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Jan 16, 2014 | Growing business, Marketing

Produced by Mike Koenigs, co-owner of the 8-figure online blockbuster Traffic Geyser, and Pam Hendrickson, the woman in charge of Tony Robbins’ product empire for the past 20 years, MAKE, MARKET, LAUNCH IT takes the guess work out of creating, producing and launching products quickly and profitably.

MAKE, MARKET, LAUNCH IT gives customers the very best content, tools and strategies available—packaged in a simple 7-step system—for taking any idea and getting it to market.
In addition to step-by-step video training modules, MAKE, MARKET, LAUNCH IT includes comprehensive templates, examples, product maps, handouts and all of the tools customers need to get the best possible results in the least amount of time.

Here is what you’ll experience in this one-of-a-kind LIVE event:

Inside the Product Creator’s Mind – Explore and discover the psychology behind Mike Koenigs, and learn how he’s created some of the most successful online products and business out there. He’ll show you how he reached eight figures, and how you can do it too! In Mike’s seven-year career as an information marketer and producer, he hasn’t had ONE SINGLE PRODUCT FAILURE. Accident? NO! You’ll learn to control the “SYSTEM” that delivers success after success.
Product Creation – Mike, Pam Hendrickson and Paul Colligan have collectively created over 100 products. They’ll give you the INSIDE SCOOP and the specific blueprints they use in building products so YOU can quickly, easily and affordably make an in-demand, high-quality product that will sell like crazy.
Software Creation
– Mike co-founded Traffic Geyser, and the patented MonsterFollowUp system, along with FirePower, Main Street Marketing Machines, Social Media Marketing Machines and DOZENS of other products and services. You’ll be shown EXACTLY how Mike invents, designs, develops and MAKES these programs, as he “deconstructs” the proven process he’s used for years. In two days, you’re getting 25 years of Mike’s experience transferred to your brain!
Mobile Applications – Join the “App Economy” and start making money, fast. With over SIX BILLION mobile phones in use worldwide, the app stores of Apple and Android represent BILLIONS of dollars in potential income FOR YOU. Learn how to MAKE mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, Android and other platforms QUICKLY AND CHEAPLY-even if you aren’t a total computer nerd. You’ll learn Mike’s super-powerful strategy for quickly identifying experienced, affordable developers who would LOVE to work with you and your ideas.
Product Launches – While most products never LAUNCH, Mike’s team has had FOUR CONSECUTIVE SEVEN FIGURE LAUNCHES! Mike will DECONSTRUCT “Main Street Marketing Machines,” and guide you through exactly how to harness the power of the product LAUNCH in ANY MARKET, with ANY PRODUCT or SERVICE. When you understand the PSYCHOLOGY of how it works, YOU work better. This information has never been shared publicly, and probably never will again.
Affiliate Promotions and Management – It’s possible to MAKE, MARKET and LAUNCH a product with NO LIST, IF you have the right partners in place. Unfortunately, most product creators and developers never get this right. Learn how to attract and retain ENTHUSIASTIC “A-List” affiliates who have the right joint-venture tools and resources. You’ll peer inside Traffic Geyser’s “back office,” and learn what Mike’s team uses to MAKE, MARKET and LAUNCH their products. You’ll also see how Mike’s team gets so much support for their launches, even after the sales are done.
Automated Teleseminars and Webinars – This represents the FUTURE of MARKETING, SALES and product LAUNCHES. It’s sales and relationship automation on steroids. Don’t worry, you DON’T have to be a techie to leverage this! It’s 90% psychology and 10% technology. Mike will deconstruct one of his multi-million dollar sales presentations, step-by-step, AND a webcast that generated over $125,000 in sales with FIVE HOURS of effort, completely on AUTOPILOT. See exactly how you can automate your product sales, HANDS FREE! You’ll also meet some of Mike’s customers and clients, and witness LIVE CASE STUDIES and “HEROES” who are using these systems themselves. And best of all, you’ll be let in on EXACTLY HOW THEY ARE DOING IT and HOW YOU CAN TOO. Once again, this event will guide you STEP-BY-STEP through the MAKE, MARKET and LAUNCH process, and give you the know-how needed to MAKE information and software products, MARKET them to prospective buyers and LAUNCH them to the world so you get PAID for your passions, know-how and expertise. EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT TECH-SAVVY! Who This Event is For: Authors, Experts, Coaches, Consultants, Small Business Owners, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Software Developers, Product Creators-ANYONE who wants to MAKE, MARKET and LAUNCH their own product, OR do it for someone else. That’s right-there’s a HUGE, untapped market of people who have NO IDEA how to MAKE, MARKET and LAUNCH a product of their own. This is the perfect opportunity to be introduced to the process that will have you getting PAID to do it FOR THEM.

Download Mike Koenigs - Make Market Launch IT

Download Mike Koenigs - Make Market Launch IT

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Download Mike Koenigs - Make Market Launch IT Download Mike Koenigs - Make Market Launch IT
 Download Mike Koenigs - Make Market Launch IT  Download Mike Koenigs - Make Market Launch IT

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