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“Are you ready to STOP being the best-kept secret in your field and START making money sharing your expertise … without feeling pushy or salesy?”

“Imagine making 6-figures or more with your knowledge, expertise and life-experience and doing it in a way that feels AUTHENTIC and TRUE to you and the lifestyle you became an entrepreneur for!”


Does this sound familiar?

  • Every time you speak, either on a teleclass or webinar, you get lots of rave reviews…but very few sales. Worse, you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on speaking and training programs only to feel frustrated, unnatural and pushy after your talks…and your sales are STILL pathetic!
  • Your business is designed around one-on-one clients. If you aren’t working with clients, you aren’t making any money. As much as you may love working with clients, you’re exhausted. You’d love to make money “in your sleep” – not just to free up your time but also so you won’t be vulnerable to the ups and downs of client work. (Wouldn’t it be great to have dependable income streams coming into your business day after day, that aren’t tied to how many hours you’re putting in?)
  • Your business is designed around flying all over the place speaking and/or consulting and you’re sick of it. You’re ready to grow a business around your life rather than always sacrificing your life for your business.
  • You’re sick and tired of people telling you “Wow. Your work is amazing. Why doesn’t everybody know about you? You’re the best-kept secret in your field!” When you first heard it, you were flattered. Now you’re just plain irritated. Worse, you’re STILL the best-kept secret despite all your best efforts to change that.
  • You’re frustrated that you haven’t made as BIG of a difference in the world with your expertise as you know you should. Because, despite your best efforts, people just haven’t heard of you yet and you feel like you’re “playing too small.” What do you need to do to start playing the bigger game you know you’re meant to play?
  • Everyone says “the money is in your list”…but NO ONE tells you how to grow your list! You’ve been stuck at under 1000 (or even 100) people on your list for what seems like YEARS and you can’t figure out what you need to do to grow your list community FAST.
  • You’ve put EVERYTHING you know into a $19 book or a $97 product and now you can’t figure out how to make money with it. Where is the big payday everyone always talks about? You’ve barely sold ANYTHING from your website much less had a 6-figure online launch. You aren’t even close to “making money in your sleep”, so how are other people doing it?

In fact, teleclasses and webinars are the QUICKEST and BEST way to:

  • Leverage your expertise (AND add 6-figures to your bottom line) WITHOUT leaving your home. All you need is a telephone and a computer and you’re set to go!
  • Make a BIG difference while making BIG money
  • Grow your list community and expand your reach FAST
  • Attract more clients! Want to fill your pipeline with one-on-one clients? Teleclasses and webinars are THE way to go.
  • Create amazing information products and build passive income streams that make you money every single day.
  • Build a 7-figure business with little to NO marketing budget!
  • Make thousands ($$$$) just by using your telephone and your computer.
  • Build a successful business around YOUR values, family and life…NOT the other way around. (Yes there are some business strategies that require you to put your business above everything else, but the teleclass and webinar isn’t one of them!)


Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you dig into this system:

1. How to CRAFT YOUR OFFER so that it’s TRULY Irresistible.
What do I mean by Irresistible? It’s an offer that LEVERAGES your time, INSPIRES your listeners to BUY NOW, and frankly, (and most importantly) … an offer that you’ll just LOVE sharing with your prospects!
This is the foundation to your 6-figure launch. Get the right offer and everything else falls into place. Don’t have the right offer and the whole thing can collapse like a house of cards.
In this module you’ll learn:
• The million-dollar mindset you need to have before you spend ONE MINUTE trying to create special packages. This ONE shift will change the way you do EVERYTHING in a FANTASTIC way (you’ll discover how EASY it can be to sell your services at a HIGHER price point and have your customers THANKING you for it.)
• 3 questions you MUST ask yourself before moving forward with an offer. (Don’t do this and you can really miss the mark with your Irresistible Offer!)
• How to structure Irresistible Offers you would use for teleseminars versus ones for live events or even one-on-one. (Hint – This is a KEY to my success.)
• My 3 simple secrets on knowing EXACTLY what motivates people to buy NOW (Use this on a teleseminar for INSTANT sales.)
• My simple formula for crafting a “hookie” talk title. Without it, you risk the success of your teleclass. (Plus this is how you can have them at “Hello!”)
• Exactly how to structure and present truly Irresistible Offers that close sales on the spot. You apply no pressure. They pressure themselves when the offer is right!
• Payment plans or no payment plans? I’llshare my secrets so you’ll make MORE sales.


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Download Lisa Sasevich - 6-Figure Teleseminar Secrets Download Lisa Sasevich - 6-Figure Teleseminar Secrets
 Download Lisa Sasevich - 6-Figure Teleseminar Secrets  Download Lisa Sasevich - 6-Figure Teleseminar Secrets

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