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Sep 29, 2015 | Personal Development

Finally…a PROVEN program that shows you

exactly how to transform your resume

and cover letter from ordinary to remarkable…

in one night.

Join my students who’ve mastered the 3 steps to turn your resume into an Interview Magnet.

You CAN skip the resume “black hole of doom”. Discover the powerful resume secrets that helped secure job offers at Google, Intuit, a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund and 100+ other companies:

  • Even if you don’t have a lot of experience
  • Even if you have holes in your resume
  • Even if you’re trying to switch industries
  • Even if you think you don’t have any accomplishments worth mentioning



Introducing the “Overnight Resume Makeover” Program

This new self-paced program gives you instant access to my absolute best material on writing a winning resume and cover letter. I’ve spared nothing, and I’ve included my best scripts, psychological insights, and even subtle tactics that I learned from the very best job hunters in the world. Including actual word-for-word resume and cover-letter templates.

You can transform your resume from mediocre to dazzling…in one night.

What you’ll learn in this program:
  • Actual winning templates of resumes and cover letters, including psychological breakdowns of WHY they work
  • Proven strategies for making your experience shine…even if you don’t have 10 years of experience
  • The SPECIFIC words to use in the first 5 lines of your resume to “control” what the reader sees (includes case studies of how I used this technique in the field)
  • How to quantify your value value …even if you work in a “soft” (non-technical) field How to ruthlessly kill the fluff and B.S. that chokes most resumes using the Plain-English Principle
  • Subtle tweaks to avoid being labeled a “job hopper”
  • Learn the 3 steps to turn your stale, dead-in-the-water resume into an “interview ticket” that sails past the unwashed-masses resumes you’re competing against
  • Often-overlooked areas of your cover letter and resume where you can stand out above novice applicants
  • How to use powerful positioning “triggers” to change industries
  • How to position “blemishes” and mistakes in your career so the focus stays on your strengths and talents
  • How to look your absolute best without stretching the truth. The tactics taught in this program are 100% ethical and hiring-manager approved. I personally stand behind everything I teach in this course.
  • “Storytelling Sales Secrets” and how to create a “story toolbox” to effortlessly engage with your prospective employer and rise head-and-shoulders above the competition
  • Actual Resumes and Cover Letters That Win — including my line-by-line analysis explaining WHY they work and HOW you can apply the lessons to your own resumes and cover letters. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use these proven models and scripts.
  • And more…

The Powerful Material You’ll
Get Instant Access To

I’ve packed this program to give you everything you need to turn your resume and cover letter from mediocre to masterful — overnight.

  • Full presentation of my best insights on writing winning resumes and cover letters. A 60-minute video presentation on how to craft the perfect resume and cover letter — including audio and a full transcript.
  • Actual winning resumes and cover letters. Including 5 actual resumes and 5 real cover letters that secured top jobs. You won’t find these resumes anywhere else because they’re directly from my successful students — students who used this very material to secure the jobs of their dreams.
  • Before-and-after case studies. I don’t just dump hours of theory onto you. I’ll show you actual before-and-after resumes and cover letters. You’ll see how my pilot students took my material and applied it to dramatically improve their personal documents.
  • Live resume teardowns. Watch me “tear down” real resumes on video…and dramatically reposition them to outperform people with 10 years’ more experience. You’ll learn the importance of positioning and a powerful narrative. And you’ll learn how to apply these techniques to your own resumes and cover letters. No matter your experience level or even if you’re changing industries.
  • Advanced videos on the psychology of hiring. Includes Q&A on the most common mistakes we make
  • BONUS! Two 60-minute Accelerator Coaching Calls. Listen in on two recorded calls with my top students as they ask the toughest resume questions they have…and I give them the exact language and strategies to land jobs at their dream jobs.

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Download Ramit Sethi - Overnight Resume Makeover  Download Ramit Sethi - Overnight Resume Makeover
 Download Ramit Sethi - Overnight Resume Makeover  Download Ramit Sethi - Overnight Resume Makeover

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Ramit Sethi – Overnight Resume Makeover Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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