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Nov 27, 2014 | Personal Development

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We ALL have challenges talking to people.

We smile too much. We don’t smile at all. People get bored of our stories. They’ve called us bitchy. We apologize too much. We talk too fast. We talk too slow. We ramble…or we clam up and don’t say a word at all. We’re shy. We’re forgettable.

We chalk it up to genetics and say “that’s just the way I am.”

Until now.

If you’ve ever seen a friend walking towards you and averted your gaze…

If you’ve ever thought about what you said the night before and winced…

If you’ve ever felt like people see you as…

  • A people pleaser
  • An emotional basket case
  • A ditzy oversmiler
  • A rambler
  • An emotionless robot
  • A bitch
  • An awkward creeper
  • A chronic apologizer
  • A silent observer
  • A guy in the shadows
  • A buzzkill

Then it’s time to make a change.

You can change the way people see you. I’ve learned and systematically tested it with myself and my students. And now I want to show you how.

How to Talk to Anybody is 4-week, online, downloadable video course that shows exactly how to improve your conversation skills with ANYBODY… and be able to apply those lessons to EVERY conversation you have…naturally and automatically.

This isn’t mere theory. By the end of the course, you’ll feel comfortable talking to anybody around you — whether it’s setting limits with an overbearing family member, getting a stern boss to become your ally, or even deepening your relationship with your friends or significant other.

How to Talk to Anybody goes much deeper than simply “work conversations” or “pickup game.”

This course gives you the building blocks to talk to anyone, anywhere at anytime… whether it’s one-on-one or in a group setting, whether you’re trying to get a job or build a friendship. These skills are universally applicable during the most pivotal moments of our lives.

And unlike other skim-the-surface material, we’ve gone deep into the psychology of conversational skills at the highest levels.

We won’t give you cheesy lines to blurt out in different situations. Instead, we’ll show you how the best test and perfect a conversational style that’s all their own — and how you can, too.

How to Talk to Anybody includes:

  • Over 8 hours of conversation frameworks, tested tactics, word-for-word scripts, scenario plans and field challenges to practice in real life — all on video, all fully transcribed, all downloadable in audio/video formats
  • Hours of exclusive “Social Skills Teardowns” where I diagnose and recommend improvements to real students’ conversation roadblocks. You’ll get access to these extraordinary videos where you’ll see their social skills improve right in front of your eyes

Download Ramit Sethi - How to Talk to Anybody

Body-language analysis so you become 10X more interesting — without changing a word. I’ll walk you through examples of before-and-after body language, including “implementation rules” to apply them to your own style

Download Ramit Sethi - How to Talk to Anybody

Conversational scripts to accompany the video lessons. Use these scripts to kickstart a conversation and keep it going — authentically and naturally

Download Ramit Sethi - How to Talk to Anybody

It would have been easy for me to stop here and give you the video lessons, the teardowns, and the scripts.

But I don’t just want to give you a course. I want to give you a guide for living a Rich Life through the ability to talk to anybody. This is one of the most powerful skills you can possibly imagine. When you close your eyes and imagine the most socially skilled person you know, imagine what it would be like to be him for just ONE day.

How would people treat you? What would be different when you walked into a room? Would people stop and look up at you for just a second? Would you catch them staring and see them nervously look away? How would it feel to be in control and in command of the situation unfolding around you?

You can do that. It’s my goal to help you lead a Rich Life, and this is a core part of it.

That’s why I didn’t stop with just the coursework. I went even further with How to Talk to Anybody.

In less than 30 days, you’ll learn…

We distilled the most powerful conversational lessons, tips, strategies, scripts and exercises into a fast, step-by-step system. Most “naturals” spend YEARS learning this material by trial and error, thousands of conversations, and painfully awkward encounters. We’ll save you the time and hassle.

  • The powerful “Invisibility Cloak Method” to break through moments of shyness among strangers
  • How to make conversations more fun and engaging, using social experiments the “naturals” have been using for years
  • Natural ways to melt away awkwardness when starting conversations
  • My “SETHI Technique” to systematically improve your body language and 10x the impact of message… without changing a single word
  • How to “Earn Their Like” when you meet a new romantic interest, new friend, or a crucial business partner
  • A simple framework to ensure you’ll never run out of things to say again
  • My tested system for curating and cultivating your own “Story Toolbox” to tell stories people can’t stop listening to
  • How to entertain a group of people effortlessly while overcoming the challenges like interruptions, distractions, and large audiences
  • The exact exercises to build up your leadership “muscles” while staying true to your own style and personality
  • The art of a perfect introduction and what subtle actions you need to take afterwards to craft yourself as an unforgettable person
  • A 4-step approach to confidently walk into any event with warmth and charm, leaving people looking around and asking, “Who was that?”
  • How to gracefully navigate social blunders… plus word-for-word scripts to get people to like you even more, AFTER your “mistake”
  • The invitation system I used after I moved to New York City to get more invitations and Friday “hang-out” texts — includes exact scripts, emails, and text messages
  • How to be “Best Man” or “Maid of Honor” material with lifetime friends as your relationship changes in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

No fluff — this is real, practical, hands-on training

You don’t learn social skills from a book. In this course, you’ll learn the exact words, body language, and even subtle “connection” strategies to use.

And then we’ll show you how to practice these skills until they become second nature. We’ll start off with “low-stakes” practice, like with the local FedEx delivery guy and your barista. If you’re nervous, we’ll give you small “cheats” to use at first. Then we’ll go deeper, showing you how to blend these new strategies with your friends, your co-workers, even your family.

We’ll never give you vapid statements like “Be yourself!” and “Act confident!” In How to Talk to Anybody, we’ll arm you with every conceivable tool you need to learn how to connect with anybody. The word-for-word scripts. The hours of video teardowns. And even psychological “barrier busters” to help you catch and conquer the insidious barriers that keep us from improving.

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Download Ramit Sethi - How to Talk to Anybody Download Ramit Sethi - How to Talk to Anybody
 Download Ramit Sethi - How to Talk to Anybody  Download Ramit Sethi - How to Talk to Anybody

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