The Problem With Facebook Ads

Discover the ONE Thing You Need to Do Now or

Risk Your Entire Marketing Strategy Dying a Slow Death

There’s Too Many Ads Now!

We’ve become immune to them on Facebook, and just like me, I bet you hardly even read them anymore.

We’ve become blind to them….

and guess what?

So have your customers.

Even though the internet marketing gurus that sell their Facebook marketing courses will try to tell you otherwise, the real truth is that Facebook’s ad revenues are actually shrinking in most western markets. That’s right – shrinking!

According to Facebook’s annual report, they’re losing 18 – 25 year olds in droves who are switching to the latest apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram.

So it’s fair to say that unless Facebook can come up with another strategy to get teens to start using their platform, then it will be dead in 7 years.

Worse still is the fact that Facebook has become “Ad-book” ever since their stock market listing.

In a brave attempt to make money from the users, Facebook has sold more and more of our data to advertisers. This has resulted in a significant increase to the ads you and I see on Facebook.


Now there’s no getting away from it. Facebook is awash with people trying to sell their stuff.

This has disastrous consequences for you if you’re trying to sell online. As more people try to sell something on Facebook, the less people will look and pay attention.

Think about it.

When was the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad and purchased something? It’s probably been a while, if ever, and it’s likely you’ll take less notice of these ads as time goes on.

Of course, Facebook’s mobile ad revenues are stable. But have you ever purchased a product on your mobile from a Facebook ad?

I haven’t.

It’s clunky and I still don’t trust the technology, and the data from Facebook backs that up.

How about you?

So that means people are clicking on ads but those clicks are NOT leading to sales. That’s a recipe for losing a ton of cash.

Why Facebook is No Longer Cool

I know what I’m saying goes contrary to most of the internet marketing gurus who will happily tell you Facebook is “killing it” for them.

But honestly, look at the data yourself and you’ll see a much different story.

Who do you see on your Facebook wall selling stuff?

I’ll wager there’s a lot of those same gurus selling their over priced courses that try to teach you how to make money selling stuff on Facebook.

But let’s look at the actual data from Facebook and as you’ve seen, they’re losing ground not growing.

What You Need to Make Money Now

The question you ought to be asking yourself now is –

Where are the early adopters going to make their money online?

If you were already thinking along these lines – go to the head of the class.

Right now, there are three platforms that are being used by these successful early adopters and if you move fast, you can get in too. You can make money and exit before the other sleepy heads know what hit them.

Then you’ll be onto the next thing and make a killing there.

But before I reveal the three profit making traffic sources to you, let me show you some real stories with proven results so you know this isn’t some pie in the sky theory. This can be actual money in the bank for you!

Proven Strategies for Our Clients

It’s fair to say the strategies I’ve developed have made our clients extremely rich. Here’s what just a few of them have to say:

£10,000 profit for every £1000 I invest in ads
“It’s not often I find a team of people who do what they say they will do. So when Neil and his team approached me I thought they were full of hot air, how wrong I was! They set up my advertising online and now for every £1000 I spend on buying traffic I make £10,000 back, that’s 1000% ROI!”
Kerwin Rae

£270,000 Extra Profit
“…in this financial climate, we rely on the ROARlocal team to constantly improve our online business. So far this year they’ve added £270,000 to the profits of our business”
John Little

Added £165,000 to Our Business
“We saw a 20% increase in sales that meant we had to employ a new member of staff to deal with it added £65,000 to our business, we’re very happy.”
John Wilkinson, Prontaprint

Business Grown By 500%
‘…the best investment in my business I have ever made. I don’t think it is a coincidence that every level of my business has skyrocketed….grown by around 500%. I thought I was doing ‘ok’, but am now am very excited at what is actually happening and the incredible potential for the future.
Sarah Leather

Extra £18k Profit In Just 6 Weeks

“I count myself as a serious experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur… I would estimate that I’ve increased my asset base by well over half a million pounds and just ONE idea created an extra £18,000 extra PROFIT for my partner’s business in just SIX weeks! “
Debbie Bissett

Now you can see that our clients are making on a fortune on these platforms thanks to the strategies we’re implementing for them.

