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Jan 30, 2017 | Productivity

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The most comprehensive, sought after and copied Kindle Publishing training program on the internet. Proven Methods

  • A scientific way of finding profitable keywords
  • A proven method of scaling up fast
  • A collection of strategies to maximize profit
  • Access to my secret Facebook Group
  • 40+ video lessons

Main Features

  • #1 Find Crazily Profitable Keywords There is a scientific way to go about finding profitable keywords. No guessing or testing needed: learn the method which works 100% of times.
  • #2 Learn The Right Price Strategy Price is extremely important, especially for the paper version of your books. The 99% of publishers leave thousands of dollars on the table. You won’t, after this course.
  • #3 Scale Up FAST Inside this video course, you will learn how to leverage on the number of books you have to massively increase your royalties without ordering new books.
  • #4 Digital & Paper This video course focuses on both the digital and paper aspect of a Self Publishing Business. Get 2 sources of income for the same book!
  • #5 The BEST analytical Software Get the best analytical software out there, the very same one that has allowed me to go from $0 to $8000+ in 3 months.
  • #6 FAQs Get a direct answer to the most common questions that nobody else ever answers.

Luca… How Is Your Course Different?

A few points on why my Self Publishing Revolution is unique…


  • 1Proof Of Results In the Self Publishing industry, my name is synonym of success. I have always documented my progresses and my numbers are real, proven and replicable.


  • 2 Quality vs. Quantity While the majority of the programs out there focus on quantity, mine focuses on quality. There is no sense in having 200 books out if you don’t learn how to make them all profitable. Quality beats quantity and this video course focuses on a long-term, sustainable Self Publishing Business.


  • 3 Createspace (Paper Version) It almost seems a plot: the majority of courses barely cover the paper side of a Self Publishing Business. Paperbacks make up for at least 50% of any serious publisher’s income and, with this video course, you will learn the exact method of publishing highly profitable paper books.


  • 4 Tricks There are tricks to help you make more money, no question about it. Most courses revolve around the standard procedure of “find keyword – write book – hope to get money”, mine goes into the heart of the matter and actually shows how to increase your royalties.


  • 5 Tell-It-How-It-Is I took a lot of courses and they all beat it around the bush. For both the beginner and advanced publisher, it’s not helpful to having to chose between 5 or 6 options for every step of the way. In my course I will teach you the *best* way to do every step.


Course preview and screenshots

Download Luca De Stefani - Self Publishing Revolution Download Luca De Stefani - Self Publishing Revolution
 Download Luca De Stefani - Self Publishing Revolution  Download Luca De Stefani - Self Publishing Revolution

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Luca De Stefani – Self Publishing Revolution Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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