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Aug 22, 2014 | Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Techniques and Tactics That Will Immediately Save You Money

Want To Cut The Cost Of  Your Facebook Advertising Today?

These easy to implement techniques and tactics will quickly cut your Facebook Ad costs, Increase your conversions and boost your results

Rising Ad Costs On Facebook are Making It Harder and Harder To Run Ultra Profitable Campaigns. FB Ad Ninja Puts You Back In Control

There is no doubt about it Facebook Ads are the single greatest thing to happen to Internet Marketing for many years. List Building, Affiliate Marketing and selling physical products online is considerably easier with Facebook.

When was the last time you built a list of 40 or 50 a day for under 10c per signup without Facebook?

When was the last time you sold a teeshirt without Facebook?

Facebook advertising revolutionised Internet Marketing.

Unfortunately most people set their ads up incorrectly and don’t know how to optimise their campaigns for the cheapest possible clicks.

FB Ad Ninja Shows you the correct way to set your  new campaigns up and how to optimise your existing campaigns.

It’s Simple…You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Facebook Ad Optimization…

You have an opportunity here to ensure that you maximise your profits from Facebook Advertising while at the same time minimising your costs.

Can you afford to ignore it?

  • Reason No.1 Cheaper Ads Mean More ProfitsYou could be running cheaper ads in a few hours from now, can you really afford to pass up this opportunity?
  • Reason No.2 Cheaper Ads Mean More Bang for Your BuckMore subscribers, more sales or more likes it doesn’t matter what you are using FB ads for  cheaper ads mean you can get more of what you need .
  • Reason No.3 The Techniques in FB Ad Nijna won’t cost you a single cent more.You don’t need any fancy software or tools just your ad account and a keyboard. It’s so simple my cat could do it.. if he could be bothered.
  • Reason No.4 How does a 4000% ROI using one of the techniques sound to you?Just using one of the techniques in FB Ad Ninja earned us $1196 for a spend of $28.  How’s them for apples? One of our offline clients used this technique and generated €8000 in sales in a week.
  • Reason No.5 Almost everyone makes the same critical error when running Fb adsIt’s true, every time I check an ad account for a client who is having trouble with high ad cost they have all made the same error. This tip alone is worth the cost 10X the cost of Fb Ad Ninja

We’ve Jam Packed Everything Into This Simple System, So You Can Succeed With Ease…

In Fb ads Ninja you’ll learn how to optimise you ad campaigns to ensure your ads run as cheaply and as efficiently as possible.

No more wondering what interests to target, no more wondering who your main demographic is .

Fb Ad Ninja takes you through the whole process from research to implementation in simple easy to follow steps.

  • Module 1 – IntroductionA quick introduction to FB Ad Ninja Time:
  • Module 2 – Setting Up Your Ad CampaignsWe start with the basics. In this Video you you’ll learn how to gather data so that you are targeting the right interests, influencers and brands. The video includes 2 resources I’ve not seen mentioned elsewhere that will make your research super easy. Time: 12:51
  • Module 3 – Running Your Ad CampaignsThis is the meat of the course. In this video I’ll show you exactly how to set up your campaigns, how to use ad sets and the fatal mistake almost everyone makes when they run campaigns. Time: 30:23
  • Module 4 – CTR InfluencersEveryone should know by now that the cost of your ads is related to your click through rate, the higher the CTR the lower the ad cost. In this Video I’ll show you the main influencers on CTR and how you can retain a high CTR over time. Time: 4:10
  • Module 5 – Ninja Tips8 Ninja tips that will have you campaigns rocking. Included are the type of ad copy you should be using, 2 headlines that work better than any others we’ve tried, the one thing we do every time we run a campaign that recently retuned us a 400% ROI. Plus we show you how to use you inbox to help replicate one of the important  features of a $149 -$349  a month software tool for free Time: 23:14
  • Module 6 RetargetingRetargeting is one of the most effective strategies any advertiser can use. In a recent campaign we had an ROI of over 19000%…Yes you read that right Nineteen Thousand Percent.
  • Module 7 Conversion TrackingBy using conversion tracking you not only know what’s working in your campaigns but you also get access to a very powerful feature of FB’s ad platform. Used Correctly this can be a game changer.

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 Download Mark Thompson - FB Ad Ninja  Download Mark Thompson - FB Ad Ninja

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