And so they should.

Our “all done for you” services start at £5,000 a month and our clients expect to triple their business as a result of working with us. And they do!

Is This The Right Fit for Your Business?

Based on the results they’ve seen, you can imagine that our clients are VERY happy…

But unfortunately not everyone can afford to pay £5,000 + vat per month to get us to look after their traffic generation for them.

The sad truth is our services are only affordable for people who are already making good money online…

Meaning the people that really need us, can’t afford us.

Which is why I wanted to let you know about my Traffic Generation Mentoring Program. I’m making it available specifically for those people who can’t pay £5,000 per month and who are struggling to be successful online.

I’m calling it:

Traffic Mastery

I created this programme as a solution for those people who are ready to take their business to the next level.

It’s the culmination of 12 years of building businesses myself and I’ll be showing you everything I know about getting an avalanche of targeted traffic from these three new hot sources to your business and offers.

Fair warning – this is not a nicey, nicey training programme where we all make friends and then you learn my secrets only to never apply them.

On the contrary…

I am limiting the number of places I sell to 50, so I expect everyone who has a place to take specific action.

What does this mean for you?

– If you bitch about someone in the group – you’re out. (I hate that shit!)

– We’re in this together. Our mission is to dominate the online niche you’re in or you’re thinking of going into.

That means we work together and MOST importantly it means we don’t leave anyone behind. If someone is not keeping up, we work as a team to help them.

We’ll have a private members area that everyone will use and you’ll be expected to provide a weekly update on your progress.

These are not your normal traffic webinars… as I said it’s a Mastery programme.

So if you’re not up for success deep down inside then I suggest you quit and get a 9-5 job. If you’re ready to go for it – then let’s do this!

Success is not for everyone and there are plenty of lost souls out there who say they want it but never do what it takes to get it.

However, if you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, I’ll be your guide.

Time to Get Serious

OK, I hope I’ve put some of you off with my little rant because I genuinely only want you in this programme if you’re ready to learn.

And speaking of learning, this is as good a time as any to tell you what I’m going to show you in my Traffic Mastery programme.

Traffic Mastery is going to take place over the next 4 weeks. You’ll get 1 training video per week (available in the members area), plus the recordings of our Q & A calls where I’ve given extra insights into these strategies for specific niches.

You’ll also get access to my business partner and online marketing professional, Matt Duggan. Matt will host a weekly call to answer any questions you might have.

The training videos will be available every 7 days after you join up, the first one immediately.

The videos will guide you through my traffic strategies and sources and the Q & A’s are there to help you apply it and make sure you have everything you need to move forward.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the First Week:

The Psychology of a Buying Customer
    • How to think about your customer, get into their brain, access their hidden desires and sell directly to them.
    • How to know where those customers are. It’s glib to say that in order to sell someone something, they have to see your sales message. Once you know how to find your customers online, it’s MUCH easier to sell them your products and services.
    • Creating your traffic map. Just like you wouldn’t head off to St Tropez for the weekend without a map of how to get there, I don’t start a traffic generating campaign without a traffic map. The map I’m going to share with you is the exact one I use to take businesses from $150K a month to $500K a month and more!
    • Creating a traffic testing system. I hate losing money and I’m sure you do too. So before I start any campaign, I test all my traffic sources to make sure they’ll make me a healthy profit.

I like the thought of depositing £100 at the traffic bank and getting £1,000 back a few days later!

How about you?

Week 2 is going to be MUCH different.

In this part of the course, I want to get into my first traffic source – LinkedIn.


Having just hit 230 million members, over 45 million visits a week, over 1 million groups and 6.3 billion searches in 2013, it’s pretty clear that LinkedIn is a marketing and sales powerhouse!

