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MODULE 1 – Set Your Game Plan: The Foundation for Growing Your Business with Facebook Ads

  • The Foundation for Growth & Automation:You’ll learn why Facebook ads are the easiest and quickest way to scale and automate your business today.
  • Creating Your Game Plan:Every profitable Facebook ads campaign starts with a game plan and one of the easiest ways to create yours is to start with your end goal and work backwards. I’ll take you through this process step-by-step, so you have a clear picture of a sales funnel that puts your profits on autopilot.
  • 5-Step Formula for Creating a High-Converting Sales FunnelYou’ll learn the key components of a 5-Step formula for creating an automated Facebook ads system that brings in leads and sales every day.
  • Master “Traffic Temperature”:When it comes to creating a profitable strategy, a critical part is understanding who you’ll be targeting your ads to. In this lesson we’ll dive into the who, what and why of “cold,” “warm” and “hot” traffic.
  • Pixel Best Practices:Facebook pixels are part of the foundation of your automated system of leads and sales. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to use them to maximize your profits and get the best results possible.
  • Know Thy Rules:Facebook has strict advertising policies, so you’ll want to be clear on what they are so you can keep your ads account in good standing.


Module 2 – Target

  • Who’s Your Ideal Customer?:Targeting is THE most important aspect of your Facebook ads system, because if you’re not showing your ads to the right people with the right message, you’re wasting your money. Here you’ll get laser-like clarity on who to target your ads to.
  • Laser Targeting Made Easy:Facebook knows A LOT about its users and we as advertisers get to tap into this data when targeting your ads. Understanding your targeting options will help simplify and ensure you’re showing your ads to your ideal audience.
  • When & Where:Facebook gives you several options for when and where you want your ads to appear. I’ll share with you the two areas on Facebook where your ads need to be for getting leads and sales every day.
  • How to Target Other Facebook Pages:One of the cool things about Facebook ads is you can target your ads to people who like other Facebook pages in your niche— hello brand new audiences of potential customers! This lesson will show you how to get the most out of Facebook’s “Detailed Targeting” function and more.
  • Ninja Targeting Strategies:This is where targeting your Facebook ads gets REALLY fun. You’ll learn the what, when, why and how to target your ads to people on your email list.
  • Retargeting Fun:My favorite and MOST effective targeting strategy! You’ll learn how to target your Facebook ads to people who have visited your website. Whaaat?! Yep, this is one of the best ways to lower your cost per lead and reach a very qualified audience.
  • Lookalike Audiences…Huh?:Did you know that you can target people with similar attributes as your Facebook fans, your email list and your website visitors? Yep, they’re called Lookalike audiences and they’re a critical part of your Facebook ads automated strategy.
  • Don’t Forget Your Friendly Facebook Fans:Targeting your ads to your Facebook fans is a great way to reach a very qualified audience on the cheap. Don’t leave this targeting option out with our simple step-by-step strategy on how to captivate this audience with your ads.


Module 3 – Launch

  • How to Setup Your Ads:In this lesson you’ll be introduced to the most powerful way to create your Facebook ads— say it with me “I love the Power Editor.” Power Editor is a free tool within Facebook that I recommend you use for your ads. I’ll walk you through exactly how to use Power Editor to create your ads.
  • Campaign, Ad Sets & Ads:There are 3 parts of the ads setup process— campaigns, ad sets and ads— and we’ll simplify each part, so your marketing strategy is setup for success.
  • How to Write Ad Copy that Converts:In this lesson we’ll simplify the 3 elements of highly converting ad copy, so you can write great ads every time. And, you’ll learn simple tricks for writing ads that connect with your target audience as well.
  • The Secret to Images That Catch Attention:An eye-catching image is key to attracting your target audience’s attention. You’ll learn what kind of images tend to perform the best and how to create them yourself while staying within Facebook’s ad policies.
  • The Power of Video Ads:Video is a great way to connect with your target audience because they get to experience you visually— and Facebook loves video! I recommend and will show you how to split test video ads against image ads to see what works the best. In this lesson you’ll learn the video format to follow and the ingredients of highly successful video ads.
  • Landing Pages that Convert:Every ad needs a landing page and in this lesson we’ll cover the elements of a high converting landing page. We’ll also take you through building a page in a matter of minutes with LeadPages. You’ll then use the checklist to finalize your own landing page.
  • How to Measure Your Conversions With Facebook’s Pixel:A critical part of generating leads with Facebook ads is knowing where they came from. By the time you finish this lesson you’ll be a pro at tracking conversions with the Facebook pixel.
  • Pricing & Optimization for the Win
  • How Much Should You Spend On Ads?


Module 4 – Optimize

  • Your Ads Are Running, Now What?!:I’m so glad you asked. In this lesson you’ll learn best practices for optimizing your Facebook ads for the best results possible.
  • Troubleshooting Poor PerformersIn this lesson you’ll learn the key metrics to look at when diagnosing a poorly performing ad and suggestions for fixing it. Follow the troubleshooting roadmap for step-by-step guidance.
  • How to Make Sense of Your Facebook Ads Reporting:Understanding Facebook’s reporting in the Ads Manager tool is a critical piece of your automated ads strategy. Depending on the success of your ads, adjust your budget, or pause the ads. Your Ads Manager will be your new best friend, you’ll learn tips and tricks for analyzing and interpreting your data to improve your results.
  • Best Practices for Scaling Your Ads


Module 5 – Nurture

  • The Courting Method:The key to selling your products or services with Facebook ads is building a relationship with your target audience so they know, like and trust you. We’ll dive into what this means for your business, so you set up the right follow-up strategy and you’ll have a list of excited clients ready to buy.
  • The Email Follow-Up Sequence:Since most people won’t whip out their credit card as soon as they click on your ad, adding them to your email list and following up with them via email is a great way to build trust a long-lasting relationship with prospective clients. I’ll show you the EXACT email sequence I use to further the relationship with my audience, so you will maximize sales and long term customer value. (Swipe files for webinar email sequences and “standard opt-in” email sequences included!)



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Bonus #1

Exclusive, Private Facebook Mastermind and Coaching Group

Network, generate ideas, get feedback and support from fellow entrepreneurs and business owners who are growing their business with Facebook ads right along with you. Ah-mazing interactive community hosted by The FB ADvantage team!


Bonus #2

How to Get Paid to Build Your Email List & Grow Your Following

Just getting started building your email list? Don’t have much of a following on Facebook yet? This bonus will teach you step-by-step how to get paid to grow your email list and grow your following on $5 a day with Facebook ads.


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