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Jun 22, 2015 | Growing business, Personal Development

You’re working way too hard.

Too many hours, too many interruptions, too much trivia.

You’re far too focused on INCOME.

But worst of all, you’re not getting enough EQUITY.



Dear Business Builder:

How much money did you earn LAST MONTH from work you finished 5 years ago?

No cheating. If it took more than mere minutes for you to collect your harvest, you’re still working for your bread.

If you wanted to sell your business this year, could you?

Would any sane human being want it?

Could you hand the new owner the keys and walk away with your bag o’ cash? Or would they be dragging you out of bed 2 hours later to come in and fix the next crisis?

Are you able to dispense a few minutes or hours of advice, and get a large, lucrative return on that money – not just in the form of income, but in real equity ownership that rises in value?

Are you a consultant who, like 99% of your brethren, owns title to nothing at the end of the day?

Are you only as good as your last client check?

Do you truly understand that when you have the right strategy, then the less you work and the more you make?

Are The Strategies You’ve Gotten Over The Last 5 Years Earning You More and More Freedom and Equity With Each Passing Year? Or Are You Caught In A Trap?

If you have any of these frustrations, stick with me because you’re in the right place.

I can count on one hand the number of times meeting someone has completely and utterly changed my perspective on business, life, and success.

There was the spring day in 1997 that I wandered into the Peoria Civic Center and heard Dan Kennedy talk about direct response advertising. A revelation.

There was my very first System Seminar with Ken McCarthy in 2002. That’s where I discovered Google AdWords – but far more importantly, it’s where I discovered a system and a process for selling anything online. Ken’s original model for a tested online sales funnel is still the foundation not only of my business – but of every single one of my successful clients’ businesses as well.

There was legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga’s once-in-a-lifetime event in New York City, where I probed the inner workings of “The World’s Greatest Copywriter.”

And then there was a recent meeting in Portugal, with a complete and total business master – that has forced me to re-think and re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about what success in my business (or anything else) looks like.

That, along with a Memo from the Head Office – as you’ll learn – it was time to:

“Re-engineer your very existence as a business leader. Transform your entire way of thinking.”

I’d been searching for this lesson my entire business career. Even way back in my Amway days. (I think this is actually a lesson every business builder is searching for.)

Perhaps it’s a case of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

When I was in Amway, the mantra was: ‘Work 15-20 hours a week for 2-5 years and you’ll have a walk away income for the rest of your life.’

My rose-colored glasses shattered when Jeff Probandt, an insider, “came out of the closet.” He posted a tell-all website in the early days of the Internet. It said yes, it’s true, my mentors go on cruises and drive Cadillac and Mercedes automobiles and live in beautiful homes with swimming pools and 4-stall garages.

But they also work 50-70 hours a week, not 20. They check their voice mail constantly, and they’re always up to their eyeballs in some kind of crisis. And the minute they stop frenetically paddling, their whole business starts to unravel.

A squirrel cage. Hamster wheel. Rut. Routine. Treadmill. Trap. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s something you can’t extricate yourself from.

When you were wet behind the ears, when you were a newbie in the entrepreneur world, how many times were you promised “passive income,” “residual income,” “turn-key simplicity,” and a chance to do something once and get paid for years?

Do you remember the day harsh reality crashed in? Do you remember how after you ‘grew up’ and realized 99% of those promises were hype?… Do you recall how many more times you were admonished to “stop trading hours for dollars” and “stop working in your business and start working ON your business” and let automation do the work for you?

Jonathan Mizel, one of the smartest marketers I’ve ever met anywhere, once said, “Once you get to a certain age you say to yourself, ‘I’m tired of hustling and chasing deals all the time. Eventually you want to have a business that just generates cash.”

Haven’t we all eventually reached the point where we’re sick and tired of hustling and chasing deals all the time?

Jonathan is the guy who said, “I got out of the guru business because I got sick and tired of my students making five times as much money as me.” He only spends about 10% of his time being a guru now.

Has the day come and gone when you realized the machines aren’t working for you, it’s you working for the machines, along with all the other worker bees?

Are you making a comfortable income with a respectable business, yet at the end of the day you know you’re not actually getting anywhere?

How many people who ever made you promises of residual income were truly “walking the walk” and not just selling books and tapes?

Have you noticed that all of them are, in one way shape or form, “Motivational Speakers”?

Q: Why do they all need to be motivational speakers?

A: Because at the end of the day, every single one of them teaches you how to hustle.

I’m happy to say I’ve never offered anyone false promises of total financial freedom and autonomy. I’ve only promised my members and clients that I would get them more customers for less money.

And I have MANY success stories. Many. They’re plastered all over my website.


Why Aren’t You More Famous?”

Even though his 80/20 book sold a million copies, other titles are virtually unknown. Richard has zero interest in attempting to become the next Facebook or Twitter business socialite.