Most people get LinkedIn VERY wrong. They treat it the same as getting traffic on the Google network… this is a MASSIVE mistake!

When we use LinkedIn for our clients, it’s not uncommon for us to get 100’s of leads per DAY!

Stop for a moment and consider what you could do if you could get 100’s of targeted prospects into your business each and every day…

I’ll show you how we do that so you can follow in our footsteps.

Of course, LinkedIn is the daddy of B2B traffic, BUT I’ll show you how to use it to work in any niche, from dog training to health and beauty and much, much more.

Once you know the ins and outs of LinkedIn, you’re unstoppable online.

I’ll show you things on LinkedIn you’ve never seen and I’ll blow your mind with what’s possible.

We’ve helped clients triple their businesses just by getting them set up properly on LinkedIn.

It’s a bit of a pain in the ass to use BUT LinkedIn does that on purpose so they don’t get amateurs using it. My Traffic Mastery programme will show you how to be a LinkedIn master.

We’ll cover topics like:

    • The KEY elements you should be using on LinkedIn for marketing purposes to save you time
    • How I achieved a 65% conversion rate on an opt-in page using LinkedIn messages
    • Why you absolutely MUST be on LinkedIn, if you’re not already!
    • The Number One Rule which absolutely must be observed when you begin to Build Your Connections
    • The No. 1 secret to using groups as a list-building machine
    • How to create hot, attention-grabbing company pages that make you money!
    • My 11-step formula for building a HUGE network & List
    • How to build a mailing list of 1000’s of hot qualified buyers in days
    • and much, much more!

By the end of week 2, you’ll be a LinkedIn money making expert at the cutting edge of money making strategies.

During Week 3, I want to get into direct media buys traffic sources as media buying is very misunderstood by most online marketers.

They don’t get it so they don’t use it. Big mistake.

Get this – there is 10 times MORE traffic to be had through media buying as there is on the Google search network!

It’s true to say I love media buying. Often it is the place we go to when we want to grow a BIG business at low cost.

What is Media buying?

Most websites you see online allow you to run your ads on them. Most amateurs do this through the Google content network, BUT what the pros making the big bucks know is that you can do it direct, cut out the middleman, and make a fortune!

When you know what you’re doing there is some serious money to be made here.

Google is one of the most profitable companies in the world. They’ve done this by selling advertising space on their search network and also their content network.

So it makes sense that Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are NOT going to let you know that you don’t actually need to go through them to run your ads on the prime targeted websites your prospects go to. They don’t want you to do that because they’ll lose your business!

I’ll show you how to this so you can bank the money you’d normally pay Google “for it’s trouble” and you’ll keep the profit Google normally takes from you.

Here’s what we’ll cover in our media buying mastery Week 3:

    • Where to find the best websites to put yours ads on to
    • How much to pay and how to get a MUCH better deal than Google gets you
    • Avoid 7 beginner errors
    • Which advertisements work best as well as the worst
    • How to get ads to run that Google would NEVER approve, but when you run them your response rate is off the hook!
    • The top 10 websites for your niche to use and how to use them.
    • 15 simple graphics that increase clicks by 200% or more
    • My top 5 spots to find images that convert
    • How to get all your banners built for free
    • How to run your advertisement in the exact spot that will maximise profits for you.
    • How you can do a Joint Venture without any contacts in your industry. You don’t but with this strategy, I’ll show you how to bypass the breakfast networking events and go straight for the traffic jugular.

By Week 4, you’ll be ready for my secret traffic source.

I never tell our clients about this and I’ve never shared it publicly either. I like our clients to see the amazing results we get for them without revealing my secret sauce. Download RoarLocal - Traffic Mastery

This way they keep coming back for more and with our average client being worth £60,000.00 a year, it makes sense to keep ‘em coming back for as loooong as possible.

