been a part of this program and the results were incredible.

And if your answer is ‘YES’ to any of the 5 questions below, then you should most definitely be a part of this too:

(1) Do you want to quickly create high ticket (and high value) signature group coaching programs that produce massive results to your clients, but take no more than an hour a week of your time to deliver?

(2) Do you want to use Facebook Ads (amongst other things) to generate a high speed flood of new highing paying clients whenever you need? You’ve probably seen a bunch of folks running ads on Facebook that lead to a strategy session. Guess what? They were all either taught my ME or one of my students!

(3) Do you want to use my “Irresistible Influence” methodology to effortlessly enroll clients into your program without ever feeling like a sleazy sales person? In fact, when using my proprietary 9 part “sales system” you’ll actually be listening far more than you’re selling!

(4) Do you want to charge 500% – 1,000% or more for your coaching or consulting, and have your clients thank you for it too? Many of my clients went from charging hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars… and they did it overnight too!

(5) Do you want to know how to hire a virtual sales team of superstars who will do your “selling” for you, so you don’t have to? Several of my clients implemented this one step and banked hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales without ever even picking up the phone to speak with a potential client!

As a coach or consultant, there really is no better feeling than delivering your service and helping your clients get life-changing results… while also getting handsomely rewarded…

…AND while leveraging your most precious asset: your time.

So if you’re looking to explode your business during 2015 in any of the 5 areas above, then investing in the 10x Formula program will be the smartest thing you ever do.

What Will You Learn Inside The 10x Formula Training?

Inside you’ll discover my closely-guarded strategies such as:

