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Mar 12, 2022 | Growing business

How To Make $100,000 Per Month In Passive Investment Income…

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Hey Mike Dillard here, and as I mentioned in my previous email, I recorded this video specifically for my audience and customers, because it is a pivotal transition point in my life and my career, and I’m going to be sharing some pretty personal stuff with you today.

So first and foremost, thank you for taking the time to watch, and thank you for your support the past few years…

As many of you know, I suffered a brain injury on June 13th 2018 that changed my life in an instant.

You’ve probably heard me share it with you in the past, but I want to give a brief recap of what took place, because that event and everything that happened after it, is what allowed me to learn what I’m going to be teaching you here today…

So for those of you who don’t know what happened, I went from launching the Self Made Man platform, having fun with my friends, and racing cars on the weekend, to fighting for my life in a matter of weeks.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t think, and my body was coursing with adrenaline and cortisol 24/7.

My entire life came to a halt. My body was shutting down, and I was completely unable to work.

This torture went on for a year before a doctor finally figured out that my home and my body had been infected with toxic mold. Anything above 5 is toxic, and my result was at 21,000.

To make a long story short, it took me three years to heal from this unexpected health crisis, and as hard as the health challenges were, what made it infinitely more difficult was the fact that I didn’t have a source of real passive income from assets like real estate or dividend stocks that could cover my bills while I was unable to work.

I wasn’t married, I didn’t have a spouse to help support or take care of me, none of my medical expenses were covered by insurance, and I was still responsible for more than $50,000 per month in payroll, bills, and child support.

Introducing, Richer Every Day…

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Richer Every Day is for entrepreneurs who’ve made millions of dollars, but who’ve struggled to create real freedom because you haven’t learned how to turn your active business income into passive income.

It’s for those of you who are addicted to taking risks in your business, or with your money.

It’s for those of you who have been caught in the make-it, spend it cycle…

And it’s for those of you who simply don’t have a plan for your money. You don’t know how to invest it, or how to create passive income.

Richer Every Day is also for you if you don’t have a business yet, or if you’ve been trying to build one for years, but have never been able to make it happen.

For one reason or another, making money has simply alluded you, and you haven’t been able to figure out why.

No matter which category you’re in, our goal is simple…

It’s to teach you how to turn your active income into passive income, so you can experience real freedom, and real financial security in your life without the stress that comes from the ups and downs of always trying to grow a business, or from an uncertain economy…

Here’s How We’re Going To Do That…

As you’ve learned during this video, you have to address three separate aspects of money in order to get the results you want…

First, you have to address your chemical habits, and Subconscious stories.

Second, you need a simple plan and management system for your money.

And third, you need to understand how to find and invest in the right strategies and opportunities that will enable you to build passive income.

Richer Every Day is the first and only financial transformation program in the world that addresses all three of these areas of money in a complete and cohesive way.

So In Phase 1, We’re Going To Take A Deep Dive Into Your Chemical Habits And Addictions…

You’re going to learn how your neuro-chemicals like Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins, and Cortisol drive all of the impulses, emotions, and decisions you make on a daily basis.

If you are constantly launching new products, or starting new businesses… If you tend to make risky investments, or make impulse purchases…

If you feel compelled to spend your money as soon as you make it, or if you turn towards alcohol, video games, food, or shopping as a distraction, all of these behaviors are driven by unhealthy chemical habits and associations.

  • So the very first thing we’re going to do is teach you how to become aware of your chemical habits, because until you generate awareness, you can’t change anything.

    Once you become aware, you’re going to look at every single decision you’ve ever made in your life in a completely new way.

  • Next, I’m going to teach you how to interrupt those habits, associations, and impulses that are literally wired into your neurology which is why it’s so hard for most people to make any kind of lasting change in their lives.

    Once you understand how your neuro-biliogy works, and how to interrupt your current patterns, I’m going to teach you how to create new ones that will ultimately allow you to achieve your goals effortlessly.

    New behaviors and decisions require effort, because you’re trying to force your body and brain to do something it’s not onboard with.

    But once you retrain your brain, taking on new habits, decisions, and behaviors becomes effortless. Any feelings of resistance that you’ve felt before, will simply disappear. Things that were once hard, become easy.

    This is how real, lasting transformation is made, and the best part is that you can apply this process to any and every area of your life from your business, to money, to health, and your relationships.

  • Next, we’re going to dive into your subconscious. Every single one of us have subconscious programs that guide 99% of the decisions we make, but we’re completely unaware of them, which means we’re not in control.

    Well in order to achieve the outcomes we want in life, we need to know what those subconscious stories are, and then we need to address them if they’re holding you hostage.

    So next, I’m going to take you through a simple exercise that will reveal any subconscious stories that are responsible for your relationship and results with money.