We talked at length about his books and his ambitions. He insists Venture Capitalists are under-rated because they have made some of the world’s biggest success stories of the last 20 years possible. Google and Facebook for example. He says they need to raise their standing in the world.

He wondered aloud: “Why doesn’t Great Britain have an Apple or Google or Facebook or a Microsoft? Britain has the resources. She has the people and education level and the talent. I hope to somehow inspire or empower some entrepreneur to create the next British Apple.”

Most of all, Richard wants to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, wherever they hail from.

Richard has made his money not by investing in big companies but by investing in savvy entrepreneurs and great ideas.

That’s because huge growth numbers only come from big companies while they’re still small.

And guess what:

Richard liked the idea of doing a seminar!

We had already been kicking this around for quite some time, but I’d never felt satisfied that we had the right idea. Our original approach was an “80/20 Seminar.” But I already did one of those 5 years ago. And even though we have certainly not said all that could be said, we’ve put a lot out there. Richard had already been banging the 80/20 drum for a long time anyway. He’s moved on to more advanced ideas.

But Why Would Richard Even Want to do A Seminar in the First Place?

There’s not a lecture hall on earth that’s actually in his pay grade. The top keynotes in the world – former presidents and Nelson Mandela grade guys – command $250,000 per speech. Considering they have to board an airplane and stay in a hotel, they’re only probably making $25,000 an hour. Richard makes $100,000 an hour for at least one hour every day. Plus he doesn’t enjoy traveling.

(By the way… a big reason why universities give people honorary degrees is to avoid paying their huge fees when they want a notorious commencement speaker. If you want to get an honorary doctorate someday, raise your rates.)

Why on earth would Richard want to do a seminar?

Several reasons, actually.

Books don’t pay either, but he still enjoys writing them. It’s part of who he is. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not interested in working for free. But he is concerned about legacy.

If you read his book Suicide of the West, you know he’s also concerned about the future. OUR future. He also loves knowledge and insight – especially the kind you get when you bring the smartest people from all over the world together in a room.

There are other reasons beyond those intangibles:

  • His agent and publishers have been urging him to do this for some time. Live events create vital visibility for authors. I believe Richard should be a lot more famous than he is.
  • A seminar is an unparalleled talent magnet. Richard knows that 1-5% of the people who come to a seminar like this have tremendous potential for investment and future working relationships.
  • Richard and his New Zealand colleague Geoff Vautier have long dreamed of building an 80/20 community. Not just some online discussion board, but an active, living, thriving network and brotherhood.
  • A seminar fosters tremendous conversations and networking. Billion dollar businesses may be born in the bar over rounds of Guinness.
  • A partnership between himself Richard and me Perry – two passionate 80/20 guys who believe in d-e-e-p principles and the elegance of simple truths – could be wildly productive. We hail from different generations and different cultures, but we share so much in common, it’s downright scary.
  • Fascinating things happen whenever you bridge two worlds. What happens when Richard’s British reserve, corporate track record, consulting acumen and financial consulting ability meet the youthful, ambitious, daring start-up spirit and marketing precision of Planet Perry?

We’ve decided on a two-part conference, to be held September 28-30.

Day 1: Richard’s “60 to 20 Liberation Formula” – The 80/20 approach that anyone can use to cut their labor from 60 hours a week down to 20. This is Richard’s 80/20 Philosophy of Time.

I did an 80/20 seminar 5 years ago, but this new information is vital because Richard has never presented this in its entirety anywhere in public. There is nothing like immersing yourself in 80/20 Time for 24 hours.

If Richard can grow his $200 million 30% per year working 1-2 hours a day, you can make what you make, or more, cutting your hours in half.

You Don’t Need Money to do This.

Richard will deliver not only the tools and the techniques but the MINDSET that will transform your habits, your work, and your environment so that the ONE thing you choose to focus on each day gets accomplished and thus merits you taking the rest of the day off, if you so choose.

You’ve been to plenty o’ seminars. But nobody who’s worth a hefty fraction of a billion dollars has actually taken you inside his head. Ever. This is unlike anything that has ever come before. And again, you don’t need to have Big Money or Big Resources. Heck, you could be a sales guy on commission and just this one day will transform your entire existence.

Day 1 is $1500. Cheap. An extended seminar including a special evening session and a sequence of supporting lessons and materials leading up to the event. That way you will be up to speed with what he’s already written before you even show up.

If you elect to stay for Day 2 and 3, you’ll get treated to the world’s most unusual Financial Authority seminar ever delivered. Highly tactical, deeply actionable, yet utterly strategic. The micro and macro, all together.

It’s like getting a slice of Warren Buffett’s wisdom at a bargain price 20 years ago.

Because days 2 and 3 are about:

The knowledge, habits, tools, mindset and OPPORTUNITY FILTERS you need to build a SUCCESSFUL CAREER into a

Before Richard founded LEK, he owned nothing but the ideas in his head. He was just like a million other sales guys or consultants who say to themselves, “I’ve done OK so far, and I live better than most. But it’s uninspiring and I’m still banging around in this squirrel cage. I know I can do better than this!”

