Ramit Sethi – Advanced Six Figure Consulting System

Jul 7, 2014 | Growing business, Marketing

Advanced Six Figure Consulting System

The Psychology of Growth
How to shift your mindset from “starting” a business to “growing” a business…and why you’ll never grow your business far without that shift
Unlock the 3 “growth levers” that doubled my business from 2011-2012
Master the psychology of growth and change from a “subsistence farmer” to an entrepreneur who’s “playing to win”
Professionalism: What it REALLY means and how to leverage that power in your business
Do you bounce around from one idea to the next? Get my tested framework for making decisions quicker and following through
How to stop being “too nice” for business and make real change happen

Moving Up the Value Chain
The exact steps to graduate from being an easily-replaceable commodity to a trusted, high-dollar advisor (including the exact words to use with your clients)
The unconscious mistakes we make that keep us working for low-value, overly demanding clients
How to move from your existing clients into a higher echelon of top-tier clients (without ruining relationships)
How to transcend the “bottom feeders” in your industry and get better clients, higher fees, lower turnover, lower stress…life is good at the top
Go behind the scenes into my IWT Lab and discover how I’m able to charge 100x my competition

Optimizing Your Revenue Model
Learn the 2 big shifts that dramatically boosted my revenue (doubling it from 2011-2012)…and how you can apply them to your business
2x, 3x, even 5x your business — without spending 2x the amount of time on your business (hint: I’ll show you the systems I used)
The “3 Revenue Multipliers” — the ONLY 3 ways you can increase revenue, plus how to maximize each
How to raise your bottom line using advanced fee structures, upsells, and customer reactivation strategies
How to turn 1-off business into repeat business and double or triple your Average Customer Value

Maximizing Your Marketing
How to avoid the 3 critical marketing mistakes most entrepreneurs make (again and again)
“Marketing Tactical Hell”: The specific tactics you can use to always know how you should be focusing your marketing efforts
My top 3 marketing strategies for systematic business growth
Too many business owners are focused on “trying to be 40 before they’re 40”. Find out why this mindset may be undercutting your marketing and why timing is everything

Systems & Automation
Revealed for the first time: The actual systems I use at IWT, including how I write tons of high-quality material consistently, and how the IWT team minimizes communication overload, and how we do it without burning out
My step-by-step framework for identifying, tracking and improving your own systems
Done-for-you systems on hiring, writing, time management, lead generation, and client management

How to Hire Top Performers
When you’re ready to bring on team members to help you grow…how to overcome the most common fears about hiring and unlock one of the most powerful levers in business
Learn from my $100,000 hiring mistake — the full, painful story
My 7-step process for hiring top performers. You can use this whether you’re a solo consultant or managing a team
How I manage remote teams — the exact tools and strategies I use

Guest Speaker Mike Williams: How to Sell High-Value Contracts
How to genuinely believe in your own worth so your clients never doubt your value (or price)
The simple way to position yourself so your competition is totally irrelevant
How Mike went from working for free in 2008 to signing a $72K contract in 2012 — the full story, including his tactics and pitch
Picking the right clients who will treat you as an investment, not a cost
The DO’s and DON’T’s of negotiating your fees…and how to always win in the long run

Guest Speaker Neil Patel: Consulting Lessons From the Front Lines
How to keep your clients happy so they keep coming back and refer more business to you
How to scale your team so you grow at the right rate for your business
The ideal contract: Everything you need to know about creating & signing dream contracts with great clients
When, why and how to form strategic business partnerships
How to find (and sign) great clients online

Plus, I’ve included these ready-to-use bonuses

6-Figure Hotseats — Watch as I help real students tackle their psychological barriers, answer tactical questions about how to close high-dollar deals, share my best objection-busting scripts, and guide them from “okay” results to more than doubling their business
Lightning Round Q&A — In this bonus lightning-round Q&A, I took the hardest questions from some of my most advanced students. You’ll get quick, powerful solutions to tough challenges in marketing, positioning, systems, and pricing
Exclusive 1-hour audio interview with Patrick McKenzie of Kalzumeus Software. This is just a sample of the master lessons you’ll learn…
How Patrick went from “I can’t do consulting” to charging 5 figures a week.
Moving beyond the idea that “an engineer’s time should be around $100 an hour”
How he became comfortable with sales (even though he’s an engineer by trade).
The difference between delivering a $30K service and a $100/hour service (and why it’s not that different)
The system Patrick used to cut down his customer service emails 90%
How Patrick maintains work-life balance

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