    Once you’re aware of your programming, we’re going to help you rewrite those stories, and replace them with new ones.

    This is one of the single most powerful tools of transformation that I’ve ever experienced in my life.

    It is literally like finding buggy code in your operating system that’s been causing you to sabotage yourself, and then replacing it with clean, pristine code that enables you to create financial abundance and wealth in your life in a way that is completely effortless and free of the resistance you’d normally run into.

  • Next in Phase 1, we’re going to bring your conscious mind into the process, and we’re going to teach you a specific mental model you can use to make the best decisions possible when it comes to money and investing.

    This system was created by our friend Brooke who used it to pull herself out of alcoholism, financial scarcity, and a multi-year long depression. Today, just a few years later, she’s built one of the most successful companies in the world which will do over $50 million dollars in revenue this year.

    Every conscious decision she makes is filtered through this process, and she’s going to teach it to you personally, here in Richer Every Day.

    Learning and applying this model has completely changed my life and Michelle’s when it comes to making financial decisions, and it will absolutely do the same for you as well.

    By the time you’ve completed Phase 1 in Richer Every Day, you will be fully aware of every decision you make in your life, and why you make it for the very first time.

    We’re going to teach you how to interrupt old patterns and stories that are no longer serving you, and we’re going to literally rewire your mind for wealth.

    Now if you do not acquire this knowledge or these skills, we already know what your fate is…

    You’ll continue to repeat the same patterns, mistakes, and decisions that have always held you back, over, and over again, until it’s too late to do anything about.

    Ultimately, the pain will continue until the lesson is learned, and this is your chance to end that pain once and for all.

    Next, that brings us to Phase 2…

In Phase 2, I’m Going To Teach You The Richer Every Day System…

  • The entire goal of this program is to help you replace your active business income, with passive income, so you’ll never have to worry about money again.
  • So the first thing we’re going to do is determine your freedom number.

    This is the amount of passive income you need to make each month to cover all of your expenses.

    If you don’t know your numbers, and if you don’t have a specific goal or plan to achieve that goal, it’s never going to happen.

    So do you know how much your monthly expenses are right now? Do you know what your freedom number is?

    Do you know how much money you’d need to invest? In which assets, and for how long, in order to hit that number?

    In other words, do you have a specific plan for your money?

    If you don’t, it will end up in the hands of someone else who does.

  • Now once we determine your Freedom Number, I’m going to teach you the Richer Every Day System.

    If you own a business, it can make it extremely hard to invest and grow your money in a systematic way, because your income changes every single month.

    You are also responsible for calculating and paying your taxes which also change every single month, which can make it nearly impossible to start building wealth on a consistent daily basis.

    Well if you hate dealing with numbers or spreadsheets, or budgets, and if you invest your money at random times, into random things, with random amounts, that is not a road that leads to financial freedom.

    That road leads to stress, and short term, emotion-based financial decisions.

    And short term decisions, almost always end up having negative, long term consequences.

    I realized that I needed a simple way to take control of my money, and that would allow me to get a little richer every single day.

    The Richer Every Day System was the answer to that problem, and it’s as simple as it is effective.

    There are no complicated spreadsheets, financial statements, or constrictive budgets.

    It takes less than 5 minutes to follow each day, and once you start to use it, you will have complete control over your finances, and you will start to accumulate wealth 365 days per year.

    Which brings us to a very important question…

    At this point you’ve literally rewired your subconscious and conscious mind for wealth, and you’re now accumulating wealth on a daily basis thanks to the Richer Every Day System, but what do you do with that money?

    What strategies do you use to safely and reliably turn that money into passive income?

    If you don’t know the answer to that question, and if you don’t have the knowledge or the contacts you need to execute your plan, then it’s never going to happen.

    You’ll continue to stay stuck, exactly where you are right now, repeating the same patterns and mistakes you’ve been making.

    So we’re going to fix that in two different ways…

    First, you’re going to learn about every major cash flow investment strategy that’s working right now…

  • For example, you’ll learn how to invest in cash flow real estate. There’s a reason why real estate is the primary investment of choice for the wealthy…

    It’s one of the only investments in the world that can produce cash flow, appreciate in value, and reduce your taxes, all at the same time.

    But how do you invest in real estate, especially if you don’t have any previous experience?

    Should you just put money into a Real Estate Investment Trust that pays out quarterly dividends? Should you buy properties directly? Or should you invest with a private real estate fund?

    You’ll finally know the answer to that question here in Richer Every Day.

  • Next, you’ll learn how to set up unique, and extremely profitable AirBNB properties which can produce up to 500% more profit than a standard long term rental home.

    These properties can be set up as little as $35,000, and can make more than $2,000 per month in passive income.

