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Apr 2, 2014 | AdWords, Growing business

In Google’s Display Network, 1% of the advertisers get ONE FOURTH of the clicks.
What happens when YOU enter the top 1%? Starts Tuesday February 26

In 4 Weeks, Zen Master Mike Rhodes Will Land You in The Top 1% of All Advertisers on Google’s Display Network.

Discover How To Get 1,000, 5,000, even 50,000 Clicks Per Day – For LESS Money Than The Other 99% Pay.

Search is linear. Display is exponential.

The thing I love most about the Display Network is, when you have a product that’s a fit (and many products do fit!), Google’s capacity to scale your traffic UP is almost frightening. On the search network, there’s no such thing as “going viral.” But on the Display Network, Google is scanning the terrain for opportunities to show your ads on more and more and more sites.

You must tame the beast – but when you do, lemme tell you, when you hit that “viral” curve on Google Display Network, it’s a tremendous experience. Your ads are EVERYWHERE.

This achieves huge amounts of traffic, yes, but here’s why Display Network is the fastest path to TOTAL MARKET DOMINATION:

* The impact is titanic, because your overall sales is proportional to conversion rate to the power of 3! 2X CONVERSION = 8X SALES. That’s because 2X conversion allows you to bid twice as much. 2X bid price = 4X traffic. 4X traffic with 2X conversion = 8X sales. This is how you dominate your market.
* It stimulates a flow of new customers that fuels and funds your other product lines, back end sales and long-term flourishing
* This also achieves legitimate branding in an affordable, niche-appropriate way
* 8X sales = 8X faster testing which means even greater gains in the future.

Like I said, search is linear. Display is exponential! How you perform on the Display Network is what really separates the men from the boys.

With over 2,000,000 websites worth of advertising inventory, Google’s Display Network (GDN) entices marketers with visions of a rolling ocean of endless customers just waiting to give them money…

And, many a savvy web marketer has strapped the “GDN turbo booster” to their marketing engine and shattered land speed records while their competitors gaped slack-jawed. (I tapped into just one minor Display Network traffic source and it sent 47,954 clicks in a 6 month period. Almost 100,000 clicks per year.)

My friend, the exponential, Jet-Stream power of the Display Network is why it’s EASIER to be #1 in your market than to be #5. When you’re #5, you’re fighting over the scraps, contending for survival every day. When you’re #1, the world eats out of your hand.

The Display Network is a powerful beast of an advertising organism…but like most beasts, not easily tamed.

(WARNING: The Stupidity Tax is just as onerous and unforgiving in the Display Network as it is in search. Maybe more so. When you’re talking hundreds, thousands, even millions more impressions, mistakes grow exponentially more perilous. You can easily burn through thousands of $$$$ per day. And Google has no guilt about sucking up the cash when you let it slip through the cracks.)

But for those who can tame the beast…especially the top 2%-5%…the rewards are transformational.

That’s why we’re working with the “Beast Master” of the GDN. The guy Google its own bad self hired. That’s right, Google hired Mike Rhodes, our go-to-coach for the Display Network, to teach Aussie marketers how to get the most from Adwords and how to run a PPC agency!

And now he’ll de-claw, de-fang and demystify the Display Network for you until you’ve got it purring like a kitten. Doing your bidding. And plowing your business toward it’s next quantum leap in 2013. He’ll vault you into that coveted, elite 2%-5% who TROUNCE the bottom-feeding 95-98%.

Mike Rhodes is one of the world’s best Display Network jockeys, and he’s a discerning, relatable mentor and guide.

The Dark and Dangerous Corners Mike Will Illuminate, So You Can Plot a Safe and Profitable Path through the Display Network…

  1. The “Jet Stream” – the fabled space on Google Display Network where your ads get millions of impressions every day and your site gets a tsunami of visitors.
  2. Why the “normal” way of designing ads will cost you 5x more than you need to spend
  3. The little corner of AdWords that makes it seem like 2005 all over again (Read: Clicks for $0.03 & more traffic than you can shake a stick at)
  4. A crucial metric that doesn’t exist anywhere in Google AdWords – but your only way to truly judge whether one Display ad is better than another!
  5. Why using CTR or CPA alone can give you misleading information about what ads are really feeding your bottom line…and which ads just look good “on paper” (but are really only feeding the Stupidity Tax!)
  6. How to align your image ad with your landing page to boost conversions…this will make or break you.
  7. How something that you do every single day in your search campaigns can KILL your Display campaigns…making you start all over. Avoid this at all costs.
  8. Ad Position: When you want to be #1. And when you DO NOT. This strategy alone could save you thousands – for some people, hundreds of thousands – in Stupidity Tax per year.
  9. How to tell if YOUR industry is “slap ready”. (BEFORE you get Google slapped.)
  10. How to get un-slapped if your ads get suspended
  11. Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a killer Display Network campaign in under 60 minutes…not 6 hours!
  12. Google’s formula for placing your ad is Ad copy + keywords + landing page = placement. How to exploit this to get your ad placed when and where you want it.
  13. A proven bid formula for getting the MOST traffic for the LOWEST cost
  14. When a LOW cost-per-click murders your conversions.
  15. How to get your ads on high-traffic websites without paying through the nose.
  16. When “CPM” (Cost Per Impression) advertising is your best friend and when it’s a North Korean Dictator with a Napoleon complex.
  17. A common blunder many GDN marketers make which throttles Google’s ability to help you succeed…Mike will show you how to make sure you’re getting “no limit” Google love.
  18. How to manage your campaign to weed out the inevitable “junk traffic” that invades even the best GDN campaigns and chokes off profitability.

And more! Here’s what’s in the training…

  • Webinar 1: How to Think about the Display Network.
    Types of Targeting
    Ad Formats
  • Webinar 2: Master Strategy for Advanced targeting
  • Webinar 3: Building & Launching Your First Campaigns
  • Webinar 4: Managing & Optimizing.
    Remarketing Part I

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Download Mike Rhodes & Perry Marshall - Display Network BootCamp Download Mike Rhodes & Perry Marshall - Display Network BootCamp
 Download Mike Rhodes & Perry Marshall - Display Network BootCamp  Download Mike Rhodes & Perry Marshall - Display Network BootCamp

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