80/20 Life Hacks
21 Automatic Shortcuts to Bigger Success

You won’t even need all 21 shortcuts.

Skip 18 and pick THREE!

Dear Marketing Professional:

Those who possess the right hacks succeed by accident more easily than most folks succeed on purpose.

There are TWO secrets to hitting your goals and resolutions for 2014:

  1. Use SYSTEMS INSTEAD OF DISCIPLINE to enforce the new patterns in your life
  2. If you must develop a new habit, choose a habit that requires LESS discipline than your old habit required

Example? Here’s one from my own business…

The business “dashboard”. My dashboard tells me what and how my business is doing RIGHT NOW.

My dashboard delivers the 5% of information about my company that tells me 50% of what’s really going on. It automatically steers me in a better direction every day. No more wasting hours hunting, emailing and phoning staff with requests for info. No more pecking and dumping stuff into spreadsheets.

It frees me to think bigger. And make superior decisions. Vastly superior.

In our webinar series, “80/20 Life Hacks” I’ll share the numbers I keep my eye on, and the technology I use to deliver the info.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg cuz we’re delivering 20 more.

Here Are Just A Few of the Life Hacks My Staff is Ready to Deliver…

  • How to Build Positive Feedback Loops. Direct marketing is all about feedback. 80/20 is all about feedback. But most marketers only pay attention to negative feedback. But the real “next level”, profit-boosting info is in the positive feedback. We’ll show how to build game-changing “positive feedback loops” into your to your business and your personal life.
  • There is no 20% without a 100%. In Planet Perry we talk a lot about cultivating the top 20%, that top 1% of your customer and prospect list. But you have to grow the 100% to in order to grow the 20%. We’ll share our systems for strategically growing the 100%.
  • My super secret system for making my books and copy silky-smooth, readable and engaging. If you do a lot of writing, this one hack is worth the price of admission. To date I have only shared this with my highest level clients and Roundtable members. This is how I slide down the split testing curve and get “winners” faster and cheaper.
  • How I begin every day with $100,000 per hour work. My “downloads from the head office” system that I’ve rarely talked about publicly.
  • Travel Hacks from the Planet Perry road warriors. Matt Gillogly and John Mendocha share their secrets for sucking the stress out of travel.
  • How to drain the water from your day in order to expose the “rocks” that block your flow. Jack Born delivers his day-to-day business hacks.
  • How to make your procrastination work for you. Turning Parkinson’s Law (“work expands to fill the amount of time to available for its completion”) upside down, to be more productive.
  • How to build Micro Masterminds to ensure you’re moving toward your goals…all of them.
  • How to make over 50% of your income in 25 minutes a day… Matt’s favorite technique for identifying and exploiting the 5 to 10-minute windows where you produce 90% of your profits.
  • When and how to over-respond. How Bryan applies the Victor Kiam approach (“I liked it so much I bought the company”) to business and personal situations to maximize positive impact and insure against future negative results.

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Download Perry Marshall - 80/20 Life Hacks  Download Perry Marshall - 80/20 Life Hacks
 Download Perry Marshall - 80/20 Life Hacks  Download Perry Marshall - 80/20 Life Hacks

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