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Sep 25, 2020 | Getting Clients / Consulting

Write Converting Copy, Get High-Paying Clients & Kickstart Your Dream Writer’s Life in 8 Weeks


What You Get:


9-page PDF we’ve NEVER released before


Over 2,000 words of fill-in-the-blank templates you can start using to attract, filter and close paid clients.


This is broken out into 4 “Phases”, as follows:

1. Completely Cold Client Template

2. Semi-Cold Client Template

3. How to Get a Client on the Phone

4. 27-Step Phone Sales Script to Close a Client on the Spot


WEEK #1: Trust the Process (It Works)


[+] The 1 thing that sets apart our most successful students

[+] How to triple your rates overnight with ZERO stress

[+] Why “thinking small” is better than big goals (& why momentum is your ultimate friend)

[+] The ONLY benchmark you should be measuring yourself with (hint: it’s not money)

[+] Try on these free “new clothes” to INSTANTLY skyrocket your self-belief (Gary Bencivenga did this)

[+] Ning’s “Go Gangster” secret to harnessing your inner fire… and why timing is everything

WEEK #2: How to Land High Paying Clients Even if You Have ZERO Experience


[+] How Ning’s girlfriend — who had no experience — blew past the objections most high-paying clients have with new copywriters

[+] Why branding matters

[+] Forget the laws of “normal” jobs — they do NOT govern the laws of freelancing

[+] CAUTION: perfectionism can kill you in this game… here’s why “good enough” is better than perfect (plus how to know where the line is)

[+] Nike was right, JUST DO THE THING (like this) & watch your career take off

[+] The 3 immutable phases of client interaction (and why offering prospects “snacks” is the BEST way to take the next step)

[+] Charge this amount per email — down to the dollar — based on your skill level

[+] Afraid of taking on projects you can’t DELIVER? We explain why it’s not as scary or risky as you think

[+] How my crazy fire walk with the legend David Deutsche PROVES you can turn a shit sandwich into gold


WEEK #3: Over the Shoulder – Ning Writes an Email from Scratch PLUS How to Outline a Sales Letter


[+] WATCH: we transform a student’s random email idea into client-ready copy in 7 minutes

[+] What you absolutely CANNOT FORGET in your first line of email copy (non-negotiable)

[+] Non-intuitive tip to maximizing email conversions with 1 type of photo

[+] “How HARD should I sell in my email?” <<< answered

[+] 7 ways to pull great email ideas from any sales page… and pitch them to a cold client

[+] The #1 question to ask before writing a single word of copy

[+] Where to find your audience’s deepest secrets to push their hot-buttons and make them buy (not Facebook or Amazon reviews)

[+] How long to spend on research

[+] LOOK PAGE-BY PAGE INSIDE THIS DOC: research document of a winning health supplement control… the exact questions Ning asked… where he found the answers… how to do this with any project

[+] The 2-pronged mechanism approach to TRULY differentiate your product from everything else out there

[+] Why “just sitting down to write copy” is a ROOKIE MOVE (do this instead)


WEEK #4: How to Create & Foster Meaningful (& Profitable) Relationships in the Industry


[+] The inevitable “dip” you’ll roll up to in ANY phase of your freelancing & how to cruise through it intact

[+] The “hockey stick” success myth

[+] EASIEST way to differentiate yourself from other copywriters — this requires no skill

[+] Why learning to surf is just like copy (& just as fun when you master it)

[+] #1 mental mistake copywriters make & what NEVER to tie your self worth to

[+] The “Squeaky wheel” technique: a simple follow-up reframe Austin used to land several clients who seemed ‘dead’

[+] How books, podcasts & blogs have “mileage” you can use to squeeze more money out of everything you learn (3 specific tips for how to do this)

[+] The likeability dilemma: authentic way to build rapport… get clients who like you… and earn more working with people YOU actually like

[+] Do you forget what you learned in that last podcast? So did we: until we started using this virtuous cycle trick


WEEK #5: Funnel Architecture & the Key Pillar of Direct Response-Driven Businesses


[+] UNDER THE HOOD OF A $20 MIL BIZ: see real conversion numbers, click thru rates, ad spend economics of a profitable publishing business — 95% of copywriters don’t understand this

[+] CPAs… true CPAs… AOV… ROAS… and other direct response acronyms: explained

[+] Starbucks REAL success secret… why their coffee doesn’t matter… and why to laser-focus your resources on building the same asset

[+] What “customer acquisition” really means & why it makes or breaks a business

[+] The #1 motivation behind everyone in the direct response game (besides money)

