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Now you can ditch the “dumb” lead generation
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Boost your opt-in rates

Create viral-quality opt-in devices

Convert leads to sales faster All while making your sales process
less complicated and less expensive…

Let’s talk a little about that old Lead Generation Funnel for a bit…

  1. You only deliver information…and nobody wants more information. Information is free. At least, that’s what your prospect thinks. 99.9% of information has zero value in your prospect’s head. Information is everywhere. If your funnel is delivering information, it’s time to get smarter.
  2. You only deliver one-size-fits-all information. If you’re providing a free report, white paper, checklist, or webinar, your prospect is thinking, “I’m going to get the same information that everyone else gets. It’s not customized to my situation and my needs.”
  3. You only receive the name and email address of a faceless prospect. A faceless prospect who might kinda-sorta be interested in what you have to offer. You don’t know anything else about that prospect when he or she opts in…the real work starts AFTER they opt in.
  4. You practically guarantee that your “information widget” will be ignored. I’ve said it for years, the dirty little secret of “lead generation funnels” is that NOBODY reads a free report or white paper. Why? Because it’s free. What value do people put on information? Zero. What value do they put on free information? Less than zero? How many free reports and white papers do you have sitting on your hard drive right now that you’ve never even opened? I’ve probably got hundreds.

This is why I’ve always preached the importance of a great autoresponder sequence to…

  1. Spoon feed the information in the free report back to them in emails (because they probably didn’t read it)
  2. Rack the shotgun to find out who is genuinely interested in what you do,
  3. Find out who can afford what you do
  4. Find out who has a “bleeding neck”, and buys into your way of thinking and doing business.
  5. Segment your prospects into groups so you can talk to each group at the correct frequency, urgency and interest-area.

For years I’ve told you that autoresponder email marketing is THE most important component in the lead generation process. I’ve told you that, while many people know me as “The Adwords Guru”, the real secret of my success is autorepsonders. And I’ve always touted the AR Maze, since there was never an easy alternative to accomplishing what ARs and a monster-sized sales letter can do.


ScoreCard Sales Funnels™ give you the power to…

  • Increase your opt-in rates by delivering more than just information. Now, when a prospect comes to your site asking “Is this right for me?” you can help them answer that question. Rather than saying “here’s a free report, go do some more work to figure out if this is right for you”, you can say, “here’s an answer to the very question you’re asking in your head right now”.
  • Increase your opt-in rates by delivering customized insights. Now, when a prospect comes to your site, you can deliver customized, personalized insight. Your prospect thinks, “This is not one-size-fits-all, this is about ME.” And, oh, how we love the sound of our own name!
  • Speed your time to sale by segmenting your prospects into high/medium/low quality prospects. Rather than stepping them through an autoresponder maze and hoping they click and get tagged into the right sequences, you can do most of that sorting right up front…and begin delivering customized messages based on specific prospect characteristics that they have given to you in the first step!
  • Speed time to sale by increasing the likelihood that your follow-up sales messages, free reports, white papers and webinars get read and watched…because prospects know this is customized to them.
  • Lower your cost-per-sale by weeding out the time wasters and tire kickers that gum up the works of your sales machine.


I can’t overemphasize that last point. If you have a REAL business, then disqualification is far more important than qualification. Guarding yourself and your staff against prospects who are NOT a good fit for what you do is more important than finding new prospects who are a fit.


Because the time wasters keep you from spending time with your best prospects. Keep you from finding more good prospects. Run your energy level down. Increase your stress level. And heaven forbid if one of these bad prospects makes it through your funnel and becomes a customer.

The 80/20 principle. 80% of your problems, complaints, refunds, stresses and pains in the butt come from 20% of your customers. You must have a system that gently, but firmly, weeds them out at the very first step, if possible.

Most marketers don’t have the guts to do this. They’re perfectly content to just let everybody in the “front door” and hope they can sort them all out later. Volume of leads is king. It’s short-sighted. It’s the very antithesis of 80/20. Having the balls to slam the door early gives you an edge over your lazy competition.

Your ability to attract is proportional to your willingness to repel. Your willingness to say “This is not right for everyone,” and then prove your willingness to turn poor prospects away, can do wonders for your credibility and authority. Being able to say “I don’t work with everyone…you must qualify to do business with me” can provide you with leverage. It puts you in control of the sales process. When you go to a doctor, he has you take off your clothes and fill out a form on a clipboard…who’s in charge of that interaction? Exactly. Scorecard Sales Funnels™ can give you the same leverage and credibility…which leads to…The Power to Charge Higher Fees.

A clunky, expensive, sales funnel means you haven’t sorted people or gotten down to their CORE needs. So, you need lots of AR messages with elaborate tags and mazes and a 27-page sale letter. Why? Because you need to address EVERY BENEFIT and EVERY OBJECTION… because you don’t know which benefit and which objection is most important to which prospect. Notice something about this letter? It’s only about 5-6 pages long. Ever hire a copywriter to write a “Long-Form Sales Letter”? What did that set you back? $10,000? $15,000? $20,000?

ScoreCard Sales Funnels can dramatically reduce the need for monster-length letters and dozens of autoresponder messages.

More Leads
Lower Cost Leads
Higher Opt In Rates
Higher Quality Leads
Pre-Sorted Leads
Higher Credibility and Authority
Faster Lead-to-Close Times
A More Affordable Marketing Process

It’s Intelligent Lead Generation. It’s ScoreCard Sales Funnels. And here’ s how it works.

ScoreCard Sales Funnels™ Do-It-Yourself Option.

You’ll attend a series of 3 instructional webinars where my team will step you through the ScoreCard Sales Funnels™ development process…

  1. Market research
  2. Scorecard Design
  3. Funnel Segmentation
  4. Follow up design and templates

These sessions include hot seats and live Q&A in a small group setting. You will get the answers to your questions.

Participants will get:

  • A menu and flow chart for designing scorecards
  • A library of questions and question types that clearly separate buyers from non-buyers
  • Three different scorecard models with a clear understanding of what kind of market place they’re designed for

Course preview and screenshots

Download Perry Marshall - Scorecard Sales Funnels Download Perry Marshall - Scorecard Sales Funnels
 Download Perry Marshall - Scorecard Sales Funnels  Download Perry Marshall - Scorecard Sales Funnels

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