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Dec 19, 2013 | Facebook Ads

Facebook Is Now Capable Of Delivering Leads, Buyers and Sales In Volumes Not Possible Even 3 Months Ago.

No other traffic source in the last 5 years has brought ME more customers for less money. Facebook advertising is working 4X better than ever before, and for more people than ever before.

Wall Street handed Facebook its own head on a platter when it realized that it was all cloud and no rain.

But during the last year Facebook has been busily pounding the slag off its ad platform, lifting restrictions, adding ad formats and making Facebook ads work on mobile phones.

And it’s working.

Facebook for most businesses has frankly been a waste of time, and I wonder if anybody besides me noticed that the economic crash of 2008 perfectly coincided with Facebook taking over the world.

But the good news is, their millions of fans and customers are now easy targets for every advertiser in the world who knows the insider secrets.

I and a number of my friends and customers and are acquiring customers on Facebook very profitably. Facebook ads are now my #3 source of new customers, behind Google and affiliates.


Because I Have A Secret Weapon

My secret weapon is a Planet Perry member named Keith Kranc (“Kranz”).

Between his own secret sauce, a chaos-theory method involving news feed ads, re-targeting and audience matching – especially with Facebook dramatically adding features during the last 6 months – Facebook has become a lean mean advertising machine.

Reluctant to Become a Social Media Drama Queen?
No Problem. Here’s Why:

You don’t have to be a circus entertainer or drama queen to make this work, either. In fact it may help if you’re not. This morning I talked to a long-respected copywriter who’s been creating ad campaigns for 34 years. He said, “Every magazine and article I read, everyone’s talking about Social Media this, Social Media that. I cannot POSSIBLY keep up with it.”

I said, “Bob, you don’t need to, because here’s the deal. It’s still about the same thing it has ALWAYS been about: Buying eyeballs, getting transactions and banking the dinero. Yes, Social Media is cool and going viral is cool and all that. But that doesn’t pay the rent. What pays the rent is ACQUIRING CUSTOMERS and SELLING THEM STUFF.

He knows how to do that very well.

He, like many Planet Perry people, is a guy who prefers to hide in his cave, buy the clicks and present the Irresistible Offer.

He doesn’t want to socialize. (I’m not sure he even likes people all that much. Especially on wet Wednesdays in November.)

He doesn’t want to LIKE and TWEET and COMMENT and schmooze. He wants to insert quarters in the slot machine, pull the crank and scoop the money off the floor.

Marketing is putting $1 in and getting $2 out. And that is what we are teaching here.


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Download Perry Marshall - 80/20 Facebook Express (REQ) Download Perry Marshall - 80/20 Facebook Express (REQ)
 Download Perry Marshall - 80/20 Facebook Express (REQ)  Download Perry Marshall - 80/20 Facebook Express (REQ)

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