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Aug 13, 2014 | Growing business

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Who this ALL-NEW Training System is right for..

Beginners- Even if you don´t have a product, a list, or a clue, we will get you started on the right track to making your first dollar online.

  • Online Entrepreneurs – You´ll get my proprietary copywriting and marketing systems, which you can implement immediately. Proven tactics to get results in today’s competitive market.
  • Consultants – We’ll show you the best way to attract high-dollar clients who actually listen to, and implement, your advice.
  • Coaches – You get a marketing model that will keep you from struggling to find new clients, and allow you to focus more on what you do best.
  • Speakers – Discover how to structure your talks for powerful impact, and how to get booked for high-paying speaking gigs.
  • Grizzled Veterans – If you´re learning that the old work tactics don’t work as well as they once did, and you need a fresh approach that gets results, you will especially enjoy this training.

What if you could suddenly become…

  • Immune to economic ups and downs
  • Miraculously endowed with the most mystic power in marketing
  • Able to create cash when you need it, on demand
  • Impervious to stress about money
  • Invulnerable to the whims of demanding, rate-grinding clients…

And what if you could undergo this transformation not in years or even months, but in just a few weeks?

Here’s Exactly What You´re Getting With The “Profit From What You Know”

You get 6 video Training Modules. You will get a combination of live-action, whiteboard style teaching, plus screen captures showing you click-by-click what to do to build your business.

We will cover all the details, and leave no questions unanswered. At no point will you be left hanging, wondering what to do or how to do it.
Just some of what you receive…

MODULE 1: Permission To Prosper. Once and for all, we will settle the question of whether it´s okay for you to make money, and lots of it. Even if you think you already have this issue settled, chances are you´ve inherited some “cultural programming,: that leaves you with the vague suspicion that an order to do well, someone else has to do poorly. This is not true, and you will be certain of it once we complete this short but crucial module. As controversial as this may seem to some people, God does want you to prosper.

MODULE 2: How To Discover Your Message, Your Market, And Your Mission. For most people, discovering and distilling their message or topic is one of the most difficult steps they will take. I will walk you through a proven process to help you find your voice… Your message… The value that you bring to the world that only you are uniquely qualified for. And then I give you the templates for turning that message into an e-book, a bookstore book, and a killer keynote speech you can deliver at the drop of a hat. Never again will you be stopped when someone asks you, !,So what do you do?”

MODULE 3: How To Set Up Your Personal Digital Publishing Empire For About $100.

With so many confusing voices trying to convince you that you need to learn the latest social media tricks, search engine hacks, Google exploits, hypnotic selling techniques, stealth marketing, webinar “tricks”, etc. it´s hard to know what you actually need in order to set up your business. Tm going to give you the blueprint that l’ve used, and the dozens of my most successful clients and colleagues use, to run a platform based business. A business that is meaningful, driven by purpose, and imminently profitable. Show you step-by-step how to set up only the crucial parts you need, quickly and economically: why and how to set up your blog correctly, the easy and proper way to start a podcast, build an email list, maximize your presence on YouTube, and my exact system for using social media to grow my base of subscribers, followers, and fans. We will cover only what you need to know about the most important social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedln, Pinterest, and Instagram.

MODULE 4: How To Package Your Message. In order to profit from your message, it´s not enough just to have a fan base and a web presence. You´ve got to actually package your message into formats that can easily be sold. In this module. Till give you the language in the templates you need to create e-books, audio products, online courses and memberships. Till show you exactly what software to use, which buttons to click, and how to set everything up. You get fill-in the blanks templates that allow you to create your materials quickly and easily using proven structure and frameworks. We will even include a bonus advanced module, that will give you a template for doing higher-level product offerings like Live Events, Seminars, Workshops And Coaching Programs. While you do not need to start off with these more advanced offerings, these templates and instructions will be available for you when you are ready.

