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Dec 13, 2016 | Marketing, SEO

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Growth Hacking Library

Calling all business owners, startup founders, marketers and growth hackers!

This library of proven growth tactics will teach you actionable hacks and strategies you never hear about anywhere else. I’ve carefully hand-selected all of these hacks personally so you can implement them into your company immediately.




I’ve hand-selected over 30+ of the world’s top marketers to teach hacks that they never share from stage.
Here are some of the marketing secrets you’re going to learn about:.


  • Neil Patel’s secret hack to hijacking your competitor’s traffic
  • Neil’s secret for how to go from zero to a million visitors a month.
  • How to Score $100k+ in Crowdfunding Without PR.




  • This is by far the best collection of hacks & secrets I’ve ever compiled
  • Over 150+ hours of actionable hacks from 30+ of the most respected marketers
  • Get instant access to”‘How To” training for all the actionable hacks & secrets




  • How to hack viral video in 2017 for link building and traffic generation
  • How to generate insanely engaged leads using Instagram and Facebook
  • How to steal traffic from similar companies using their own SEO strategies
  • How to drive major PR coverage with a tiny Facebook budget
  • How to hack LinkedIn for content promotion and lead generation in 15 minutes
  • How to hack your sales funnel to fully automate leads to conversion
  • How to raise $100,000 with zero paid marketing spend on a crowdfunding
  • How to gain massive customer acquisition through Gmail advertising & YouTube
  • How to acquire users months before you have a product
  • How to 5x your conversation rate using these hidden hacks



7 NEW Growth Hacks to Skyrocket Your Business in 2017 with Neil Patel

In this tactical-practical session about bringing more customers onboard – and keeping them there – Neil will teach you the strategies and tactics that actually work in 2017 and beyond.


How to Triple Your Conversion Rates With A/B Testing in 180 Days with Peep Laja

Peep Laja is one of the leading conversion optimization practitioners in the world. His approach and methods have made companies across the globe millions of dollars of additional revenue.

Follow his proven method for conversion optimization and A/B testing and you will see tremendous results in less than 6 months. Guaranteed.


How to Raise 100k+ in Crowdfunding Without PR with Vincent Dignan

Everyone knows PR is the best way to ensure a great first-day launch. Multiple outlets talking about you at once drives crazy traffic. But what if your product isn’t sexy or unique enough to get press talking about you (let’s face it, most tech/startup products aren’t exciting to the mainstream)? This talk will guide you through everything from setting up the pre-launch campaign right through to launching and maintaining a campaign that grows every day of your campaign.


Top 5 Growth Tactics for Content Marketing in 2017 with Hana Abaza

There’s no denying that content marketing is hot and here to stay. But despite the buzz, many businesses still don’t have the framework they need to build a successful content marketing engine. Join Hana Abaza, VP of Marketing at Uberflip, as she discusses how you can develop the right “content infrastructure” to succeed in order to drive growth for your business.


How to Create Content that is Virtually Guaranteed to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Site with Aaron Agius

I’ll show you how to create traffic that you know will have a hungry audience out there looking for it, that makes content distribution a breeze, and makes getting links from the world’s largest editorial publications.


How to Achieve 10x Growth By Acquiring Smaller Companies with Justin Mares

Most startups don’t fail at building a product. Most startups fail at getting traction. Let us help you get traction using our 3-step framework called Bullseye, guiding you to the right traction channel out of 19.

Join Justin Mares, serial entrepreneur and co-author of a bestselling book: Traction. In this interactive webinar he will discuss the 19 channels of distribution, prioritizing which ones to use, and how to build the right framework for sustainable traction.


Teardown of 10 Successful Content Marketing Campaigns with Sujan Patel

Sujan breaks down the most successful content marketing campaigns of 2015 & 2016 and shares the 9 key takeaways to success.


How to Turn Webinars Into Your Most Engaging And Highest Converting Growth Channel with Cy

As the CEO of Crowdcast – the webinar platform powering this online summit – Cy has seen thousands of live webinars. In this session, Cy will share some insider secrets on what tactics work and what fail based on the data he and his team has collected. We’ll cover ways to stay on top of the ever changing webinar landscape.



Minimum Viable Tests to 2X Your Growth Rate (Without Paid or Sales) with Conrad Wadowski

Conrad Wadowski is the Founder of GrowHack an email list of 17k which has been mentioned in the WSJ, Forbes and Inc. Conrad is the Co-Founder of Teachable where he helped build a repeatable growth machine through 1M users and served as Growth-in-Residence at seed-stage investor Quotidian Ventures.


