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Jan 25, 2016 | Email Marketing

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“How To Build A Large Audience

And Email List For Any Business…”

One of the biggest secrets to my business success over the past ten years, is an awareness of the business I’m actually in…

And what kind of business is that exactly?

Well some people might say that it’s an information publishing business because all of my products have been books and courses on topics that range from personal development, to online marketing, to investing.

But in reality, I’m actually in the business of building tribes of people who share a common problem or passion.

I am in the leadership business, and my email list of 400,000+ tribe members is my business’ virtual distribution channel.

The result is the single greatest lifestyle business that you can ever build for yourself.

In fact, here’s WHY you want to build a large list, and a following as soon as possible…

When you have a list, you basically have a business that is based around your biggest passion in life, and your primary job is to simply engage with, and help other people from around the world who share that same passion.

You can run this kind of business without any employees, or an office, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

When you have a list, you can literally make income on demand by sending a single email.

And as your list continues to grow, that income potential becomes absolutely incredible.

And when you have a list, everything you do in business in the future becomes incredibly easy because you have a built-in following of fans, customers, and supporters.

For example, when I started the Self Made Man podcast recently, it became the #1 show in ITunes in the Health and Self Help categories within 48 hours. How?

Simple… I just emailed my list and told them about it.

Having a large list and a tribe of supporters is the ultimate advantage in business.

BUT… in order to enjoy the benefits that this kind of business can provide, you have to build your tribe and build your list.

I started building my first list 2005 when I was in my mid-20’s teaching entrepreneurs how to use attraction marketing strategies to build their businesses.

Within 18 months I was able to go from dead-broke and waiting tables, to making my first million dollars by the age of 27

Within the next two years, that list would grow to more than 200,000 people, which generated an average monthly revenue stream of more than $500,000 per month or $6 Million per year.

In 2010 I my passion had turned towards finance and investing. I didn’t know much about the subject, but it’s all that I ever talked about, so I started a new business in that niche.

Thanks to my existing tribe and list, that business acquired over 8,600 new customers, made over $3.2 million it it’s first 7 days, without spending a single dime on advertising.

By the end of the first year, we’d made over $10,000,000 and my list had grown to more than 400,000 people.

And over the past 10 years, my lists, (and the incredibly relationship I’ve built with my readers) have produced more than $50,000,000 in revenue.

Obviously it goes without saying that having that level of financial success has been great, but what’s really mattered most, is the lifestyle that this kind of business can provide you with, which is a life of complete freedom.

There are some really big moments in my highlight reel that I’m incredibly grateful for, like spending two weeks on Necker Island with Richard Branson, or racing in the Mint 400 with Patrick Dempsey, or having the freedom to live in Aspen for two months every summer…

But what this business has provided that I’m most grateful for over the years, has been the little things…

Like having the freedom to wake up every morning whenever I want, or buying food and clothes without ever having to look at the price tag, or having the ability to provide substantial support to causes that I care about like the Make A Wish Foundation, and Charity: Water.

So if there is a blessing that I could pass on to others in my life, it would how to create the life and lifestyle of your dreams, using this amazing type of business model.

If you’re interested in learning how to turn your biggest passion into a simple, profitable business that you can run from anywhere in the world, you’ll want to participate in my List-Grow training course.

List-Grow is a click-by-click implementation program where you’ll sit over my shoulder as I walk you through the entire list-building process.

If you’d like complete details about the program, I’d encourage you to register for my free training webinar which will break-down my entire list-building process for you, using one of my recent businesses as a real-world example.

In this particular case-study, I started a brand new business from scratch, and built it up to more than $85,000 in monthly passive income within 90 days, while building my list by 100’s of optin subscribers per day.


Here’s What You Get:

  • Instant access to the ENTIRE List-Grow Implementation Program which will show you exactly how to build your very first large email list and audience, click-by-click…



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Download Mike Dillard - List Grow Download Mike Dillard - List Grow
 Download Mike Dillard - List Grow  Download Mike Dillard - List Grow

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