MODULE 5: How To Promote And Profit From Your Message. Why The final piece of the puzzle, once you have everything else set up, is how to actually get people to “visit your store” and buy your products. In this module, PII show you precisely how to get traffic (there are three kinds of traffic, will explain how to get the flow of each). You´ll discover the surprisingly easy for ways to build a big email list quickly (and I will show you, click by click, how to set up the campaigns, landing pages, and your email system… You can literally get it up and running as you work through the videos with me. Finally, will cover the all-important topic of “Conversion”… Turning visitors and browsers into customers and buyers. This is my sweet spot-PII give you my best copywriting secrets and yes, PII give you the templates that you can adapt and use for your own business. PII show you not only how to write text sales copy, but how to create winning video sales letters as well… How to set up successful offer funnels… Sequential marketing campaigns… And much more. And of course, everything will be templatitized for you.

MODULE 6: Permission To Prosper Revisited… And The Millionaire Mandate. In this final module, PII be tying it all together for you. You see, by joining this training you are not merely signing up for a “course.” You are joining a movement. A community. You´re becoming part of my mission to help foster and raise up 1000 “Millionaire Missionaries”… People who are committed to prospering with purpose, enjoying the process, and making the world a better place.

This is a complete, start to finish program for building a business. It will work for you if you´re brand-new, and if you´ve been around and successful for a while it will help take you to levels you only dreamed of before.

You Also Get These 4 Bonuses … Yours FREE

We are working hard to make this the easiest decision of its kind you´ve ever made. So we’re going “the extra mile” in supplying you with additional material for free when you register this week.

BONUS #1: The 10 Common Characteristics Of High Achievers

I have worked with most of the top names in this business, and l’ve had the unique opportunity to observe the habit patterns of our industry’s high achievers. I can tell you that there are patterns of behavior that I see repeated over and over. Knowing these patterns is like knowing the recipe for success. Think of it just like a kitchen recipe: if you follow the recipe exactly, step-by-step, you get the same meal as a master chef. in this module, Pm going to share with you the recipe for success I´ve learned from my clients, colleagues, and mentors.

BONUS #2: The 10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid

It´s also valuable to study the mistakes that are commonly made by people who fail… And even mistakes that are made by those who have succeeded. I can tell you that I myself have made a number of boneheaded mistakes that cost me a lot of money, a lot of work, and a lot of peace of mind. Just like those success patterns I mentioned in the previous bonus, there are some very common mistakes that trip people up in this business. Some of them are not obvious. All of them are important for you to avoid, and I will spell out the 10 biggest mistakes you must avoid if you want to succeed at the highest level.

BONUS #3: How To Use Systems To Break The Work-Money Link

Here is something you may not have thought about. Bill Gates does not work 1 million times harder than you do. Warren Buffett does not work for million times more hours than you do. Richard Branson is not 1 million times smarter than you are. So how is it they are able to work no harder than you, work the same number of hours as you, and not be much smarter than you (perhaps not smarter at all)…

And yet they make 1 million times more money than you do? One reason is they have learned to break the link that most people mentally make between work and money. It is not true that the harder you work the more you make. It is not true that the longer you work the more you make. It is not true that the smarter you are the more you make. Chances are, at some point your life, you work for a boss who did not work as hard as you, did not work as many hours as you, and was not as smart as you… And yet that boss made much more money than you. This module will show you how to break the link between work and income once and for all.

BONUS #4: How To Get 80% More Work Done In Just 20% Of The Time

Most people who know me know that I am a keen student of productivity techniques. The biggest insight have ever had about productivity is the application of the ::8020 principle”: that´s the scientific principle that shows that 80% of the results you get flow from only 20% of your activities. What if you could focus all your time on the 20% of activities that produce most of the results, and eliminate the 80% of what you do that really doesn’t bring that much money in the door. It would mean, among other things, that you could get 80% more work done but only work 20% of the hours. Think about that. How explain how to put this principle to work in your own business and life in this bonus module. Frankly, this module alone should pay for your investment in this training many times over.

Now those are some very valuable, very relevant free bonuses that were giving you. But I´m not quite done yet.

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Download Ray Edwards - Profit From What You Already Know Download Ray Edwards - Profit From What You Already Know
 Download Ray Edwards - Profit From What You Already Know  Download Ray Edwards - Profit From What You Already Know

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