    If you do that math, that’s a 55% return per year, and the best part, is that there are companies you can buy these properties from, completely turnkey.

    They’re designed specifically for short-term rentals, and have all of the amenities and management services setup. There’s no house-hunting involved, or staging and setup required. All you need to do is write a check in order to buy this kind of passive income.

  • Next, you’ll learn how to invest in some of the most lucrative cash flow investments in the world right now including…

    RV Parks, mobile home parks, and storage units.

    Have you ever driven by a storage unit business and said to yourself, “gosh that has to be such an easy and profitable way to make passive income?”

    Well I have, so I learned how to start investing in them in an incredibly easy way, and I’ll show you how to do the same.

  • I’m also going to show you how to earn up to 8.5% per year in dividends on your crypto assets.

    This new kind of service is going to completely change the financial industry…

    Right now, the average savings account at your bank pays you 0.05% interest, which is basically nothing. If you had $100,000 sitting in your savings account, you’d make a whopping $500 per year in interest.

    Well a handful of brand new Federally approved and regulated financial service companies have emerged this past year that pay an incredible rate of passive income on your crypto assets, just for storing them on their platform.

    For example, you can make up to 6.5% per year in interest on your Bitcoin, or up to 8.6% per year on stable coins.

    This is just like investing in dividend stocks, but it’s even better because you get paid monthly instead of quarterly, there are no hidden fees of any kind, and you can pull your crypto out to sell or trade whenever you want.

  • Next, you’ll learn how to invest in some of the most lucrative cash flow investments in the world right now including…

    RV Parks, mobile home parks, and storage units.

    Have you ever driven by a storage unit business and said to yourself, “gosh that has to be such an easy and profitable way to make passive income?”

    Well I have, so I learned how to start investing in them in an incredibly easy way, and I’ll show you how to do the same.

  • Now we can’t forget to have fun either. There are a lot of wealthy people in the world who live like they’re broke, and we have no interest in that kind of scarcity minded lifestyle.

    We’re building passive income, but we’re also enjoying life. In fact, we just purchased this off-road camping trailer so we can make some amazing memories with our kids while we still have the chance.

    But with that being said, there are smart ways to spend money on fun, (especially if you own a business), and there are stupid ways to spend money.

    For example, if you incorporate these purchases and experiences into your business, you can use them as a tax write-off, which is exactly what we’re doing.

    Using this strategy, we will be able to save thousands in taxes off this purchase, that the average person would have to pay out of pocket.

    That brings us to phase 3…

Phase 3: How To Turn Today’s Income, Into “Forever Income”…

  • Next, we’re going to teach you how to protect your assets with an incredibly special kind of trust because none of this matters if you don’t protect the wealth you’re building.

    The truly wealthy in the world own nothing, and control everything, and they do that by using corporate entities and trusts.

    For example…

    If you’re currently investing in stocks on platforms like ETrade, Ameritrade, WeBull or Robinhood… And if that trading account is in your name, (which it probably is), every dollar you have in there is at risk right now.

    The same goes for all of your crypto assets on Coinbase, Binance, or Gemini.

    All of these assets and all of this money is completely naked and exposed without any protection what-so-ever, which means that if you got sued or in a wreck tomorrow, the money you have in those accounts can be taken with the snap of a judge’s finger.

    Now when it comes to trusts, you have two options… You can set up a Domestic Trust, or you can set up an off-shore trust.

    Domestic trusts are less expensive to create and manage, but they’re basically worthless because they’ve been penetrated so many times by the courts.

    On the other hand, off-shore trusts have proven to be bullet-proof and impossible to penetrate, even by the US government. The problem is that they can be expensive to set up and maintain.

    Well there is a 3rd option that combines the cost effectiveness and ease of use of a Domestic Trust, with the protection of an off-shore trust, and you’re going to learn how to set up this incredibly effective asset protection strategy from the law firm that created it.

    This is the strategy and law firm that Michelle and I personally used to create our Trusts in order to protect our assets.

  • Now along these same lines, we’re also going to teach you how to set up a second citizenship and offshore bank accounts in order to help increase your financial security and flexibility on a global scale.

    Right now the US stock market is in a bubble and at record highs. The Fed is printing trillions of dollars in order to keep it propped up, and you can rest assured there will be consequences to these actions.

    Learning how to legally acquire assets outside the country, including a foreign passport is going to become an incredibly valuable tool in the years to come, so we’re going to show you how to do that as well.

  • Because the world is changing so quickly, it’s critical that you have access to the smartest people possible when it comes to the markets and investing. Every quarter I’m going to hold a virtual round-table with my investing mentors and colleagues…

    People like Ken McElroy who’s the Founder of MC Companies which owns more than $1 Billion in multi-family real estate…

    There’s Tom Wheelwright who’s Robert Kiyosaki’s personal tax advisor. Yes, the tax laws are going to be changing under this administration, and you’re going to want to plug into these strategy talks as they take place because they will affect your investment strategy.