Richard said to himself, “I’ve watched Bruce Henderson come in and out of his office impeccably dressed, take a few phone calls and enjoy long leisurely lunches with seemingly not a care in the world, while everyone under him hustles 60-70 hours a week – and I’m tired of working 60-70 hours a week. I wanna be like Bruce.

“In fact, I am GOING to be like Bruce. I am going to figure out how it’s done.”

He took ruthless stock of what was working, and what was not working in his own life, and he became a ferociously devout student of great men, brilliant geniuses.

As “Ivy League” as many of the consultants at Bain and BCG were, few were astute enough to learn the secret work habits, attitudes and opportunity filters of their own bosses.

But Richard was.

That’s why he’s worth nearly a quarter billion today.

What You Will Get From This Seminar

  • A state of the art, 2014 treatment of his absolutely killer STAR PRINCIPLE. This is the strategy he uses to bat 50% where most Venture Capitalists bat 10%. He will explain the system, but updated, streamlined and refined based on the additional 5 years of experience (and $100 million of net worth) that he’s accumulated since his book of the same title was sent to the printer.
  • Richard’s concept of DISRUPTION which has three components: Disruptive Simplification, Disruptive Sophistication, and Disruptive Optimization. Most people probably have a vague idea of how these three concepts can work; but almost nobody realizes how to approach markets and businesses in the proper sequence. When you do this properly, you jolt your market out of its stupor and leave competitors reeling. For example, old fashioned bookies will never recover from the Disruptive Simplification that Richard’s darling company Betfare wreaked upon the niche it’s in.
  • You will discover exactly why most attempts at “outsourcing” and “reducing hours” never quite seem to work. You read 4-Hour Work Week what, three years ago? And you’re still not working four hours a week. Why? Richard is, after all. What’s the difference? He’s going to tell you. Richard is heart-attack serious about YOU whittling your work week from 60 to 20. You will never achieve the equity gains you really desire when you’re busting your ass 60 hours a week. You need the space to think, and to SENSE what is going on around you. You must have space. Otherwise you’re dead. (If you doubt me, ask your spouse.)
  • You will also discover why simplicity is never enough. This is the real downfall in the “4 hour work week” as most people attempt it.
  • Four types of money and how each is radically different from the other. Especially in terms of… simplicity.
  • When you should ruthlessly simplify and when you should bomb your competitors with a bucket of sophistication bricks.
  • Why most innovations do the exact opposite of what was intended (this is why projects spiral out of control and two years later you’re still trying to figure out how to get that thing launched, throwing good money after bad).
  • Why, contrary to common entrepreneurial common sense, it’s an enormous advantage to BE the lowest-priced player in a commodity market! “Info marketers” and consultants are always striving to be the most expensive, and to an extent that is good. But Richard approach is completely different. He’s going to show you how even when you are the high end player, the most esteemed in your market, the EQUITY play usually means turning in the opposite direction. This seems like driving the wrong way on a six-lane freeway, and it is! But will make you extremely wealthy when you take that voyage in the right vehicle. (It’s fun to watch the SUVs go flying in every direction.)
  • Goliath’s Challenge – How you maintain and extend market leadership. Steve Jobs said, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.” Very few entrepreneurs practice creative destruction within their own organizations. They’re too busy fixing stuff that’s broken for it to even occur to them. Richard will share eleven warning signals the number one firm in a market MUST be wary of.
  • David’s Opportunity – When you’re the bottom player on the heap, what chance do you have? Richard will show you how to disrupt and exploit the weaknesses that all #1 players have. (Which is what Goliath’s Challenge warns you of.) Richard is going to show you BOTH sides of this coin, so you understand how you can be exploited, and how to exploit. But he expresses this in language that is foreign to all the MBAs and info marketers out there. This is why you are at such an advantage when you come to this event.

Now there’s something else that’s crucial, a key to the whole entire enterprise. And that is:

Richard invests in…

Companies like yours and mine. Online firms, offline firms, but in most cases startups or very young firms. And sometimes established firms that have languished.

He’s not like some hypocrite who talks about “free enterprise” and then spends all his money on MBAs and lawyers.

His darlings aren’t giant insurance companies. No British Telecom. No Lloyds of London. No Apple or Microsoft. Small and medium-sized service companies, restaurants, online concerns, manufacturers.

You Need To Start Playing An Equity Game Instead of an Income Game.

It’s not about what you make. It’s what you own when the music stops.

Very few people understand how to grow a business from pure start-up to big-bucks equity and longevity. Richard does. Also, Richard is not a Venture Capitalist. He’s a Private Equity investor. Which means he sees a very BIG picture. Richard looks at a $1 million company and he envisions more accurately than most people what it will likely look and smell like at $50 million.


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