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Dec 11, 2013 | Marketing

Time to Serve Divorce
Papers to Google.
They Will Never Screw
With Your Online Profits Again!
I’ll Teach You to Profit from
LinkedIn’s 225 Million
Wealthy Users Instead

Here Is What My Linkedin Software Will Do For You:

Our custom software scans thousands of prospects for you by category and keyword.

It then creates INBOUND connection requests for you “out of thin air” of the most interested prospects.

Other users of this technique have reported 500+ new connections within ONE MONTH just by running software.

This is like growing a 500+ email list within one month, entirely for free.

1. Software run hands off collecting hundreds of connection requests for you. You will wake up with an inbox full of people asking to connect with you (show screenshot). QUALIFIED prospects in any niche you want.

2. Out of hundreds of hundreds of connections on multiple linkedin accounts, our multiple software tools have never generated a single spam complaint. uses brand new techniques that we’ve tested to be 99% whitehat.
3. Automatically responds to connection requests for you, approves them, and sends custom messages to prospects generating revenue for you, hands off. this is the first Linkedin autoresponder I’ve ever seen.

4. Automatically builds you an emial list INSIDE linkedin, in a little known “email list” section of the website. You can then send emails to your list, and they will be delivered by linkedin themselves, insuring a massive delivery and massive open rate.


Not Only Will You Get My Linkedin Leads Software, You’ll also Learn All This In my Live Linkedin Video Course:

  • How to add 101 million people to your network within a few days.
  • How to use a little known area of linkedin that allows you to send bulk messages to people who have ASKED to be on your “linkedin email list.” -send THOUSANDS of messages at a time, for free.
  • Get large numbers of connection requests sent to you-people ready to buy your products and services.
  • How to send messages to members who are NOT your connections, and have them thank you for it!
  • Discover a hidden area of linkedin that will function as an autoresponder for you. Few utilize this powerful hidden function.
  • How to import email addresses into Linkedin and have it NOT count against your limit!
  • How to get almost all premium account features with a free account.
  • How to see full profiles of prospects who are outside your network.
  • Learn which part of your profile gives away your secrets to your competitors, and how to hide it. believe me your competitors are looking, you would be surprised!
  • How to join more than 50 linkedin groups.  Groups are a MAJOR way to get new leads, and your competitors are only allowed to join 50 groups. We’ll show you how you can join far more than 50, multiplying your lead generation efforts far beyond your competitors!
  • How to move your linkedin contacts to facebook and email lists quickly and profitably
  • How to add video and other rich media content to your linkedin page.
  • Change your linkedin profile from a resume to a sales letter and watch sales skyrocket!
  • How to send unlimited messages to linkedin members per day, bypassing the normal limits, for FREE. These are targeted members that you can select based on background, income level, company, geography, resume, age, (list the other criteria that you could come up with re: groups)

Don’t Delay To Learn Linkedin Profit Secrets NOW: Linkedin is Getting Crowded!

Six Power Packed Live Sessions With Chad Kimball, and Live Q and A After Each:

Session 1: Hands Off Lead Generation

  • Detailed Instructions for Using our Linkedin Cash Software tools for hands-off Lead Generation.
  • See List of Tools in the comparison chart above.

Session 2:  The Linkedin Search Algorithm

  • Revealing the Linkedin search algorithm; making sure your profile shows up high in Linkedin search.
  • (225 Million members searching on Linkedin, get your profile to the top so the traffic goes to you when people search!)
  • How to get a massive number of connections without getting banned.
  • Setting up your profile as a sales letter that generates sales and leads, NOT an online resume that turns people off.

Sessions 3 and 4: The Hidden Cash Cow of Linkedin

  • The hidden area of Linkedin that works like a massive email list generator.
  • Not many know how to properly utilize this profit machine. But those that know how are creating lists with 15,000+ prospects and customers in many different niches.
  • Linkedin’s entire “mailing list database builder” section is 100% free. They even send the messages with their own server! (deliverability shoots up through the roof!)
  • I’ll provide some custom software specifically created for this section of Linkedin, so you’ll be even more profitable than the wealthy folks using it manually!
  • I’ve sent almost 12,000 messages through ONE linkedin account in past couple weeks, to very targeted prospects in one of my niches. You can do this too, I’ll teach you in this session.

Session 5: Automated, High Volume Linkedin Prospecting

  • I used to ignore Linkedin because I thought it couldn’t bring me the VOLUME of leads I needed to build a large business. Not Anymore!!
  • In this session I’ll teach you the secrets I discovered to getting a large number of highly qualified leads from Linkedin, ready to do deals with you or buy your products and services!
  • A lot of folks are making good money with LinkedIn, but doing it all on a very small scale (a couple people per day or week). This session will show you how to scale it up very large, much larger than your business colleagues or competitors. They’ll wonder how you’re doing it!

Session 6: Developing Your Linkedin Lead Funnel

  • I will teach you how I take Linkedin users from total strangers to being repeat customers, all using Linkedin’s own 100% free systems.
  • I’ll also teach you how to get Linkedin users OFF Linkedin into your other sales systems (email lists, call centers, facebook, etc…)


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Download Live Linkedin Advanced Course Download Live Linkedin Advanced Course
 Download Live Linkedin Advanced Course  Download Live Linkedin Advanced Course

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Live LinkeIn Advanced Course + Cash Bots Contains: Videos, Softwares (bots)

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