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Here’s the truth: most people find writing sales copy intimidating.

You need to write persuasive sales copy. But is it possible to sell without being “salesy”?

Yes! Anyone can write friendly, heart-centered, yet persuasive sales copy, when you follow the carefully constructed system you’ll discover inside The Copywriting Academy.


Here Are the Proven Secrets of Writing Copy That Sells More Of Whatever You Sell…

If you aren’t yet making the “big bucks” in your entrepreneurial business… if your solo professional practice isn’t providing you with the freedom (and profits) you dreamed of… if you want to finally turn it all around… if your platform isn’t bringing you income… or even if you’re doing well but just know there is more

I’ve got good news: the Copywriting Academy online learning experience explains why…and what you can do about it. This 100% online learning experience is right for you if:


  • You want to tap the profit-pulling power of compelling copy, but don’t want to shell out $50,000 (or more) every time you need sales copy written.
  • You’re an entrepreneur or solo professional and want to write your own copy (granting you the power to create “cashflow incidents” on demand).
  • You want to train your on-staff copywriter in the secrets of proven direct-response copywriting that gets results.
  • You plan to hire outside pro copywriters, and want to know the “inner secrets” of their craft – so you can know for sure if you’re getting the real deal (and avoid getting ripped off!).
  • You’re a freelance copywriter who wants to learn dozens of new response-boosting tricks, the latest “social-friendly” copy techniques, and how to attract higher-paying clients by the dozen.



Download Ray Edwards - Copy Academy

How To Write Copy That Sells… Without Selling Your Soul

Let’s face the facts.

You know you need to write powerful, persuasive sales copy in order to sell your products and services. You probably know that you can change no other part of your marketing, but just replace mediocre copy with great copy, and sales skyrocket.

But there’s a problem.

The problem is most sales copy sounds sleazy and overhyped. We’ve all seen the crazy sales copy online that seems to scream “scam”. Maybe you are afraid that when we talk about writing sales copy, that’s what we’re referring to. Heaven forbid!

That style of copywriting may have worked at one time on the Internet, but its effectiveness is diminishing rapidly, and the power of that sort of marketing has already seen its day.

To succeed in modern times, you have to understand that your audience is smarter. They demand more respect than ever before. And they have always deserved it.

Today, the most powerful copy is heart-centered, not manipulative, yet powerfully persuasive communication.

It represents the convergence point of the needs of your customer, their desire for a solution, and the benefits of your product or service.

Communicating this convergence is the heart of powerful copy.

Before you disregard that as nice-sounding poppycock, stick with me. Consider this…


Here’s the Cost of Not Solving the “Copywriting Problem”…

What’s the potential cost of not solving your copywriting problem?


That can be the cost of not solving your “copy problem.”

Is it really that important? You bet it is. The words on your site sell your products and services -whether those words are typed out, spoken in an audio file, or form the script of a sales video.

It’s easier to understand the reason a web business fails if we first understand how it got messed up to begin with. Here’s how it happens for most online businesses:

  1. That same someone plans their businesses carefully.
  2. Then they slap up a website… usually a free one they got from their host, or one their nephew made them. And
  3. then they wait for the orders to roll in.

Guess what happens next?

Nothing, that’s what.

Most websites are like a Western Ghost town. You can practically see the tumbleweeds blowing down the empty streets.


Is It Possible You Are Only One “Salesletter” Away From Freedom?

One of my copywriting colleagues says “you’re only one salesletter away from wealth”.

I happen to think that’s true.

But let’s even tone it down just a bit…maybe believing you’re a “salesletter away from wealth” is a little too much of a stretch for you.

Can you get your mind around this: you very well may be one (or two or three) sales letters away from financial freedom.

Think about that: could one salesletter give you the freedom to quit your day job?

Could one successful sales letter pay off your debts?

Because I believe good sales copy is the one critical piece of leverage that can mean the difference between success and failure online… I call Copywriting a “Master Skill”.

Once you can write compelling sales copy, you can create money virtually “on demand”.



  • Need some cash for a vacation? Come up with a promotional idea, write the copy for it, and put your copy in front of your audience!
  • Tax man knocking at your door? Write some copy making a compelling offer, send the email, and watch the dollars flow into your inbox
  • Want to increase your income dramatically, without increasing your ad budget? Write a new piece of copy that converts browsers into buyers…and your bank balance fattens up like magic.
  • ust need cash FAST? Write copy for someone else and pocket $3,000 or more for writing a simple letter like this one! (I’ll show you how to get these clients)Gary Halbert (the late copywriting great) says there is “no such thing as a starving copywriter”. And when you enroll in the Copywriting Academy, you will…
    • Understand why some copy works and other copy fails. Knowing this can save you the heartbreak of writing “loser copy” that doesn’t make sales!
    • The Mental Radar Method for learning exactly what your prospects want, and knowing exactly how to say it in words that will persuade them.
    • 3 rookie mistakes that turn copy into a “Prospect Repellant” that sends potential buyers running away from you as if you had the plague. Are you making these mistakes right now?
    • Why some copy seems “cheesy” and “hokey” – and how you can make sure your copy never does.


    Module 1: “The Quickstart”
    Module 1 objectives
    Why Is Copywriting So Important?
    How to Structure a Sales Message
    Structure a Sales Message (EXAMPLE 2)
    Module 2: “Irresistible Offers”
    Module 2 objectives
    The 9 Kinds of Offers
    The 6-Step System for Writing an Offer
    Write Your Offer!
    Module 3: “The Persuasion Blueprint”
    The P.A.S.T.O.R. framework
    The Buyer’s Journey
    Use P.A.S.T.O.R. & Buyer’s Journey Together
    The Sales Copy Template
    The Sales Copy Checklist
    Module 4: “Headlines & Subheads”
    Importance of Headlines & Subheads
    Different Kinds of Headlines & Subeads
    21 Headline Templates
    Cool Tools & One Ninja Trick
    Module 5: “Fascination Factor”
    Persuasion Points
    styles of Persuasion Points
    21 Persuasion Points Templates
    Module 6: “Resistance Removal”
    Importance of Guarantees
    How To Transform A Weak Guarantee
    How to Create “Tipping Point” Bonuses
    Module 7: “Closing The Deal”
    Closing Copy: What It Is and Is Not
    “Closing Templates” That Get The Job Done
    Module 8: “Inbox Magic”
    The Power of Email Copy
    Keys To Emails That Sell
    Email Sequences For Maximum Sales
    The Six Figure Second Income
    Ultimate Copy Templates
    License To Steal
    Rapid Copywriting
    Video Sales Letters and Webinars

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