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Dec 11, 2013 | Getting Clients / Consulting

You Will Not Drive Traffic. You Will Not Create Unique Content.

Yet You Absolutely Will Win Local Client After Client Doing The Most Basic Thing Possible…

What I’m about to share with you… will change your life if you let it. Specifically, you’re going to discover…

  • A stockpile of clients hiding in plain sight – who are ripe for the most basic service that ANYONE who has been doing Internet Marketing for more than a week can deliver!
  • A service that will almost immediately pay for itself – because these “plain sight” clients we help already have tons of prospects… they just aren’t converting them!
  • The most ridiculously basic “plug and play” approach you can use TO help them convert just a fraction of their “waste” – that fraction, however, will make it worth for them to pay you hundreds, or thousands of dollars.

Step 1: We Only Target Business Already Ranked High In Google


First, nobody else prospects them…so it’s easy. Second, we want to avoid doing any SEO services ourselves (too much work!), so this bypasses the issue. Third… and most importantly…

These businesses are already getting web traffic. So we don’t have to worry about doing that for them either. Nice!

Step 2: Their Website Must Have 1 Piece Of Repurposable Content

We don’t want to create any unique content – rather, we repurpose existing content they already have on their website.

So we grab a piece of content – and use it to create a free gift which we’ll give them that will BLOW THEIR MIND!

It’s great because this ‘free gift’ we’ll create for the business owner… who is already on the front page of Google… is a gift they will instantly see the power in.

It’s a gift that will immediately excite the business owner with the potential. It will make them want to hunt you down and throw money at you, because it’s a gift designed specifically to get this response: “This is amazing! Can you help me use it?”

Step 3: Get Paid, Perform The Service

You can charge as little as a few hundred bucks to over $1,000+ for this service.

The service basically consists of creating a one page website from a template… and implementing one piece of code on their site.

Don’t worry, we show you how you can do this without even touching the site itself (you’ll love it!).



Point Blank Clients

We decided to call this system “Point Blank Clients” because these clients are right in front of you!

This is opportunity hiding in plain sight, and you’re awash in it. I don’t care if you’re in a small town, big city, in the United States or Uganda. Doesn’t matter. Heck, you could be shipwrecked on an island by yourself… and as long as you had a computer and an Internet connection, “Point Blank Clients” will work for you.

Let me break down exactly what you get…

Module 1 – The Success Module

We break down exactly how to go through Point Blank Clients so you can be successful in as little as 20 hours…

In addition, we give an overview of the content as well as putting in you the right mind state to get the most out of your investment.


Module 2 – The Prospecting Module

Here’s exactly how you’re going to become gorged with clients… including…

  • Which top ranked businesses are the best to target – there are literally thousands in any local area that are primed and ready to welcome you with open arms… and most importantly PAY YOU(!) for what you what you will learn in the service module (Module 4)!
  • How to use free tools to create the irresistible “client getting bait” – so in a few lazy minutes you have something customized to each business you want to get paid to help…
  • The deployment of our “client getting bait” – and how it appeals to ego more so than anything… (this is the secret sauce that gets results when all other things you might’ve tried in the past have failed!)
  • Forget Low Hanging Fruit! We give you a method where the fruit is picked for you and handed to you on a silver platter – just use our plug and play template and 90% of the “work” is already accomplished for getting as many clients as you want
  • And so much more!
Module 3 – Making The Sale Module

What your charge is mainly up to what you feel comfortable with. And that’s cool… What we mainly cover in these videos include…

  • ROI Calculation – how to base your fee uniquely to each client, based on the simplest of ROI projections (this is also a tool that makes easy to sell clients at higher price, or any price you wish for that matter!)
  • Framing The Value – how to structure a deal to make it an “either/or” instead of a yes/no – not only will this get more clients to pay you, it will result in bigger checks!
  • Setting yourself apart from web site designers and SEO jockeys. Never compete head to head with Front Page of Google Peddlers again.
  • And more!

Now that you got the clients, watch the videos in…

Module 4 – The Service Module

Here you’re going to discover…

  • The simplest little tweak we make to an existing client website… that makes the world of difference — (they will see the power in this before you even do it… so they’ll be happy to pay you for it!)
  • A certain type of “lead generation” capture page you can create to make yourself a “client mousetrap”… and simultaneously get people hunting you down, wanting to hire you to do the same thing for them (it’s so easy!)
  • How to drastically improve any local business website in a few minutes… without ever actually touching the website!
  • How to set up a free autoresponder service that will bring in big bucks (so simple, yet powerful!)
  • And more!

Watching the videos in the final module is optional… so if you decide you can view…

Module 5 – Advanced Module

Once you start kicking butt and taking names… and more importantly cash… you might want to kick it up to the next level. You can because you’ll know how to…

  • Side step the common mistakes that box you into only offering a single service… so instead, you can sell one client several different, high ticket services after you make the initial “Point Blank” Sale.
  • How to outsource some or ALL of the point blank client getting system
  • Additional prospect getting methods exposed for those who want to be able to take hundreds of clients simultaneous (not for the feint of heart!)
  • And more!

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