  • How to generate a near unlimited amount of high paying clients using Facebook ads in a way that’s consistent and dependable.
  • The top 3 elements of your squeeze page that you absolutely must focus on first to get as many high quality leads signing up as possible.
  • The essential “dos and don’ts” when it comes to selecting a Facebook ad image… and why the image is the most important part of your ad (HINT: you really need to get this right!
  • The unapologetically ugly (but extremely effective) squeeze page template that “flies under the radar” and bumps your sign up rate by at least 12%
  • 5 laser focused targeting strategies for easily finding high paying leads in your marketing place using Facebook ads.
  • My 3-step positioning strategy for putting yourself in a class of ONE and rising head and shoulders above your competition – even if you’re a relative newcomer to your market place.
  • A simple 5-step checklist you absolutely must follow when creating winning Facebook ads.
  • The one accidental image we created that caused our Facebook ads click through rate to TRIPLE, and has been copied by countless other marketers in various niches (and the reason why it works so well)
  • The baseline minimum Facebook ad metrics that you need to shoot for when creating a winning ad campaign – use these as a failsafe guide and you can’t go wrong.
  • Why using a Facebook ad image with an insanely high click through rate can improve your conversions but at the same time can actually hurt your ability to attract high quality leads… and how to avoid this deceptive problem.
  • How switching off one simple setting in the Facebook ads power editor can dramatically LOWER your ad cost and potentially save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend.
  • How to get a massive 500-600% ROI from your Facebook ads by using a simple ads planning strategy that hardly anyone uses.
  • How to set up an ad campaign that brings in a minimum of 10 new strategy session requests per day, and can run for at least 6 months with very simple tweaking of less than an hour per week.
  • How to comfortably “sell” high ticket services of $5,000 and upwards to completely cold prospects who have only known about you for as little as 24 hours.
  • Why traditional “benefit and features” selling methods simply turns off high level prospects in a heartbeat, and how to instead come across in way that holds their attention.
  • How to truly command the art of “selling without selling” during your strategy sessions and have your leads selling themselves to you.
  • How to enrol 1 out of every 3 prospects you speak to during your strategy sessions in a way that’s 100% authentic, and while also looking out for your prospect’s best interests – i.e. no more feeling “sales-y” or yucky.
  • How to quickly create the ultimate connection with your prospect in just a few minutes, even if they have never spoken with you before.
  • The 4 main counterintuitive frames to hold that will help you enrol 10 times more clients into your high ticket services, and why most people get this completely wrong.
  • How to NOT come across as a “regular sales person” during your strategy sessions and the simple but effective mindsets that will instead cause your prospects to sell themselves to you.
  • How to set a rock solid agenda at the start of your strategy sessions that frames you as a trusted advisor in your prospect’s mind, and sets up a truly friction-free call – HINT: first impressions are so important, and most people are shooting themselves in the foot right at the start of their calls!
  • How having the wrong mindset will kill any potential connection you have with your prospects and as a result will cause them to smell your “hidden agenda” a mile off – remove this one element from your strategy sessions and you will double your enrolment rate overnight.
  • Why you absolutely must ask personal probing questions during your strategy sessions and how to do this without creating friction… and instead having your prospects open their hearts to you from a place of trust.
  • How to take your prospects on deeply compelling journeys where they are doing all the talking during your strategy sessions, and then have them begging to join your high ticket program at the end.
  • The simple technique that turns your strategy sessions into free-flowing, fun conversations instead of stilted questionnaire-style calls – use this technique and you’ll never again run out of things to say.
  • How to be truly direct (in a kind way) during your strategy sessions and how to have your prospects thank you for it.
  • Why asking the right type of questions during your strategy sessions will have a huge impact on your prospect’s determination to get your help and sign up to your high ticket service… and how the wrong questions will ultimately lead to hearing things like “I can’t afford your program” or “not right now” etc.
  • How to free up your time and make the shift from serving your clients one on one, to serving multiple clients at a time while still helping them get the same results.
  • How to map out your signature high ticket service that sells for a minimum of $5,000+, even if it’s nothing more than an idea in your head right now.
  • How to create a program that truly leverages your time and brings in a MINIMUM of $20,000 per month while you spend just 1-2 hours a week delivering your service – while still helping your clients get fantastic results.
  • 4 key elements of your program/service that you need to deploy if you want to appeal to high level clients all over the world… and why most coaches and consults are limited to enrolling clients in their geographical location.
  • How you can still be truly protective of your time while serving up to 100 clients a month and helping them get great results.
  • The 3 big selling points that you absolutely must base your program on if you want to position it towards high level clients – fail to do this, and your program will be quickly overlooked for a competitor’s program instead.
  • How to raise your fees and charge at least 10 times more for your service, while your clients thank you for it!
  • Why you don’t need to wait to create your signature program and instead start enrolling high level clients now, even if you haven’t created the first module yet.

…and lot’s more too.

Again, I’m sure you’ll agree that there simply isn’t another program on the planet that comes close to revealing the high end marketing and positioning secrets contained on the inside of the 10x Formula.

This step by step training is the product of my 8 years in the trenches, figuring all this stuff out… so you can skip past the expensive, and quite frankly, frustrating learning curve and start getting fast results.

So What’s Included Inside The 10x Formula Program?

Here’s what you get when you enroll now:

  • Instant access to all of our materials – you’ll receive immediate access to your login information so that you can begin your journey within 5 minutes of taking action today.
  • All 12 modules of this training – these modules deliver the training step by step so you always know exactly what you should be doing each step of the way. Nothing is left out or restricted… you get access to EVERYTHING!
  • The complete recordings to every single Mastermind Q&A call that was ever held as part of this program! There are at least 100+ hours of revealing insights here, and every question that you could possibly imagine about this program has already been answered in-depth. You’ll have access to all of it at your fingertips.
  • Bonus training on “How to Sell Without Selling” – this is a special 3 hour workshop that I held on how to enroll clients for high fees without feeling like a sleazy salesperson! And you’ll get full online access to the recordings from this powerful workshop.

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Download Lee McIntyre - 10x Formula Intensive Training Download Lee McIntyre - 10x Formula Intensive Training
 Download Lee McIntyre - 10x Formula Intensive Training  Download Lee McIntyre - 10x Formula Intensive Training

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Lee McIntyre – 10x Formula Intensive Training (GB) Contains: Videos, PDF´s….

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