Michael Hyatt – 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever 2016

Jan 7, 2016 | Personal Development

Discover My Proven Formula for Creating Your Best Year Ever.

As the title indicates, the content of this workshop is designed to be delivered in bite-size chunks over the next five days.

Let’s be honest. Traditional goal setting just doesn’t work. We all start out with good intentions, but along the way, we get distracted or discouraged.

If you are serious about achieving what matters most, you need a different approach.

New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt has a proven, five-step process to help you get clear, get motivated, and get started on the path toward achieving your most important goals.


All it takes is a few minutes in the next 5 days to make the remaining 360 the best you’ve ever had.

This online workshop guides you through my proven process. I’ll help you create a plan that ensures that you get clear, get motivated, and—most importantly—get started on the things that are most important to you right now.

Each day, you’ll be provided a short video lesson and a series of fill-in-the-blank exercises that help you apply it to your life and walk away with a precise plan for implementing and experiencing the breakthroughs you deserve. Collectively, it will provide you with tremendous clarity and confidence for moving forward.

The Most Efficient Way to Get Focused and Start Accomplishing What Matters Most

You don’t want to wait to experience results or waste time with a cumbersome process. That’s why I created a super-efficient, highly-concentrated course for busy high achievers like you. In fact, you can complete the course in about 5 hours. I know that if you are like me, you are ready to experience transformation NOW.

If you are serious about getting from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible, I built this course with you in mind.

Never before have you been able to make such a small investment with your time and get such a large return. Now there really is no excuse for not making this your best year ever.

After going through this process, you’ll know what goals you should focus on, what’s currently holding you back from reaching those goals, and what you need to do so that this year you’ll get more done and experience greater success than ever before.

By the end of this five-day process, you’ll be crystal clear on what you want. You’ll know what is holding you back. And you’ll have a plan to push through and experience the transformation that may have eluded you in years past.

Best of all, you can even get access to year-round touch points that will help you push through that “messy middle.” You can stay focused and make progress no matter what life throws at you. (More on that in a bit.)


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  1. The key ingredient to experiencing happiness and how you can harness its power through goal setting.
  2. The two ingredients necessary for creating a breakthrough that will ultimately lead to dramatic transformation.
  3. The way to quickly identify why you keep getting stuck and what’s holding you back from achieving the things that matter most.
  4. The exercise that systematically lays the groundwork for your best year ever by examining the previous year and leveraging its lessons to achieve extraordinary success.
  5. The proven seven-part formula for setting no-fail goals that you are sure to reach this year.
  6. A template for identifying your top seven to ten goals and how to know which one to pursue first.
  7. The secret to sustaining lasting motivation and momentum, even when the going gets tough and you want to quit.
  8. The seven actions you need to take now to guarantee that this will be your best year ever.


Exclusive Bonuses! More Tools for Reaching Your Goals Absolutely Free


Bonus 1: Exclusive Interview with Michael Hyatt

Do you want something different out of the next year than you experienced in the last? Of course you do. In fact, you don’t just want something different this year, you want to have your best year ever.

I believe you can’t move forward into something as big as your best year ever until you reflect on the past one and glean the lessons and wisdom it has to share.

In this candid, one-on-one video interview, I share my personal answers to the seven questions I outline in Day Two of 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, along with ideas for how you can get the most out of this exercise. You’ll leave this video inspired, challenged, and prepared to make the most of the New Year.


Bonus 2: Your Template for a Productive Day (Audio Lesson)

What if there was one practice that could literally set you up for a massively productive day, enabling you to take your health, personal, and spiritual development to the next level, and give you absolute clarity about what you have to accomplish in order to make progress toward your important goals?

In this guide, I share my rationale for creating your own morning routine and I walk you through the process of crafting yours for maximum effectiveness using my Productive Day Template. I’ll also share my secrets for making this routine a natural part of your daily rhythm using my favorite tools and proven strategies. Imagine stepping out of the door each morning ready to command your day. You can, but it all begins with a customized morning routine.


Bonus 3: The Beginner’s Guide to Task Management (Audio Lesson)

Do you feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do, desperate to find a system to regain a sense of control? It’s no secret that you can’t accomplish what matters most if you are buried by your to-do list.

Stop drowning and start swimming today with my step-by-step guide to managing your task list and having the clarity, skills, and resources you need to be more productive than you ever thought possible.

In this audio lesson, I’ll share my favorite software solution for getting things done, as well as the system I rely on to prioritize daily tasks, identify what to do next, and stay focused on what’s most important.


The Time to Launch Your Best Year Ever is Now!

Ask yourself this: What goals would you like to accomplish in the coming months that keep getting pushed to the back burner?

You have the opportunity right now—TODAY—to take the single most important step toward achieving what matters most to you in the next 365 days. NOW is the time to make this YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.

By going through this process, you can have a laser-like focus and a clear plan of action for accomplishing the things you want in your life. Imagine how that would feel.

  • Imagine walking into your office on a Monday morning knowing exactly what your priorities are, exactly what you need to accomplish during the day to make progress toward your goals.
  • Imagine how easy it would be to make decisions with this kind of clarity. Imagine how easy it would be to say no with total confidence and absolute certainty to things that threatened to distract you.
  • Imagine what it would feel like to cross the finish line of your most important goal and feel the sense of victory wash over you as you reflect on all that you have achieved and who you have become in the process.
  • Imagine your closest relationships and how they will develop and grow when you are finally free from the tyranny of the urgent to give them the attention and time they deserve.
  • Imagine how it would feel to finally be in control of your health and your body for the first time in your life—to know that you are taking care of your most important asset and honoring the thing that will carry you to all the places you want to go.
  • Imagine having time to become more spiritually connected, to reflect, to be inspired, and to slow down long enough to experience beauty and joy and gratitude and all that makes life truly worth living.
  • Imagine knowing exactly what to tell yourself when the going gets tough and you feel discouraged. Imagine having a plan in place that will help you get back on track when “life happens” and you start to lose momentum.
All of this is within your reach! You just have to take the first step and get on board. Your best life ever begins in just five days.


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