Start Making Unforgettable Content Now: How Naming the Unnamed Makes Your Content Unforgettable with Patrick Vlaskovits

You’ll discover why creating and originating unique names for problems in your customers’ industry will draw you a bigger audience, hooks and seeds your product in future customers, and positions your company as a thought leader. And why now is the perfect time to do this.

To do this, you’ll need the desire to understand your customers and their pains and then watch, listen and learn.


Why Most Growth Hackers Just Can’t Hack It: Building A Sustainable Growth Engine

Brian Balfour knows what it takes to build a growth engine. Andrew Chen, who leads the growth platform team at Uber, is frankly the reason most of us even know what growth hacking is in the first place. He even popularized the term. They will be joined by the retention and monetization expert Patrick Campbell in an actionable chat about the state of growth in 2017, including why so many people still can’t get it right.


Growth Hacks For Getting Viewers Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products with Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal explains the psychology behind the world’s most habit-forming technologies and provides practical advice for increasing user engagement. All of these growth secrets will help you create better marketing starting today.


How Pinterest Increased Active Users With One Simple Trick with John Egan

John managed team of 10 engineers responsible for driving user engagement through email & push notifications. Projects have boosted WAUs by millions of users and account for a double digit percentage of all active users on Pinterest.


The 15 Minute LinkedIn Hack That Drives Immediate Organic Traffic To Your Website with Dan McGaw

This secret LinkedIn growth hack teaches you how to drive massive amounts of traffic and qualified leads to your content. Forget paid ads, Inmailing and sending spam messages and learn how to attract organic inbound traffic with this session.


5 Uncommon Customer Acquisition Paths That Will Help You Grow with Eric Siu

Learn how to use these tactics and strategies to grow your business this year and beyond.

Learn about how you can use Gmail advertising, YouTube advertising and other tactics, strategies and tools that will help your business scale today.


5 Advanced Hacks To Double Your Customer Base In The Next 30 days with Vignesh Kumar

Most businesses fail because they just can’t get customers at a profit or even break-even. “I couldn’t get enough customers” is the most recurring pattern. But it comes as no surprise, acquiring customers is the most valuable skill you can have.


Hacking Big Data: Using 3rd Party Data As Your Competitive Advantage with Zack Onisko

We’ll cover ways that you can look at various data sources to make confident product/ market opportunity decisions, gather your pre-launch lead list, understand your competitive advantage, etc.


Email Open Rate Enemies: 7+ Your “Normal” Email Marketing Are Hurting Your Opens (and What You Should Do Instead) with Susan Su

Susan has marketing and content at 500 Startups, where she also coaches founders on growth for their early stage businesses.


How to Growth Stack Your Product with Dan Martell

Do you need more customers to use your product? In this presenation, Dan shares three of his best strategies to help you retain more users and grow your product. These are proven strategies used by some of the world’s best startups.


The Mobile Goldrush: Why mobile is now the biggest opportunity. And how to create mobile websites that dominate your market with Dr. Karl Banks

“Tinder and Pokémon GO are the tip of the iceberg.
Just when you thought that the web was reaching saturation, mobile has reset the game, creating a new way for companies to disrupt and dominate. Mobile is now the biggest opportunity—and threat—for online businesses.
Conversion Rate Experts have worked on mobile projects for Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook. In this talk, Dr Karl Blanks will explain what the opportunities are, and how to capture them before your competitors do.


Behavioral Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales and Retention

This session will cover how to setup and trigger behavioral campaigns to deliver targeted messages and content to your leads to improve onboarding, retention and sales.


How to Generate $100k a Month in New Recurring Revenue from Existing Customers with Bronson Taylor

You already have a customer base, a list, or a following, but there is a simple tactic that will let you create substantial recurring revenue from them that you are currently leaving on the table.



In this closing session by summit host Neil Patel, he will take Q&A from the live audience on key growth hacking secrets and give advice on hacks from the summit. He’ll also show you how you can enroll in his premium marketing program, announce the winners of the free event passes and invite 1 special guest to a live one on one session in San Francisco in December.

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Download Neil Patel - Growth Hacking Secrets 2017 Summit Download Neil Patel - Growth Hacking Secrets 2017 Summit
 Download Neil Patel - Growth Hacking Secrets 2017 Summit  Download Neil Patel - Growth Hacking Secrets 2017 Summit

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