Attend Local Summit 2014 and Get ‘X-Ray Vision’ Into The Most Successful Local Marketing Agencies!

Local Summit is back with new speakers, more networking, and a powerful agenda of topics to grow you and your business in 2014 and beyond!

The Local Marketing Consulting Industry continues to rapidly grow and mature, bringing new opportunities to those ready and willing to learn and execute, and new threats to those that sit on the sidelines!

The organizing team for Local Summit 2014 is 110% committed to making this event THE PLACE – the ONLY place! – to ensure that you are up to speed with the most important changes that are impacting our industry, and arm you for battle with the most effective strategies to capitalize on those changes.

That’s why we are happy to announce that the theme of this year’s agenda is ‘X-Ray Vision’.

It’s our goal to give you super-human visibility into the most successful local marketing agencies, so we’ve gone out of our way to build an agenda packed with real-world examples of success in our industry!

This year’s event will feature even more real world lessons from agency owners just like you that are in the trenches every day – and winning!

These are NOT just the same names and faces you’re used to seeing on the webinar circuit!

You’ll hear from some of your peers that are absolutely dominating their niches, others that have fought back from personal tragedy to build successful new agencies, and even real local business owners telling us what they think about us and how we sell (yikes!)!

No serious Local Marketer should even consider missing Local Summit 2014 – this will be even bigger and better than last year’s event!

Who Is This For?

If you are a Beginner… this is the perfect “right time, right place” opportunity because you will experience Hyper-Compressed learning. Within 3 days you will learn, experience and network more than what you would accomplish in 9 months on your own at home all alone.

Plus, you will see the BIG Picture this industry has to offer you by rubbing shoulders with people, just like you, making $100,000, $500,000, even multi-millions a year in this industry.

If you are a Part-Timer this is the perfect place to quickly fill in those missing pieces holding your business back in 3 impactful days. The Summit will give you the tips, strategies and connections to rapidly accelerate your business to the full-time level.

And you will be given 3 full days to network with your peers who are already making a full-time income to both motivate you and connect you with people to mastermind with when back home.

If you are a Full-Timer this will easily be one of the “milestone” events in your business because you will leave with a handful of MAJOR business breakthroughs you go home and implement potentially adding another zero onto your business.

Plus with the key industry connections and partnerships you leave with, new exciting opportunities you never knew existed will now be possible. WARNING: Significant post-Summit growth in your business is almost a certainty!

What You Will Learn?

With sessions divided amongst the 7 key areas of successful local marketing, ranging from keynote presentations, how-to training from industry leaders and top agency owners, and hard-hitting topic specific panels… you will be able to learn (and implement) more in these 3 days then most people can do in 12 months sitting at home.

Local Summit’s 7 Key Focal Points:

  • Major Industry Trends – get the crystal ball insights into the future of our industry so you stay ahead of the curve while your competition is stuck using outdated strategies, tactics and trends.
  • Proven Prospecting Methods – discover the most effective prospecting methods working right now to get ideal local business clients and always have a full and abundant pipeline of prospects.
  • Closing Sales and Securing Deals – you will leave with specific, proven strategies and tactics being able to close more deals, at higher pricing, locking them into long-term contracts, with less objections and hassles resulting in happy clients.
  • Mindset & Motivation of Successful Local Marketers – discover exactly how the most successful local marketers handle rejection and fear, set and achieve their goals, create a lifestyle and purpose driven business, overcome major hurdles and more. Gain the bulletproof confidence and mindset that makes this business come almost effortlessly to the top local marketers.
  • Operations and Business Growth Strategies – learn how you can scale your business using outsourcing, tools, systems, processes and proven principles from multi-million dollar agencies that started from scratch.
  • Providing The Services – discover detailed “what’s working now” strategies and tactics from the top experts and industry panels in every major service offering, from Local SEO, Mobile Marketing, Local PPC, Social Media, Lead Generation, Video Marketing, Deal Site Marketing and more.
  • Powerful, Purposeful Networking – research shows your success is an average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Over the 3 days you will meet and network with 100’s of highly successful local marketers who live in your area, offering the same services, have the same background and passions and more. Go home with the connections, masterminds, new friends, real-world experience, joint venture partners and more that will revolutionize your business.

This Is An Event No Serious Local Marketing Consultant Will Want To Miss!

EVERY attendee will walk away from this event with new insights, strategies, connections and action plans to propel their business to new heights in 2014!

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