    Brian Page is going to keep us plugged in on what’s happening in the short-term rental markets…

    And we’ll also be joined by some of the world’s best stock market analysts, and crypto investors.

    In other words, I’m going to pull together a virtual quarterly mastermind group of the world’s smartest investors, and you’re going to get the opportunity to participate for free as a member of Richer Every Day.

    Next, we’ve put together a private Facebook Group for Richer Every Day Members where you can share your wins, ask your questions, and get support from the rest of the community.
  • And finally, you’ll get to look over our shoulder as Michelle and I continue to build our passive income.

    We’re going to document what we’re doing with our money, and walk you through all of the major investments we make, including the ones that are up over…

    And 1,890% in the last 12 months alone.

    Whenever we invest in an apartment complex, an AirBNB property, or RV park, we’re going to take you on a virtual tour of the property, and walk you through the entire deal.

    If you want to see how we’re earning a significant amount of passive income on our crypto assets right now, we pull up our accounts and show you how we’re doing that.

    That means that this portion of the program will just continue to get more and more valuable over time.

    You know how Tesla is always sending out software updates that improve their cars and give them new features for free?

    Well this portion of Richer Every Day is going to feel just like that, as we constantly add to new updates about our investments and strategies.

  • And the best part, is that we’re going to share our contacts and resources with you every step of the way.

    For example, if we’re looking to invest in an apartment complex in Houston right now through a private equity real estate firm that I’ve been investing with for more than 10 years.

    This deal is incredibly special because it has a 99 year tax abatement, which means we won’t have to pay property taxes for almost 100 years. As a result, we expect to see an annual ROI of around 20%, which is absolutely phenomenal.

    We’re going to share deals like this with you as well, and give you a direct contact at their firm in case you’d like to invest in the same opportunity alongside us.


Ultimately, we’re on our way to hitting $100,000 per month, or $1.2 million per year in passive income within the next 5 years, and if you’d like to see exactly how we’re going to do that, this is your chance…

If you are an overworked, stressed-out entrepreneur who’s making millions per year, but you’re tired of the make it spend it cycle, the hustle and grind, or the never-ending launch and promotion rat race, Richer Every Day is your exit plan.

On the other hand, if you’ve been struggling to make money and build wealth in your life and you haven’t been able to figure out why that’s always been the case, Richer Every Day is the solution that will finally address the root cause that’s been holding you back, instead of the symptoms.

Remember… If you want to master your relationship with money and achieve real financial freedom, you need to address all three areas…

First you must take control and rewire your neuro-chemistry and subconscious programming…

Second, you must put an automated wealth building system in place that will make you a little richer every single day,

And third, you have to have a rock-solid passive-investment strategy to follow.

Richer Every Day is the first and only program ever created that gives you the solutions you need to master all three areas in one place…


So To Quickly Summarize What
You’re Going To Get When You Join…

The promise of Richer Every Day is simple, and incredibly powerful…

If you’ve ever struggled to make money, or if you’ve ever struggled when it comes to investing the money you do make, Richer Every Day is going to address and solve these challenges for you at the source of the problem.

We’re going to do that by rewiring your current neural associations with money with new ones, and we’re going to identify and then rewrite your subconscious programs when it comes to money.

Until you address these two areas of your life, you will continue to run the same programs, repeat the same pattern, and continue to experience the same challenges you always have.

Once we’ve solved these issues, you’re going to learn how to setup the Richer Every Day System, which is going to do exactly what it implies…

Every single day, you’re going to get a little bit richer, and you’re going to start to accumulate wealth consistently.

As that money starts to accumulate, I’m going to teach you how to invest that money in a variety of assets that produce passive income with one goal and purpose in mind, which is to hit your Freedom Number as quickly as possible.

This is the amount of passive income that needs to come in on a monthly basis in order to cover all of your bills and expenses.

At that moment, you’ve achieved real financial freedom, and everything you do moving forward is because you truly want to do it, not because you have to.

Michelle and I are going to document our investments so you can see what we personally do with our money now and into the future, which means this course will continue to become more and more valuable.

You’re going to learn how to protect your assets from the same asset protection attorney that we personally use, and you’re also going to get a free 1 hour consulting call with the to discuss your current situation.

You’re going to get access to our private Richer Every Day Facebook group so we can support you as you start your Richer Every Day Journey

You’re going to be able to participate in our quarterly mastermind calls with my peers and colleagues as we discuss the best investment opportunities we’ve identified, and risks to avoid in this quickly changing and evolving economy.


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