[+] Little-known ways to help your client (or yourself) with optimization

[+] Why NEVER to give an ounce of energy to a “MF” result when you test copy

[+] 7-Phase funnel breakdown of an 8-figure financial publishing company

[+] Which upsell is the most important and why to focus 80% of your energy there


WEEK #6: Grease the Slope: Sentence Structure, Grammar & Clarity — Simplified


[+] The reason Austin loves dog-shit first drafts (seriously, here’s why to be “proud of poo”)

[+] WHEN the real magic actually happens in your copy

[+] 3 key “focus zones” when you edit & the 3 most powerful verb tenses

[+] Active vs. passive voice: simplified

[+] The 1 scenario when you should use passive voice and how to use it right

[+] Why “digestibility” is paramount to conversions


WEEK #7: Cut Your Writing Time in HALF with These Research & Outline Hacks


[+] A mushroom trip “a-ha” moment Ning had that melts away writing blocks

[+] Down to the bullet how Austin structured a $1.7 Million promotion for Agora Financial

[+] Why “A.V.” is a better way to structure sales letters than “order of objections”

[+] Copywriting is as much about VISUALS as WORDS — and we don’t just mean photo / video

[+] The Dig Agency’s #1 Outlining Secret to Writing a Sales Letter with Maximum Profit Power

[+] The reason I’ve not been focusing on technical copy lately & the 1 thing I AM that’s doubled my skill

[+] When to write freely without a destination in mind

[+] Why, how & when to “Conceal your hand” and suck readers deeper into your copy

[+] Line-by-line lead breakdown of a multi-million dollar control we wrote

[+] Curveball Copy: the rarely understood skill of being unexpected in your copy to boost readership and conversions


WEEK #8: Blazing Ahead: Forming High-Value Relationships by Getting Better


[+] How to get into America’s top internet marketing conference — FREE! All the highest-paying clients show up.

[+] The simplest way to keep improving with the Swiss Army tool you just developed

[+] How to identify high value people & genuinely connect with them

[+] Exactly how Austin went from unknown copywriter >> to $110/hr. on Upwork >> to a key introduction from Kevin Rogers

[+] When you pass this “rollercoaster threshold” — people can’t wait to coach you… mentor you… and hire you instantly.

[+] The question to “ask the world” (tells you if you’re ready to step up to the big leagues)

[+] FEAR of sharing your work slows down your progress (easy fix shuts up that voice)

Inside every week, you’ll get:

* HD VIDEO LESSONS: full HD videos you can stream from your laptop or phone, with playback speed control so you can learn at your pace

* WORKSHEETS, SLIDES & PDFS: if the video has slides, or discusses a certain piece of swipe, you’ll get a file to follow along. Or, if there’s a link to something, we’ll include that inside your portal.


BONUS #1: Live Over-the-Shoulder Email Writing with Ning


Because there’s no faster way to start getting paid clients… than by getting good at emails. Because you can pick it up quick (especially with us showing you exactly how).

Inside this 90+ minute video… Ning goes HAM — showing you exactly how he writes an email from scratch. In this case, it’s for a real working offer: a health supplement for menopausal women. Discover how to come up with subject line ideas… click-worthy hooks… impossible-to-ignore stories… and more.


BONUS #2: Ultimate 35-Point Checklist for a High-Converting Sales Letter


Don’t know where to start? Or what section of your sales letter should go next? Or – God forbid – if you’re missing a key section or objection your prospect has burning in their mind? With this detailed checklist, nothing will slip past the goalie.

This thing could be a standalone product and sell thousands of copies. In fact, that’s a pretty damn good idea we might pursue. But today, act now and you’ll get it as a thank you for trusting us to help catapult your freelance career into a pile of cash.


BONUS #3: Step-by-Step Research Guide for a Long Form Sales Page


What’s the #1 difference between the top A-list pros and the average run-of-the-mill writer? Research. When you do this right, you know what to look for, when you have enough information, where to turn rocks over, when you have the right information, and how to do it FAST (some writers we know can finish research for a 10K-word sales letter in 4 hours — many take 2 weeks!). This guide takes you by the hand and shows you the literal links to enter, to find a goldmine of your target audience’s deepest fears, desires, challenges, and dreams.


BONUS #4: Upwork Profile Optimization Training


Upwork is an SEO, just like Google. That means you can leverage relevant keywords, phrases, and tags to increase your visibility in the search results. In this training, Austin shows you the simple steps you can take to maximize your profile relevance and snap to the top of the list (or at least higher on it) when clients search for copywriters on here. Think of this as a “hack” you can use so more clients see your pretty face on the page, and ask to hire you.


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Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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Download Ning Li & Austin Lee - Zero to $6K Download Ning Li & Austin Lee - Zero to $6K
Download Ning Li & Austin Lee - Zero to $6K Download Ning Li & Austin Lee - Zero to $6K

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