Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett – FB Uncovered 2015

Apr 23, 2015 | Facebook Ads

Learn Our Exact Methods To Creating Simple, Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns That Generate Customers And Subscribers Every Day.

Even If You Are A Complete Beginner With A Tiny Budget.


Heres exactly what you will learn inside FB Uncovered (2015 Edition)

The Profit Apprenticeship

We show you the foundation for profiting with FB Ads in your business and give you a step by step path to creating your first profitable ad.

Audience Sniping Secrets

We uncover the secrets of how to hunt down and find niche audiences full of your ideal prospects who will turn into profitable customers day in day out.

The Blueprint to Irresistible FB Ads

We teach you how to create highly successful and profitable ads that jump from the page and generate maximum clicks. We also show our private swipe file of killer ads.

Our Six Figure Webinar Tactic

Learn how to find the perfect audience for your Webinar, fill it with registrants and then retarget those who don’t buy to maximize profits, directly from FB Ads.

Recruit Affiliates On Autopilot

Learn how to recruit new affiliates day after day for your product launches, all from FB Ads. We also break down how to keep them hyper engaged and ready for your launch.

Mailing List Maximizer

We’ll show you how to dramatically and quickly boost your mailing list all using FB Ads. We even uncover our swipe file of the best converting landing pages for traffic from Facebook.

FB Expert Academy Secrets

We grill the FB experts from our private rolodex and get everyone from consultants who run 7-figure ad agencies to entrepreneurs selling digital products to spill their secrets so you can model them.

Retarget Engine Premium Plugin

Bonus: This simple WordPress plugin allows you to easily and instantly retarget any website you want. Whether it’s your T-shirt campaigns, affiliate links, or Amazon Kindle books, you now have the power to retarget them right on Facebook.


FB Uncovered gives you a complete guide to success with Facebook ads. Learn how to dramatically boost your mailing lists, grow your profits, max out webinars, get more affiliates for your launches, sell digital products and much more, starting today.

Just one successful ad campaign will likely cover your investment in this course many times over.

But this course is only available for a limited time, so you need to take action now!

Secure your spot and begin to grow your mailing lists and profit using Facebook Ads now.

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Download Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett - FB Uncovered 2015 Download Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett - FB Uncovered 2015
 Download Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett - FB Uncovered 2015  Download Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett - FB Uncovered 2015

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Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett – FB Uncovered 2015 Contains: Videos, PDF´s, WP Plugin

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