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Oct 30, 2014 | Marketing


“I Know I Need to Implement 80/20, I Just don’t Know Where to Start. Where’s the 80/20 for 80/20? I Need Direction, Assignments, Accountability. Where to Get Started. Etc.”

Why Is it So Hard to Bridge The Gap Between 80/20 Theory and Gritty Reality?

Dear Marketing Professional:

Do you know you need to apply 80/20…but don’t know where to start?

Or worse, are you afraid that if you start applying 80/20 in the wrong place or the wrong time or in the wrong way, you’ll do more harm than good?

Would firing your worst customers, take you from four clients down to two…and be business suicide?

Is it hard to choose which tasks, projects, actions, opportunities are the high leverage ones?

Do you feel like the proverbial dog who found two bones…afraid you’ll just go in circles trying to decide which one to gnaw on…until you drop dead from hunger?

Are you struggling to locate the “80/20 splits” in your business?

Has business dwindled the last few years to the point where you feel you must grab at 100% of your leads and opportunities, because grabbing only 20% would drive you to ruin?

Do you fight like a wolverine to get your paid traffic to convert?

Do you need to hire additional staff to make 80/20 work for you, but you’re afraid the money and time you’ll lose bringing them on will sap your profits before you ever get to that magical 80/20 “delegation payoff”?

Is your business no longer a growth business? Is your niche no longer a growth niche? Are you struggling to find a new niche?

Do you struggle to separate the wheat from the chaff? Do you secretly fear you’re throwing away good opportunities every time you “ignore” stuff? Are you afraid of losing revenue if you fire your bottom customers, vendors or products?

Are you asking “I know I need to apply 80/20…but darned if I know where to start!”

Great. Then here’s how we start…


Six Power Strategies That Will Earn You $1000 Per Hour, 2 Hours a Day, Every Day

SESSION 1: Generating Clients at Will. “The Mother of all 80/20 Strategies”…the One 80/20 Skill that Impacts All Others

This is the true key to a regular income stream. Even if you’re a genius at life-long relationships, even if customers stay with you for years, the ability to get clients at will determines your gravity in the marketplace. If you can’t get customers where you want them when you want them, you’re at the mercy of every whim of the marketplace. You ride crest and wave of economic turmoil. The people in your market know you’re just a minor player.

Getting customers at will has never been more challenging. Ten years ago, if you just knew how to buy clicks you were halfway there. Now, it’s only the beginning.

The problem with most lead generation techniques is, they bring too many low quality prospects who take way too long to buy. Today the #1 issue is SPEED.

Is there an element of uncertainty in your deal flow that’s killing you? In session one I am going to give you

  • TWELVE signals that you’re dealing with a real customer and not just a ghost.
  • A “Toolkit” for building offers that slice through the clutter and get peoples’ attention. (Hint: The “free report” of years gone by is dying of emphysema. Wheezing like a dying animal.)
  • My methods for markedly increasing front end revenue, so you can begin to build a solid list and customer base again.

If you are working this as a side business while running another business full-time, this session will be of paramount importance.


SESSION 2: How to Break Through Indecision, Get Clarity and See Exactly Where You Can Add $1,000/hour Sessions to Your Day. Every Day.

Do you sometimes start a task or item, thinking it’s good use of your time, and then when you’re in the thick of it, wonder if you chose the best thing to be doing?

Symptom: “I’m still doing $10/hour work. I still have the feeling of ‘must do it all’.”

Do you have a hard time LETTING GO of non-important stuff? Do you feel compelled and compulsed to “do everything”? Does it feel like you’re somehow leaving something undone?

Do you wish you could just consistently earn $100 per hour?

Is it hard to keep the lights on and keep the machine running, while somehow managing to find time to set up systems to outsource the less profitable parts of the business?

Do you feel like you’re not getting things done, checking Facebook instead of getting real traction? Jumping from article to article or scanning Twitter and the next thing you know the day is over?

Is it hard to simply STAY FOCUSED on what you really must do to move the ball forward?

Do you have to force yourself to re-calibrate on what is wanted and needed for today, constantly being drug away by time vampires and distractions?

The reason you are checking email – Gmail – Facebook – Twitter – pulling smart phone out of pocket and looking at it… is…. You don’t know what to do.

The enemy is indecision. Solving this would mean a huge shift in your business on a number of levels; and you will also be able to role model it for clients. We will spend a fair bit of time showing you how to solve this exact problem. This is not easy to do and the reason it’s going to work is – I had to do this on myself.

Then, I’m going to give you a brilliantly focused, almost infallible method for gauging the opportunities in your day, week, month and year. You have NOT seen this before. This is a whole new rhythm. A new litmus test for what stays, what goes.

Be warned: This is ruthless elimination. It will hurt. It will be painful. But it will work.
By the way: This is going to require you to figure out what you WANT to do that is different from working 16 hours a day. What do you WANT to do? Be thinking about that, cuz I’m going to ask.

