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Mar 2, 2015 | Affiliate Marketing

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“As Crazy as It Sounds, Even Newbies With No List, No Budget and No Clue Are Cashing In With This NEW 17-Minute Money Method…”

Don’t Envy the Super Affiliates – Be One

It sucks to be down in the gutter looking up at the stars.

I used to look up at the top of all those leaderboards of super affiliates making thousands in a day, winning Rolexes, gadgets and big cash prizes and be so jealous I’d nearly puke.

Now I am one of those super affiliates.

Feast your eyes on just some of the “swag” I’ve won doing this.

Yes. I won a Rolex Submariner in an affiliate contest.

And a boat in another.

And you can start dominating the leaderboards too.

You don’t even need a list (I show you how inside The Commission Machine video training modules).

You can buck the downward trend in affiliate marketing right now.

You just need to implement the right process.

Just like I did and the guys I taught did.



Why You Should Listen To Me


This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you how I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 1999.

And how I’m the best thing since sliced bread…

And why you’d be a doofus not to listen to what I have to teach you.

I’m not gonna do that. Instead I’m going to let you judge for yourself by casting your eyes over to the right of what you’re reading right now.

Those are just a sample of some of the affiliate marketing contests I’ve competed in recently.

And sure – anyone could photoshop that stuff but I beg of you, if you’re cynical about who I am and my credentials in the Super Affiliate world then reach out to any of these guys.

Contact Omar Martin and ask about how I’ve dominated his big launches recently.

Reach out to Anik Singal and ask him about how I won a Rolex watch for topping the leaderboard in his affiliate contest.

Ask John Thornhill how I’ve crushed it as an affiliate for his products.

Upshot: the method I use works. And now it’s your turn to use the same method.


Everywhere Affiliates Are Raving About This
New Breakthrough Method Because You’ll Discover:


  • What super affiliates know about getting more clicks from free traffic that others don’t (and how to use this secret right away even if you’re a newbie)
  • The #1 WORST affiliate marketing mistake you can make. (Even if you knock everything else out of the park you won’t make jack if you make this blooper.)
  • A scientifically proven way to uncover products which will bank you the most greenbacks. (It’s right under most people’s noses but they just don’t see it.)
  • The new insider’s way of creating affiliate promos which gets you noticed, gets you fans and gets you sales. (Even if you don’t have a list)
  • The incredible affiliate marketing secret (used by cavemen) that converts even the coldest and most skeptical prospects into a molten hot buyers.
  • Why it’s affiliate suicide to talk about the product in your promos (There’s a hidden reason this will kill your commissions, here’s what to do instead)


And You Also Get Your Hands On These
Commission-Creating Insider Secrets…


  • A secret “cookie jar” marketing method that’s so powerful, you can triple your commissions using it on a single promo.
  • Is there a best way to make commissions from Facebook without spending any money? (Someone asked this great question. Yes there is and here’s my answer.)
  • 11 clever ways (used by some of the richest super affiliates on the planet) to get people to buy through your link (Some of these are a little strange but they all work like gangbusters.)
  • The one kind of affiliate marketing tactic to use if you absolutely MUST make $1000 commissions this month
  • How to rake in lots of easy commissions even if you don’t have a list or money to spend on ads (here’s a foolproof way to hit paydirt, fast)



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Download Michael Cheney - The Commission Machine Download Michael Cheney - The Commission Machine
 Download Michael Cheney - The Commission Machine  Download Michael Cheney - The Commission Machine

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