Roger Langille – DS Domination (UPDATED + GENESIS)

Jan 22, 2015 | Amazon, eBay

We’re A Family!

We know how to take care of our own __ From over-the-shoulder videos to hand-held help with setting up your radically profitable automated income streams – we have you covered every step of the way!

Completely Automated!

Just follow the directions to copy-paste info — everything else from the traffic to sales to delivery is 100% automated! Nothing comes to the ease of DS Domination!

Solid Income Streams

As opposed to EVERYTHING else out there, you don’t need to worry about traffic generation, making sales or recruiting anyone – just go all in and follow the directions – that’s ALL you need!

Beyond 100% Commissions!

You keep every penny of the profit – no sharing, no commissions, no pass ups – what you make is all for you! BUT you get bonus commissions on TOP of that – yep…that’s BEYOND 100% Commissions!

In DS Domination Elite you’ll be shown more places where you can buy and sell items. You’ll also get tutorials on tracking and purchase quantities as well as software for scraping eBay to find suitable items as taught in DS Domination Pro, just much quicker.
With DS Domination Elite you can make around $50 to $200 profit per sale. You also get a bonus video showing another method with which you can make a further $300 to $500 per week.
DS Domination Elite Webinars
DS Domination Elite webinars work in the same way as DS Domination Pro webinars; they happen bi-weekly and are recorded and available in the members’ area. The only difference is that they’re run on Fridays rather than Wednesdays.
DS Domination Elite Step-by-Step Training Videos
The DS Domination Elite training videos cover every aspect of the system.
Here’s a list of the videos included. Please note: Trademark names have been replaced with * towards to protect DS Domination exclusivity.
The Best Ways To Supercharge Amazon
Initially There Was Actually *
Hammering The Competitors With *
That Will Certainly Cost You Funds Not To Use *
The Best Ways To Use *
Making Use Of *
Easily Offering Your Ebay Items On*
* On Anabolic Steroids
You Never Ever Lose / Free Money
Perk Component: The International Discount Cave
Squashing This With * In The UK
* For Considerable UK Dealers Which Would Like Significant Incomes
* Awesome Offers On * As Well As Much More
* Has Everything


DS Domination Genesis

Genesis will show you how to buy products in bulk and re-sell them on Amazon for a big profit. You’ll see how to use Amazon’s FBA program to fulfil orders.

There are 4 modules:

How to find, order and deal with reputable Chinese wholesalers

How to use USA-based wholesalers

Using an app to scan discount/sale items in regular stores to see if you can sell at a profit on Amazon.

Getting your innovative product idea launched into the marketplace. This is only applicable to genuine members since it makes use of Roger’s connection to a former VP of Mattel.

Live Event Bonuses
DS Domination Live event – success stories, strategies and tactics discussed on stage.

Course preview and screenshots

Download Roger Langille - DS Domination (UPDATED + GENESIS) Download Roger Langille - DS Domination (UPDATED + GENESIS)
 Download Roger Langille - DS Domination (UPDATED + GENESIS)  Download Roger Langille - DS Domination (UPDATED + GENESIS)

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Roger Langille DS Domination (UPDATED – Unleashed and Monoly inside) Contains: Videos

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