The ‘Secret Sauce’ to My Success

What I’m going to share in week 4 is my secret sauce – StumbleUpon.

Did you know StumbleUpon refers more social media traffic than Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Digg combined!

Well it does and get this, it’s still relatively unknown to most people. StumbleUpon drives more website traffic than Facebook and Twitter combined!

That means more people go to a website after seeing it on Stumbleupon that any other social media platform, more qualified people to your website = more cash in the bank!

StumbleUpon is a neat social service people use to discover (or stumble on) new websites they never knew existed that are related to their interests. It’s simple to use. Just create a profile, select your interests and start stumbling!

StumbleUpon has an advertising platform called Paid Discovery where you pay between .02 pence and .15 pence for every person that stumbles on your site (that’s 2 pence per click!).

You can select the interests you want your website to be included in and pay according to how targeted you want your stumbles to be.

There are no advertisements here. The website page you select becomes your ad for visitors.

Think that it’s just geeks on StumbleUpon?

Think again. With 30 million users, this traffic source is making savvy marketers a fortune!

Want your online content to go viral?

Then you’ll love this.

Earlier this year, Nielson studied the top 100 viral content pieces, from YouTube videos to newspaper articles, images to tweets. The catalyst for them going global in 86% of cases was StumbleUpon.

Can you imagine what would happen if one of your blog posts, videos, or other pieces of content suddenly went viral?

Millions Upon Millions of Customers!

Now as great as that sounds, not all content is going to go viral, so let’s come back down to earth. Having used this platform for a while now and made great money from it, I will say this:

You are basically guaranteed visitors from this service, as well as positioning your site with the proper context based around your interest category and you only pay per unique visitor.

This is good for your budget, especially if you’re a small startup or website/blog that doesn’t have a lot of cash to spend on the process.

Best of All – This Platform is CHEAP!

As I said, you can buy clicks for pennies and those are highly targeted to your perfect prospect too.

It will not be very long before this platform becomes the next Facebook and there will be ads all over it. But for now it’s unknown by most marketers, but you’ll know it and profit from it.

Notice in this I have not covered so called free traffic sources like Joint Ventures (JV).

I have done this for a couple of important reasons.

JV’s require you to be well connected online. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE JV’s but for 99% of the people, they’ll never get one set up simply because they don’t get invited to the right parties or they haven’t learned whose ass they have to kiss.

No, for most people JV’s are a good idea but that they’ll never be able to do it.

I am not interested in good ideas.

I’m interested in results and I’m sure you are too.

So everything I’m going to show you is actionable. You don’t need a huge list, you don’t need to be well connected, you don’t need to have some “insider” knowledge.

It’s solid actionable traffic from these three soon to be BIG sources that I use day in and day out to drive hundreds of thousands of pounds in business for myself and my clients.

But before I tell you the price for 28 days of mentoring brilliance, I want to tell you a quick story.

Most people don’t know this but I used to be a chef making £7.50 an hour.

I worked for many of the best chefs in the world including Marco Pierre White (creative genius), Gordon Ramsay (total asshole), Raymond Blanc (best taste buds in the world) and Heston Blumenthal (brilliant teacher).

I worked 16-hour days, 6 days a week and often slept on the floor in the kitchen along with the rest of the people in our team.

People often ask me why I put up with that.

I tell them I did it because I loved it. Those days were some of the greatest in my life. Sure, they were tough, but what they gave me was priceless.

After working for those people and getting paid next to sweet FA, I could walk into any kitchen and be the best. I could dictate my own salary and terms.

It gave me the power to own the game.

That’s what I want to give you.

I want to give you the power to dominate in your niche. The power to be the person everyone else wants to be.

To be the best in your niche.

And because I know what it feels like to not have that power, I want to make this very affordable for you too.

Normally to get access to our skills, you’d have to take on my agency ROARlocal on our £5,000 + vat per month programme with a 12-month commitment.

That’s £60,000 a year.

Course preview and screenshots

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