SESSION 3: How to Stop Doing the 5 Things You Hate Most without Running Your Business into the Ground When Things Don’t Get Done!

Bryan had a conversation with a customer in 80/20 Productivity Express. The guy said, “That’s just lazy. Sometimes you just have to do stuff you don’t like. Deal with it. Accept it.”

Sure it’s true that some of the time and for some parts of our life we have no choice.

But for the highly productive entrepreneur that is a soul-destroying myth. It’s not true.

If you hate doing it, stop.

If you don’t want to buy your groceries, you don’t have to.

If you don’t want to empty your trash, you don’t have to.

If you don’t want to write emails, you don’t have to.

If you don’t like selling face to face or over the phone, you don’t have to.

If you’re good at it, but you’ve grown tired of doing it, you should stop that too. Even if you think you have no choice. In this session, I’ll tell you about how others wrested several “$1000 per hour jobs” from my stubborn grimy fingers, and liberated two hours a day from my schedule. By the way, this is not something I’ve revealed in public before. I’ve told other stories like this one, but this is a whole new layer.

We all have stubborn beliefs about what we need to be doing, or could do, or should do. And those beliefs are holding us back. They are holding YOU back.

Stop it. Now.

I will deeply challenge your beliefs about what your job is. This will most likely reveal key insights about what really is $1000 per hour work and what is $10,000 per hour work. Many people are being crippled as we speak by lucrative, profitable, perhaps even enjoyable work which nevertheless has become repetitive, monotonous or simply too time consuming.

Many others are crippled by $10 tasks (I think MOST people are in this category) that are holding them back from $1000 an hour opportunities.

In this session, I’m going to straddle the line between people who simply want to get in TWO HOURS PER DAY of $1,000 per hour work (that will make you a quarter million a year, so you can at least get an entry-level pass to the Nouveau Jet Set) and guys and gals who want to crack into seven figures.

Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous to dispense such valuable advice for a mere $299 but even if you’re a beginning entrepreneur burdened with $10/hour tasks, you need to see where the road map can take you. It will also give you a taste of Roundtable (which is closed until 2015).


SESSION 4: Making the Huge Leap from 0 employees to 1, Outsourcing on the cheap; Building a team, and Building a QUALITY team.

The first person I ever hired was a lady who, let’s just say, did not work out. Fortunately, her biggest crime was stealing a credit card to order a large pizza with everything on it. No big deal.

My 2nd hire was Jeremy Flanagan. Jeremy was a kick-ass hire. Jeremy is awesome.

My company would NOT be what it is or where it is today if it weren’t for Jeremy. No way, no how.

Who you hire is HUGELY important. Yes, for people who are rubbing nickels together to get it all done, you’re gonna get some shortcuts. But, once that is out of the way, we’re gonna talk about getting QUALITY people on your team.

This is going to be delivered as much by my staff as me. The more team members you have, the more exponential power you can get – and the more easily you can get drug into the weeds.

The cost of a bad hire is FIVE TIMES THEIR SALARY. I just had this conversation with Roundtable Member Susan Kruger this week. She reminded me, it’s true. The WRONG person on your team – or the right person in the wrong job – is deadly. I’m going to include several of my team members and we’re going to show you what’s been working for us. This is doubly helpful if you run a virtual team because virtual brings its own set of quagmires.

Finally: A segment on the CULTURE you need to build a quality team even if you’re only paying average wages.


SESSION 5: How to find the 80/20 in anything and everything – business, sales, numbers, spreadsheets, problems – FAST so you know WHICH ONE to attack FIRST.

The great management guru Peter Drucker said, “Half a loaf of bread is half a loaf of bread. Half a baby is a dead baby.” The tricky part about 80/20 is figuring out which parts of your business are loaves of bread and which parts are babies. There are some tasks that can be no less than 100% done.

I don’t consider this easy so I’m going to give you a set of criteria you can use. Perfectionism is often your enemy but at times it is absolutely necessary. 5% of what you do DOES have to be absolutely perfect. 25% of what you do doesn’t have to get done at all.

And the other 70% needs thought, discernment and attention. Most of us enjoy perfecting that 5% because it’s in our lane. It’s in our talent zone. It’s how you handle that middle 70% that determines whether you’re wheezing on the hamster wheel or enjoying the ride.

This is a hard core session on the arithmetic of 80/20.

We will go through actual examples from a half dozen different business situations, showing you the signals that yes, this really is a hinge that swings a big door. And this other thing? Just a decoy.


SESSION 6: How to Break through Your Personal Head Trash and Dig Yourself out of Mental Sand Traps. (This is the REAL Reason Most Entrepreneurs Never Implement 80/20 the Way they Should).

All the business strategies in the world will not work unless you’re ready on the inside to receive the rewards.

I could not possibly give you the totality of what you need without including this in the program. I have worked with so many people and seen so many wipeouts, spills and disasters; so many planes that are still chugging down the runway after weeks, months or years having never taken off (yes, people do somehow manage to turn 1,000 miles of runway into Route 66). I simply must do this.


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